• The Exam Preparation Class - TEFL teachers in Spain
  • The Exam Preparation Class - TEFL teachers in Spain

    You know that a job is great when it constantly challenges you. Try to imagine that you’re a TEFL Teacher living in Madrid for more than a few years. You have a couple of dedicated, hard-working students, and they are confident in their ability to use the language that you have taught them. Then, you’re given the opportunity to prepare a student for a language exam – something you’ve never done before. You are a qualified, experienced TEFL teacher who now has been tasked with something completely different. You are a fish out of water. You feel like you’re a student again. 

  • TEFL Madrid – Speaking Spanish to TEFL Students in Madrid
  • TEFL Madrid – Speaking Spanish to TEFL Students in Madrid

    Try to imagine this scenario. You’re working with a TEFL Student in Madrid, and the student is trying to tell you something, but their knowledge of English is so limited in terms of grammar and pronunciation, that they give up, and suddenly begin resorting to their native Spanish to ask you a question. If you haven’t yet experienced this as a TEFL Teacher in Spain, mark my words: You will. 

  • 10 Best Things to do in Madrid as a TEFL student
  • 10 Best Things to do in Madrid as a TEFL student

    Madrid is a city with so much history, culture, and other fun activities, it could take a lifetime to get through them all. People dream of coming to Spain to get a taste of what is at your doorstep when you train to become a TEFL Teacher at TE Madrid.

  • TEFL Madrid Graduates
  • Congratulations to our first 2020 Graduates!

    Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

                      Steve Jobs to Stanford in 2005

  • TEFL Madrid - Teaching English Online
  • TEFL Madrid - Teaching English Online

    I remember when I started working as a TEFL Teacher in Spain. There were times when I felt that I was unable to do the travelling I wanted to do because I simply did not have the time or the freedom to do so. 

  • Who takes a TEFL Course
  • Who takes a TEFL Course?

    TEFL is a certificate that makes you eligible to teach English anywhere abroad. If you are thinking to adopt this profession then you might be interested in questions like, who take a TEFL course? What qualifications are required to enroll in a TEFL course and how to survive your TEFL course abroad. Keep on reading to find the answers. 

  • Ongoing Professional Development Is A Must for ESL Teachers
  • Ongoing Professional Development Is A Must for ESL Teachers!

    Although a TEFL certificate provide the ESL teachers with all the necessary knowledge and practical skills to teach the language anywhere abroad but there is always a need for improvement since the ESL industry and its demand are changing rapidly. Therefore, ongoing professional development is a must for ESL teachers. It not only keeps them updated with the latest ESL knowledge but also helps them to carry out teaching-learning in an effective manner. Find more about the need for ongoing professional development for TEFL educators.


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    The key to getting an English teaching job is turnover and knowing the hiring seasons.

    Off season Hiring: Jobs do open during the off season as not all schools fill every job and employees do not always stay for their full term.  Follow our professional advice regarding hiring seasons and the interview process and you will find opportunities.

    Many jobs entail 10 to 12 month contracts. September, October are busy hiring periods with many contracts ending in July. January is a secondary season. Main period will be about 50-60% turnover. Secondary season about 25%.

    Summer camps in Europe offer great opportunities for those looking for shorter commitments.