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    Ready to become a certified TEFL Teacher in Spain?

    TEFL teachers come from all walks of life.  Most TEFL teachers abroad are young professionals in college who are taking a gap year and want to embrace an adventure before they complete their last year in school, grab the life by the horns, and transition into professional business sector.  Some are just “in-between” careers, and are teaching English because it affords them the opportunity to travel and be financially compensated until they can figure out what is the next milestone in their life.  Other TEFL Teachers are retirees who have already spent their fair share of time in their profession and want to travel the world and experience it to the fullest the last few years before they settle!


    Why Spain?

    Whatever the driving factor is, there is always one thing in common all TEFL teachers abroad have - they all have that wild, untamed spirit inside that yearns for adventure; spirit of an explorer; spirit of a conqueror!  If you like experiencing different cultures, enjoy fine foods and wines, enjoy learning new languages, and making friends and networking all over the world, then this career just may be a perfect fit for you!  And Spain is the best place in the world to experience a wide variety of venues while not having to travel very large distances.  We have Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Tomatina in Valencia, Feria and Semana Santa in Andalucia, Las Fallas in Valencia, and many more!  Spain is definitely one country that never disappoints!  There are always new and interesting things to do for both single and family oriented people.  Whatever your interests may be, you will be able to find like individuals and explore your passion together.  And if you’re one of those that likes to travel long distances, no problem!  You will find cheap flights and train rides to anywhere in the world you heart desires to go!  

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    tefl in spainTEFL in Spain info!

    The key to getting an English teaching job is turnover and knowing the hiring seasons.

    Off season Hiring: Jobs do open during the off season as not all schools fill every job and employees do not always stay for their full term.  Follow our professional advice regarding hiring seasons and the interview process and you will find opportunities.

    Many jobs entail 10 to 12 month contracts. September, October are busy hiring periods with many contracts ending in July. January is a secondary season. Main period will be about 50-60% turnover. Secondary season about 25%.

    Summer camps in Europe offer great opportunities for those looking for shorter commitments.