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  • Living Abroad as a Couple

    A lot of our articles have focused on TEFL teachers and those pursuing the career with the assumption that they're single and have the freedom to drop their relationship at home and go abroad. However, there have been situations where a couple decide to follow down this path together.

    This may sound weird at first but if your partner has a job that can be pursued in the foreign shores and they are willing to move along with you, this may just lead to the next stage in your relationship and could forge your bonds more closely. However, I'm not an ardent supporter simply for the fact that I've seen many relationships come apart after moving to foreign country. But then again, if a relationship cannot stand such tests, it was never meant to last. Anyway, before we digress too much, I do have to reiterate that living abroad and going through struggles a TEFL career poses can only strengthen your relationship. There are also quite a few benefits of moving abroad together.


    Close bonding


    When you're among a foreign populace and locale, you tend to look inward and will start to depend on each other far more than you wouldn've at home. You'll get to know each other in a far more intimate way than you otherwise could've, even if you've been married for years. And the basic of daily activities like taking a shower, going to the city center, washing laundry et al will need both your active involvement and need you to be in sync with one another. You'll truly bond with one another like never before.


    Lower expenses


    Anything that is shared usually results in reduced costs. And when you're traveling nothing costs as much as accommodation which could put a huge dent on your paycheck. However, when you're with your partner, who works as well, and you start splitting costs on food and shelter, you'll be surprised to find just how much you'll be saving every month. This could literally transform your life from being a penny pincher to partying and lavishing yourself often while still saving for the future. P.s. Everything's more affordable, and enjoyable, when shared by two.


    Climb up the ladder together


    When you're at home, you'll always be stifled by existing constrains or monotony of life. But when you move to a new place, you can rekindle your ambition and help each other pursue your careers more assiduously. As long as you can keep the competitive streak in check, you both can quickly make a name for yourselves and celebrate one another's accomplishments. This in turn will only make you respect your partner and love them even more.


    Pro Tip : Moving abroad together and the thrill that arises out of it is a massive aphrodisiac and will definitely rekindle the spark in your romance. Moreover, watching your partner help students learn a skill, participate and become a part of the community and make a name for themselves is hugely satisfying, and sexy.


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