Equal Opportunity Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy


  • To endorse the principle of inclusion for all at our school;
  • To provide equality of opportunity for all students and staff whatever their age, gender, religion, race, background or culture;
  • To ensure that our expectations, attitudes and practices are in line with inclusion for all;
  • To ensure that all staff and students are treated with equal amounts of respect and inclusion.

We aim to provide equality of opportunity for all students whatever their age, gender, race, background or culture. We want all our students to achieve their full potential during their time with us. As such, we work to ensure that our expectations, attitudes and practices do not prevent any student from reaching his/her potential. We will work to reduce any bias or stereotyping and promote equality of opportunity.


Equality between the sexes is recognised when giving/delegating responsibilities and noting the achievements of both staff and students. Any differences involving gender which arise inside or outside the classrooms are dealt with sensitively and are discussed with the involved parties.

We will ensure that no staff member is discriminated against because of gender.

Race or cultural background

We aim to ensure that students and staff from different ethnic groups, cultures, religions and background are provided equality of opportunity and are not discriminated against either openly or covertly. Through our training we take positive steps to promote mutual understanding and respect for people from different backgrounds.


We make efforts to ensure that students of different ages are not excluded from school activities solely on the grounds of their age. We will ensure that all staff are given equal opportunities within the school regardless of age.

We aim to:

  • Ensure all prospective students will have equal opportunity to attend TEFL Madrid;
  • Take account of student’s cultural backgrounds, and different learning styles;
  • Encourage all students to participate in all activities both inside the school as well as the cultural program and activities outside the classroom;
  • Ensure all materials are carefully selected so as to avoid stereotypes and discrimination;
  • Ensure the trainer’s time, support, attention and resources are given equally to all students;
  • Encourage all students and staff to value each other and maintain peaceful working relationships both within school and in the community, based on mutual respect for each other.
  • Students will be encouraged to learn about and accept other’s cultural backgrounds and beliefs;
  • Students and staff will be encouraged to participate in the cultural immersion activities that help promote a cohesive and respectful working environment.


Staff must endorse and uphold the statements set out in this policy and avoid discrimination by gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, culture or age.

Any issues that may arise in regards to this policy will be taken to the DOS, and internal moderator to be dealt with as seen appropriate. If additional training or direction is needed, it will be provided by TEFL Madrid. If the situation is deemed gross misconduct, it may be grounds for termination.

Program Prerequisites

Although TEFL Madrid and its staff will uphold the above policies, acceptance into the program does require an adequate level of English. This entails a C2 level or higher and an interview will be conducted to ensure an applicant’s strong command of the language. As this is an English program, where we are training future English teachers, we need to ensure that we are accepting the most qualified applicants, who can both understand the course and go on to be a high quality teacher capable of teaching the required material.