Feedback and moderation Policy

Feedback and moderation Policy 

  1. Feedback 

1.1     All feedback given to students must be given in accordance to the giving feedback workshop. 

1.2     Feedback regarding teaching practice must be given within two hours of the teaching practice occurring and must be given in person. 

1.3     Feedback on assignments and quizzes should be given within 1 week of the submission date. This feedback should be given in the form of comments on the assignment or quiz. 

1.4     If a student wishes to discuss their feedback further and in a private meeting, it is the trainer’s responsibility to find a time in which to arrange this. 

1.5     If feedback is not given within the stated deadlines the trainer may be placed on special measures training which could lead to dismissal. 

1.6    Any complaints raised in regards to the feedback a student receives should be passed on to the internal moderator or DOS for further investigation. 

1.7    If an anonymous complaint is lodged via TEFL Madrid’s email platform then the internal moderator or DOS will follow this up with random moderation checks. 

  1. Moderation 

2.1     Moderation of all new trainers will occur once a week at random by the internal moderator. These Moderations will continue until the internal moderator deems the trainer to be consistently meeting the standards set by TEFL Madrid and ACCREDITAT. 

2.2     Trainers deemed to be consistently meeting standards set by TEFL Madrid and ACCREDITAT will receive random moderations which will occur once every 2-3 months. 

2.3     Moderation of assignments and quizzes will occur within every course. Your moderation partner will be made clear to you on the start date of the course. 

2.4     25% sample of assignments and quizzes must be moderated each time and this must be a random sample of papers. 

2.5     If during moderation there are discrepancies in the grading of assessments then the DOS will call for all coursework from the partners in question and this will be moderated by the internal moderator. 

2.6    If a trainer is deemed to be falling below expected standards during moderation they will be placed on special measures training, which will occur over one course. This will mean a trainer will be observed in all classes, as well as when marking assignment/ quizzes or observing teaching practice. The trainer will also be required to attend weekly progress meetings with the Director of Studies (DOS). If after the 5 week special measures training is complete, the trainer is still deemed to be falling below the standard expected they could be dismissed. 

2.7    Areas of improvement raised during moderation will be compiled and discussed within staff meetings. This information will be anonymous and generalised to avoid focus on particular trainers.