Complaints and Suggestions

  1. Suggestions 

1.1     If a student or staff member has a suggestion relating to the course, this should be directed to the email account : with the subject SUGGESTION-STAFF or SUGGESTION-STUDENT. 

1.2     Any suggestion raised will be compiled by the Director of Studies (DOS) and raised at the staff meeting for discussion. 

1.3    All suggestions will be read  and where possible dealt with within 5 working days of being received. 

1.4     Any suggestions regarding the course design will be compiled by the DOS and a meeting raised at the end of a course to discuss and make any modifications the team deem necessary to the course. 

        2)     Complaints 

2.1     All complaints from staff must be directed to the email address : with the subject COMPLAINT-STAFF or COMPLAINT STUDENT. This can be done anonymously through the designated email.

2.2     All complaints will be investigated further by the DOS or the internal moderator within 5 working days 

2.3     If a complaint is made against a member of staff then this will be discussed with the member of staff and students at the earliest convenience of the DOS or internal moderator. 

2.4     If a complaint is made regarding the way the course is run, this will be dealt with and investigated by the internal moderator and or the external moderator. 

Complaints  and suggestions can be made through a private email to ensure anonymity. 

   Email address: 

Password: students/staff