What is like to live in Madrid?


What is like to live in Madrid?

The city of Madrid is renowned for its bustling nightlife and it's rightly called as the most lively city in the continent. Whether it's the clubs, pubs, restaurants or sporting event, Madrid has something for everybody and you'd be hard-pressed to stay still for even a single day; there's just something to do all the time. The weather's pleasant all year round as well making it one of the most preferred tourist destinations by a mile. Madrid is the melting pot of Spanish culture and center of all the happenings in Europe. It bustles with traditional and contemporary attractions which seamlessly exist alongside one other. No other city has been changing as quickly as Madrid has. New galleries have sprung up next to ancient museums while hip joints and chic restaurants rub shoulders with century old eating houses. It's also the center for the latest fashion and art, not to mention a sporting powerhouse



Madrid is one of the most beautiful and spectacular European metropolises. One could literally dedicate a series of encyclopedias about everything this amazing city has to offer. It has been the seat of the Spanish crown for a few centuries, and it offers a large variety of attractions and events for any curious soul. It is conveniently located in the heart of the Iberian peninsula, therefore visiting other parts of the country is very simple and hassle free. Below list includes just a few suggestions that are the most popular with first-time visitors. However, we guarantee you that once you are here, you will discover that this list is just a drop of water in an ocean waiting to be explored.


  • Sports - Although Real Madrid is most commonly associated with football, this brand applies to other sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, track & field, etc.  If you are a sports fan, Madrid will offer you endless entertainment as multiple matches/competitions are scheduled throughout the week.  In fact, you will probably not have enough time to see them all!   Don't miss an opportunity to watch a REAL MADRID match at the legendary Santiago Bernabeu


Enchanting Madrid

Madrid,is the largest city and the capital of Spain and it is a place unlike any other. A fascinating mix of ancient history and modernity, and of Mediterranean-African-European cultures and religions, there is never a lack of activities to fascinate the resident or traveler. Spain´s culture is centered around the quality of life, and every corner in the city is complete with museums, historic architecture, sports arenas, outdoor activities, restaurants and of course the ubiquitous nightlife scene. From the traditional flamenco shows to the chic rooftop bars, entertainment is never more than a few minutes away. The people of Madrid are warm and giving to their guests, and are excited to share their culture with people from around the world. Hosting a major European airport hub, Madrid is also remarkably well-connected to the world and a perfect jumping point to explore the surrounding countries, with budget flights to other major European cities often as low as 20 euros.

  • Plaza de toros de Las Ventas

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  • Medieval cities nearby - One cannot even describe with words the beauty of medieval architecture.  If your interests include touring old cities/castles then trip to Sevilla, Toledo, Segovia, Ronda, Cordoba, and Granada is a must!  
  • Numerous Art Galleries
  • Countless City Parks

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  • Museums:  Even though the whole city of Madrid brims with art and mesmerizing sculpture, Goya is one of the famous artists who's created art installations all over the city. The world famous art collections at Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía are unparalleled.
    • Museo del Prado - works by famous artists such as Picasso, Goya, El Greco.
    • Reina Sofia
    • Museo Taurino - learn everything you need about bullfighting  

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  • Hip hotels and Restaurants
  • Culinary art district - Mercado de San Miguel gourmet marketplace.  The world famous 100 year old Mercado de San Miguel is now a gourmet marketplace. Amidst medieval streets, you can take a swig of the famous vermut de grifo, or draught vermouth. Eating joints catering all cuisines from Mexican to Andalusian are at your service.  

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  • Fashion mecca - Calle de Serano & Las Salesas designer boutiques as well as high-profile fashion shows and movie festivals
  • Theaters and Opera Houses

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  • Music concerts
  • Bustling Night Life - Caixaforum, is the newest cultural centre with the Oscar hotel on top that resembles Miami and offers the best mojito in the continent. La Cruzada (8 Calle Amnistía) and asa González (12 Calle de León) are some of the popular bars and joints that can't be missed.  

Getting around MADRID

Central Madrid can be covered just on foot but seeing Madrid is a big city, your best bet would be to take the Metrobus. A sophisticated public transportation system that gives you 10 one way trips ticket in the subway or bus. The public transportation is clean, safe and reliable but be mindful that they shut after midnight. You will always have the option of taxis throughout the day and night though.


Spain is also one of the safest countries in the European Union. There's very little gun penetration and street crimes are much lower than other developed countries. Foreigners and tourists are rarely ever cheated out since a lot of Spanish economy is dependent on tourism.

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TEFL Experience in MADRID

We at TEFL MADRID want you to advance yourself and progress every step of the way.  We strive to build strong relationships and networks with our teachers and students.  Our success is ultimately measured by your success in life.  We are standing by to provide assistance in this new and exciting journey!

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