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Who We Are | TEFL
Madrid Academy

Discover TEFL Madrid Academy: Your Gateway to Teaching English in Spain

Dreaming of an adventure in Europe? Kickstart your journey with a TEFL certification from TEFL Madrid Academy and open doors to teaching English across the globe.

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At the heart of TEFL Madrid Academy lies a passion for language and education. Established in 2010 by a group of seasoned TEFL teachers from the USA and Spain, our academy emerged as a response to the growing need for proficient English educators amid Spain’s economic challenges. With over a decade of experience teaching in Madrid, our founders envisioned a hub that not only cultivates top-tier TEFL professionals but also serves as a beacon for aspiring educators aiming for excellence in the global classroom. 

Guided by the ethos of integrity and commitment to doing what’s right, TEFL Madrid Academy has evolved into Spain’s premier destination for TEFL and TESOL certification. Our philosophy is simple: Empower our students through exceptional teaching, which, in turn, reflects in their success. We pride ourselves on our unique content, surpassing the strict benchmarks of the world’s leading accrediting bodies in TEFL and TESOL. This ensures our graduates are well-equipped to teach in countless schools and language institutes worldwide.

Our curriculum, crafted by eminent scholars and experts, is designed to furnish you with a comprehensive toolkit for a flourishing career in English education. It encompasses a 20-hour practicum, offering invaluable real-world teaching experience. Unlike the conventional “certificate factory” approach, TEFL Madrid Academy is dedicated to your long-term career prospects, providing perpetual support and a dedicated job guidance team to secure your ideal teaching position post-certification.

Embark on your TEFL journey with TEFL Madrid Academy – where your teaching career takes flight. Join us and become part of a community that values professional growth, hands-on learning, and a commitment to excellence in teaching English as a foreign language.

Our Story: A Commitment to Academic Excellence

Since our inception, Exam Madrid Academy has been driven by a singular goal: to offer thorough and high-quality preparation for the world’s most prestigious English exams. Over the years, we have grown and evolved, but our dedication to excellence and educational innovation has remained steadfast.

Expert Instructors at Your Service

Our TEFL trainers are not just chosen for their impressive academic credentials, such as master’s or PhD degrees in TESOL, Linguistics, English Language, or related fields, but also for their extensive real-world experience. Each instructor has spent a minimum of five years teaching TEFL in international settings before joining our team at TEFL Madrid, ensuring they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to our academy.

Internationally Accredited Courses

TEFL Madrid stands out with its internationally recognized and accredited training courses. Our accreditation by renowned bodies like IATQUO and SIT, and especially ACCREDITAT, underscores our commitment to high-quality education. Unlike certificates from unaccredited institutions, a TEFL certificate from TEFL Madrid guarantees you’ve met stringent educational standards, offering you a significant advantage in the job market.

Comprehensive Job Search Guidance

We offer lifelong support in job search guidance and personalized customer service to all our TEFL students and graduates. From the moment you enroll, you gain access to our esteemed guidance counselors and recruitment team, dedicated to securing your ideal teaching position. Our job workshops, resume refinement sessions, interview prep, and daily job alerts are designed to ensure you’re fully equipped for success in the competitive TEFL job market.

Trained American Staff

The teaching staff at Ingles Madrid are distinguished TEFL trainers with years of field experience and advanced degrees in education. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, they aim to help you develop your teaching methodology while reinforcing foundational skills. We offer comprehensive pre-enrollment counseling to set accurate expectations about the global job market and living abroad as an English teacher. TEFL Madrid is proud to collaborate with leading international institutions and governments, offering our teachers rewarding employment opportunities worldwide.

Meet the Team

TEFL Certified Teachers

This certification is a hallmark of quality in English teaching, and our TEFL-certified instructors are equipped to provide exceptional education, adapting to the diverse needs and learning styles of our students.

Jordan Campbell

TOEFL, TEFL Instructor

Lindsey Gatlin

GRE, GMAT Expert



Patricia Ralph

Customer Service

Vicky De Guzman

TOEFL, TOEIC. Instructor

Tash Washington


Allison Apparo

General English, TOEFL

Karolin Bina


Nolan Hopkins

TOEFL, TOEIC. Instructor

Tash Washington


Maria Perinotti


Andrea Leinfield


TEFL Madrid: A Journey Through Time

2010: The Beginning

TEFL Madrid was born out of a vision to create a premier TEFL certification academy in Spain. Founded by a group of former TEFL teachers, including American expatriates, the academy set out to address the growing demand for qualified English teachers in Madrid. The founders, leveraging their extensive teaching experience, aimed to offer courses that combined practical teaching methods with deep cultural immersion.


2012: Early Milestones

By 2012, TEFL Madrid had established itself as a promising newcomer in the TEFL sector. The academy celebrated its first major milestone by graduating over 100 students, many of whom secured teaching positions in Spain and beyond. This success was attributed to the academy's rigorous curriculum and its partnership with Exam Madrid, a sister organization that provided a solid pathway to employment for TEFL graduates.



