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    We have selected 50 cool Spanish slang words you probably don't know. These words are from Spain, although they may be used in some other countries. If you know more Spanish words that you find cool as well, please let us know in the comments down below!!

    1) Antro: A very bad pub.

    2) Amor: A loving nickname you say to another person. Usually the one you love. It is also the word for love.

    3) Amorfo: Can be used to refer to something that is ugly. It literally means without form.

    4) Achuchar: To hug someone to the point that they can't breath. 

    5) Acojonar: To frighten someone to the extreme.

    6) Agobio: When someone feels overwhelmed.

    7) Estar acojonado: To feel tremendous fear.

    8) Arpía: A very bad person.

    9) Botellón: A meeting with friends in a park or public place with the intention of drinking alcohol.

    10) Estar de bajón: To feel very depressed and unwilling to do anything.

    11) Borracho/a: Drunk.

    12) Ser bestial: To be the best at something.

    13) Bocazas: A person with a big mouth.

    14) Buitre: A person who hoards everything.

    15) Cabrón: It literally means “male goat”, but in Spanish is used to say someone is a bad person.

    16) Cachas: One who is all muscle.

    17) Cuatro ojos: Anyone who wears glasses. Also known as "Gafotas".


    18) Chachi: Cool.

    19) Comerse un marrón: To get into a lot of trouble

    20) Descojonarse de la risa: To laugh hysterically.

    21) Demente: Someone who is crazy.

    22) Empollón/a: A person who studies all the time and has no social life.

    23) Forrarse: To become rich or earn a lot of money quickly.

    24) Perro faldero: One that follows you around all the time like a dog.

    25) Guay: Very colloquial Spanish saying to express that we really like something, “cool”.

    26) Guiri: A non Spaniard, mostly used for tourists.

    27) Guaperas: A gorgeous, sexy guy.

    28) Genio: Someone that is brilliant.

    29) Ir de tapeo or Tapear: To go for some tapas.

    30) Ligón: A guy who gets a lot of girls.

    31) Lunático/a: A very crazy person.

    32) Mamón: A very stupid person.

    33) Mearse de la risa: To laugh so hard you feel you are going to pee in your pants.

    34) Novato/a: Someone that is unexperienced, a rookie.

    35) Pagafantas: The typical guy who ends up paying for the girls' drinks without flirting with them.

    36) Paticorto/a: A person with short legs.

    37) Echar un polvo: To have sex.

    38) Peña: A group of people.

    39) Pijo/a: Derogative for upper-class or social climbers who believe themselves upper class.

    40) Resaca: Hangover.

    41) Resacón: A really big hangover.

    42) Sobón: A very touchy person.

    43) Tiquismiquis: Picky.

    44) Trola: A big Lie.

    45) Trolero/a: A big liar.

    46) Trena: Jail.

    47) Tostón: Something extremely boring.

    48) Vacilar: To tease or to pull someone's leg.

    49) Vacilón: Someone who usually teases.

    50) Yuyú: Bad or weird feeling.

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