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tefl in spain

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Our Location

TEFL Madrid Academy is strategically located in the heart of Madrid, with easy access to the major attractions such as the Prado Museum, Retiro Park, the Royal Palace and the city’s shopping and business areas. Well communicated and surrounded by the main businesses and large corporations, once you graduate you will be ready to teach.

What to consider when looking at TEFL Schools in Spain?

Always look for courses that are accredited and ensure the course includes practicum hours with a minimum of 120 hours training in total. Look at their website, make sure that it looks fresh and neat. Remember, it is the school´s window to the world and first impressions are always very important. What can you expect from a business that it doesn’t care about its looks? Compare facilities and services. Make sure that they provide you with enough room, quality computers and relaxation areas to not only be able to accomplish all the activities that they promise, but meet the standards so you are not confined in a small “apartment” that they call a school. And probably the most important, who you talk to. If you can speak to a TEFL teacher from your same nationality, he/she will be the best sign. Ask all kind of questions and always ask them to give you a virtual tour of their facilities (we welcome you to have a virtual tour of our classrooms and lounge!). And last but not least, it is obvious that you need to pick the one who offers the best services for the best value.

Are class sizes limited?

TEFL Madrid’s courses are limited to ten students to ensure an intimate learning experience and access to the trainers.

Does the TEFL school offer a place to hang out?

In addition, we have a lobby and a recreational area with table games, tv sets and video games where students will be able to unwind in those times of stress. We also have vending machines as well as a lunch area with a fridge, microwave, and coffee machine, and a chill out area with couches where you can have a coffee or just lay down and chat to some of your classmates — it´s up to you!

Does the academy offer comfort?

Our facilities provide students with a blend of comfort, technology and cozy furniture. Five ample classrooms with plenty of natural light, and all the tools that teachers may need, including printers and last generation computers (Mac OS / Windows) for every single student.

I graduated, what then?

We welcome you to have a virtual tour of our facilities. Following the course, all graduates of our TEFL course will continue to have our full support and access to the facilities and teacher tools at the school.


tefl in spain

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