Grammar Quizzes

Welcome to TEFL Grammar Quizzes and Tests

Your TEFL trainer will provide you with the access code for each quiz and the final test.

You will be able to review and change your answers before the submission. Your results will be given to you by your TEFL trainer after manual review.

During your time at TEMadrid you will be required to complete 3 quizzes and one final exam. Each quiz will have a weight of 3.33% towards your final grade (all three quizzes combined will be worth 10% of your final grade).

Your final exam however will be worth 30% of your final grade. With this being said, you must also receive a minimum score of 90% on your final exam in order to pass it. Therefore, in total, the quizzes and exams will make up 40% of your final grade throughout your TEFL course with us.