Our Accommodation Services

At TEFL Madrid, we don't just give you a visa and send you in your way, letting you scout the streets for a place to sleep. We take care of all your accommodation needs and help you find a decent and comfortable place that suits your requirements. It is our desire that after a long day, you come back to a place you can call 'Home' and rest with a peaceful mind. There are also different types of accommodation options you can choose from depending on your taste and needs. Moving to a foreign country is an exciting adventure and having a comfortable place to stay is essential during your stay. To ensure all trainees have suitable housing we show you a variety of accommodation options in Madrid. Don't worry, we've got your back!

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Spotahome is the safest way to book mid to long-term accommodation in more than 10 Countries throughout Europe. All the listings on the website are personally verified by a team member who takes professional photos, an HD video and floor plans. Spotahome offers multilingual customer support to help during the whole booking process.

Premium Features

We aim to provide you with comfortable, low-cost accommodation in Madrid, within easy reach of the school. Our accommodation-finding service is optional and is a stress free option.

Complete an accommodation application form once you have been accepted onto the course. We will send your housing details before the course starts. There is an airport pick-up service available if you require it and will take you straight to your door.

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Cost of Living

If you were to rent a room in Madrid and live alone, it'd cost you around 350-450€ every month, which is around 1/3rd of the rate in other European cities. You can save more by sharing your room or living in hostels.

Around 150€ could be set aside for food every month provided you don't eat out daily. Other than that, the cost would be totally dependent on your lifestyle. But please do note that Madrid is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe.

Cinema tickets cost around €7,50 while

Nightclubs charge €10 entrance fee with drinks and food. A beer costs €1,20 while

Eating at a restaurant ordering “menu del día” would come to €8 – €12

TEFL academy Madrid