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Congratulations to our new TEFL Graduates in Spain!

We're so proud of you for achieving your TEFL/TESOL degree! The best of all things is to learn: money can be stolen, strength may fail, but what you've learned is yours forever. Believe in yourself, in your talent and skills, that have brought you to this special day.

Congratulations on your graduation! Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Always follow your dreams and believe in yourself.



Job Search Tips

tefl in spainTEFL in Spain info!

The key to getting an English teaching job is turnover and knowing the hiring seasons.

Off season Hiring: Jobs do open during the off season as not all schools fill every job and employees do not always stay for their full term.  Follow our professional advice regarding hiring seasons and the interview process and you will find opportunities.

Many jobs entail 10 to 12 month contracts. September, October are busy hiring periods with many contracts ending in July. January is a secondary season. Main period will be about 50-60% turnover. Secondary season about 25%.

Summer camps in Europe offer great opportunities for those looking for shorter commitments.