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    Madrid is the perfect location if you love the outdoors as there is an abundance of parks. So here is our guide to the best parks and hiking trails to visit here in Madrid.


    1. Cercedilla

    Cercedilla is located just 1 hour outside the city of Madrid in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range. The Trails themselves vary in difficulty and are extremely well signposted in different colours to ensure that hikers do not get lost on the trails. No matter the time of the year Cercedilla is the perfect place to take a hike on a sunny day.

    1. Patrones de Arriba

    This quaint sleepy hillside village nestled in the south of the sierra de guadarrama mountains is a great hiking location. There are lots of different hiking trails which can be taken in this location and they different viewing experiences. We highly recommend the 10km Cancho de la Cabeza if you want to experience some spectacular views.

    1. La Pedriza

    La Pedriza is a 32 square mile geological formation which is loved by both the hiking and rock climbing communities. If you want to hike you will want ‘ parque regional de la cuenca alta del manzanares’ which is located just outside the town of Manzanares el real. However if you want a little more challenge why not hike the ‘helmet’ mountain, named for its shape. This is located about 45 minutes walk from the town of Manzanares el real. It is about a 10 km round hike.

    1. Parque Retiro

    Located in the heart of Madrid between Atocha and Banco de España metros, this is one of Madrid’s top tourist destinations. Covering around 1.4 sq kms the park is home to 2 of the museums within the Reina Sofia family and also a lake which you can go rowing on. The park is home to many activities throughout the year is the perfect location to have a picnic on a hot summer's day.

    1. Parque Oeste

    Park Oeste is located on the western side of Madrid. The park is home to the temple of debod but also some spectacular rose gardens. This is an extremely urbanised park with paths winding all over the place. With spectacular views from the temple of debod at sunset, this really is a must visit location.

    1. Casa de Campo

    This is Madrid’s largest park and is located in the west of the city. This park is home to the aquarium, zoo and theme park. The park covers 1750 hectares, which makes it the perfect location for a stroll away from the busy city. Why not hire one of Madrid’s bikes and take a ride in the park and discover all the charm it has on offer.

    1. Parque de Santander

    This park is a little different to the others described , it is primarily an exercise park. Located in the north of the city this park contains a running track, golf course, football pitches and outdoor exercise equipment making this the ideal place to get in shape. However if you are not one for outdoor exercise but want beautiful surroundings to read a book, why not come and enjoy the fountain or rose gardens which are nestled in the centre of the park.  

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