Four years into its journey, TEFL Madrid expanded its course offerings and introduced innovative teaching tools and methodologies. The academy also renovated its facilities to include state-of-the-art classrooms and technology, enhancing the learning experience for students. This period marked TEFL Madrid as a leader in TEFL education in Spain, known for its high-quality training and successful graduate placements.

2016: Expansion and Innovation

2019: Global Recognition

By 2019, TEFL Madrid had gained international recognition, attracting students from across the globe. The academy's reputation for excellence in TEFL training was bolstered by its accreditation from top TEFL organizations. Partnerships with schools and language institutes worldwide ensured graduates had access to a global network of job opportunities.


2020-2021: Navigating the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, but TEFL Madrid quickly adapted by offering online TEFL courses and virtual classroom experiences. Despite the global crisis, the academy continued to support its students and graduates, ensuring minimal disruption to their education and job placement efforts.


2022: Reopening and Renewal

In 2022, TEFL Madrid reopened its doors with renewed vigor, welcoming students back to in-person classes under safe conditions. The academy introduced updated courses reflecting the latest in TEFL methodologies and digital teaching tools, preparing students for the evolving landscape of English education.


2023: Strengthening Partnerships

The year 2023 saw TEFL Madrid strengthening its partnership with Exam Madrid, further enhancing its job placement program. This collaboration ensured that graduates not only received top-tier TEFL certification but also had direct pathways to employment opportunities, reaffirming the academy's commitment to their success.


2024: Looking to the Future

As of 2024, TEFL Madrid continues to lead the TEFL sector in Spain, setting the standard for excellence in English language teaching. With a focus on innovation, quality education, and comprehensive support for students and graduates, TEFL Madrid is poised for even greater achievements in the years to come. The academy's enduring mission is to empower the next generation of English teachers, equipped with the skills, certification, and confidence to teach anywhere in the world.

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Our Academy Facilities

The best TEFL Academy and Top teaching program in Spain

TEFL Madrid Academy is strategically located in the heart of Madrid, with easy access to the major attractions such as the Prado Museum, Retiro Park, the Royal Palace and the city’s shopping and business areas. Well communicated and surrounded by the main businesses and large corporations, once you graduate you will be ready to teach.

What to consider when looking at TEFL Schools in Spain?

Always look for courses that are accredited and ensure the course includes practicum hours with a minimum of 120 hours training in total. Look at their website, make sure that it looks fresh and neat. Remember, it is the school’s window to the world and first impressions are always very important. What can you expect from a business that it doesn’t care about its looks? Compare facilities and services. Make sure that they provide you with enough room, quality computers and relaxation areas to not only be able to accomplish all the activities that they promise, but meet the standards so you are not confined in a small “apartment” that they call a school. And probably the most important, who you talk to. If you can speak to a TEFL teacher from your same nationality, he/she will be the best sign. Ask all kind of questions and always ask them to give you a virtual tour of their facilities (we welcome you to have a virtual tour of our classrooms and lounge!). And last but not least, it is obvious that you need to pick the one who offers the best services for the best value.

Are class sizes limited?

TEFL Madrid’s courses are limited to ten students to ensure an intimate learning experience and access to the trainers.

Does the TEFL school offer a place to hang out?

In addition, we have a lobby and a recreational area with table games, tv sets and video games where students will be able to unwind in those times of stress. We also have vending machines as well as a lunch area with a fridge, microwave, and coffee machine, and a chill out area with couches where you can have a coffee or just lay down and chat to some of your classmates — it´s up to you!

Does the academy offer comfort?

Our facilities provide students with a blend of comfort, technology and cozy furniture. Five ample classrooms with plenty of natural light, and all the tools that teachers may need, including printers and last generation computers (Mac OS / Windows) for every single student.

I graduated, what then?

We welcome you to have a virtual tour of our facilities. Following the course, all graduates of our TEFL course will continue to have our full support and access to the facilities and teacher tools at the school.

English Teachers (TEFL Certified)

Exam Madrid Academy is seeking English teachers for our academies across Madrid. Seize this opportunity and join our academic team. Become part of a dynamic teaching community and shape the future of language education.

Sales Person

Transform your job into a thriving sales career with us! Dive into a dynamic environment focused on sales excellence, where marketing, customer service, and public relations skills drive success. Seize this opportunity for professional growth in an energetic and results-oriented business world.

Customer Service

Ready to transform your job into a career? Join us! Here, you’ll concentrate on sales, marketing, customer service, and public relations, setting the stage for professional growth and success. This opportunity is perfect for those eager to excel in a dynamic business environment.

Discover the secret behind our success at TEFL Madrid Academy: native speakers, TEFL-certified, with professional experience at renowned companies like Google, eBay, Uber, Cisco, CNN, and Airbnb. They don’t just teach English; they share a unique insight into the business world, taking teaching to another level. Learn from those who have trained the brightest minds at these corporate giants. Connect with success, join us!

Rockstars wanted!

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