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  • Is Barcelona the next Brexit? How does it affect TEFL students?

    Here's what happened in the last few months: the Catalan leaders were conducting a independence referendum, which was treason as per the Spanish constitution, just to further their political ambitions. What happened next though was a cruel and sadistic method of imposing authority by the central government. 

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  • Insider Tips To Being Successful TEFL Teacher

    Finally you finish your TEFL course and are looking towards a exciting new journey into the world of TEFL. You're confident in your skills, you know the course curriculum like the back of the hand and you've pored over pages from there lonely planet on your destination country. So everything should be sunshine and rainbows, and go according to plan right?

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  • Is Your TEFL Employer Legitimate?

    As soon as you acquire your TEFL certifications, you start moving the earth and the sun for a lucrative job. And it's understandable as well, given that there's an ultra competitive environment out there and time is money.

    However, in the unfortunate event that your TEFL academy does not offer job placement or you prefer to go through the whole job search process independently a few years after graduation, there will always linger around the unceasing fear of the legitimacy of the job opening/employer.


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    There are many myths and theories about how to learn a second language. Most people quit trying because they think it is too difficult as an adult or because they don't have enough talent. Nevertheless, several linguistic studies have shown the opposite. Here there is a list of the top TED talks on the topic, plus several methods for the acquisition of a second language tested by the authors.


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  • Places to visit in Madrid

    Madrid start up information


    Here at TEFL Madrid Academy, we have all gone through the process of moving from our hometowns to start a new life in Madrid. We understand that this can sometimes be an extremely daunting experience. Never fear! That's why we are on hand to make this experience as easy as possible. WE are here to guide you in all things Madrid. From your orientation around the city to seeing the sights and the surrounding areas.


    Places to visit in Madrid


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  • How Important Is Spanish For a TEFL Teacher in Spain?

    Do I need to learn Spanish in order to become a TEFL teacher?


    One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to TEFL courses in Spain is whether they'll be able to successfully carry on with their lives and be a good TEFL teacher without the knowledge of the local language, Spanish. 

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  • Getting around Madrid-TEFL Students




    Madrid is a fantastic city for exploring and with such excellent transport links from the city centre all the way to the suburbs, there really are no excuses not to use them.


    Getting to and from Madrid airport - TEFL experience in Spain

    One of the most important things for our new students is (of course), knowing how to get from the airport to their accommodation in the city. Well you can get from the airport to the city 4 different ways.


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    The key to getting an English teaching job is turnover and knowing the hiring seasons.

    Off season Hiring: Jobs do open during the off season as not all schools fill every job and employees do not always stay for their full term.  Follow our professional advice regarding hiring seasons and the interview process and you will find opportunities.

    Many jobs entail 10 to 12 month contracts. September, October are busy hiring periods with many contracts ending in July. January is a secondary season. Main period will be about 50-60% turnover. Secondary season about 25%.

    Summer camps in Europe offer great opportunities for those looking for shorter commitments.