Top 7 places for Teaching English Abroad without a degree

There is absolutely no doubt that the prospect of travelling to far off lands is something that many people dream of, and few actually do. When you graduate from University, you might want to take that year (or two!) off and see that part of the world through the experience of being an English Teacher.

Teaching English in Spain. Is it Worth it?

It's nothing unexpected that Spain is a well known destination for outsiders to teach English abroad. It's a country with such a great amount to offer: a sluggish speed of existence with the notable break, a rich culture revolved around flamenco dance and different types of human expressions, and delectable food and drink. 

Best companies to teach English abroad without a College Degree

Now that we’ve established that it’s possible for any hard-working and determined individual to move overseas and find a job teaching English, let’s give the argument a little more substance. Who are the companies that are looking for people with nothing but a TEFL Certification and a dream? What are some of the things that you can do to make this dream become your working schedule? We will look at a few of these companies, and what you can do to start your career anywhere in the world as an English Teacher.

  • what is tefl?
  • What is TEFL?

    So…… you’ve decided to take the big leap and try Teaching English as a foreign language. You read through the vast library of articles on travel websites, and you see the “TEFL” acronym at almost every turn.

  • tefl certificate from tefl madrid academy
  • The Best certifications to teach English Abroad

    When terms and acronyms get thrown around, it’s easy for the determined would-be English Teacher to get lost in translation. All you want to do is get yourself overseas, settled into your new life as a travelling purveyor of a quality education in the English language. TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA…… what are they to you? What is the difference between them? When you finally figure that one out, which one is the right one for you? The key thing to remember when you’re thinking about it is in the details. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • The Three Requirements for Teaching English Abroad.jpg
  • Requirements in order to Teach English Abroad

    After thinking about, and ultimately deciding that you will make that transition to expat life and Teach English Abroad, one of the key things that you will need to know is what is required of you when you’re looking for that job in a foreign country. After all, would you apply for any job unless you were qualified? It probably isn’t that way in your country, and I guarantee you that it won’t be that way anywhere else. So, to the interested and excited individual, it’s important to understand the requirements for Teaching English Abroad, and respect them the way you would any other job.

  • best countries to teach abroad
  • Top Countries to Teach English Abroad

    As economies open up, and countries are able to effectively relax their travel restrictions, people will certainly be looking to travelling overseas to continue their dreams of Teaching English Abroad. So, it’s only fitting to give a list of some of the best places in the world for people to Teach English. So, without any more adieu, here they are (in no particular order):https://tefl-madrid.com/

  • tefl online with tefl madrid academy
  • Teach English Online.

    Imagine this scenario, if you will. You graduated university, and you used your bachelor’s degree to get a job as a teacher assistant. You’re living your best life teaching English in a country like Spain. You do feel that something’s missing, though. You left your home country to travel and experience something new around every corner. How can you do that if you’re stuck in a classroom? A popular solution to that question would be to Teach English Online. Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I couldn’t agree more.

  • How to get private classes in Madrid? Tips for TEFL teachers in Spain
  • Looking for Private English Classes in Madrid - TEFL teachers in Spain

    One of the most common (and easily fixable) problems with TEFL Teachers after finishing their TEFL Courses is disposable income. When students complete their TEFL Certification at TE Madrid and start working, they’ll want to be able to enjoy the fruits of the momentous decision they made when they moved to Spain. So, they’ve completed the course, which entitled them to the Student Visa that gave them the right to live and work in Spain, but income after tax and social security means that they won’t be able to do too much after the fact, so what do they do?

  • To Be a TEFL Teacher in Spain
  • TEFL Madrid – To Be a TEFL Teacher in Spain

    Like any major decision that you make in your life, making that big jump to Teach English in Spain is not one that should be taken lightly. What are some of the things that you should be thinking about before you book your ticket and come over here to experience a new chapter in your life? Here are a couple of things to consider


    tefl in spainTEFL in Spain info!

    The key to getting an English teaching job is turnover and knowing the hiring seasons.

    Off season Hiring: Jobs do open during the off season as not all schools fill every job and employees do not always stay for their full term.  Follow our professional advice regarding hiring seasons and the interview process and you will find opportunities.

    Many jobs entail 10 to 12 month contracts. September, October are busy hiring periods with many contracts ending in July. January is a secondary season. Main period will be about 50-60% turnover. Secondary season about 25%.

    Summer camps in Europe offer great opportunities for those looking for shorter commitments.