TEFL in Spain FAQ’S

TEFL Madrid Frequently Asked Questions

Well, first you need to decide where you want to teach english in Spain. We are based out of Spain, which is a very livable country, has a high demand for english teachers and is the perfect gateway to the rest of europe. But if Spain isn’t your thing, with your TEFL certification, there are many countries in Europe, Asia and even South America that need english teachers! Your decision should be based on a number of factors including cost of living, language spoken, climate, health issues, economic and political conditions. After you know where you want to go, find a program that best suits you, is properly accredited and will help you find a job! If you contact your chosen school, they should help you find out what visas you might need and any other requirements.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a certification that allows you to teach english as a new language anywhere in the world.

Depending on the country, you may or may not need a degree (in any area), so it is important to research this based on where you want to teach. Spain does not require you to have a degree, however, you do need your TEFL certification.

Of course you can! Teaching is a very fulfilling career and given the right tools and guidance, can be done by anyone. Whether or not you will enjoy the profession is a more personal question. Ask yourself what experiences you have had that may lend themselves to teaching. Maybe you’ve trained new employees before, or have taught fitness classes, even tutoring are all great teaching experiences! If you haven’t had any such opportunities, think about what it would be like sharing your knowledge of the English language with students who want and love to learn. Consider all these things before committing yourself to a program.

The minimum age for teaching is 18, BUT there is no maximum age! You can be retired and looking for a new and exciting way to spend your time, or you could be fresh out of school or on gap year! Many applicants tend to be looking for a way to spend a sabbatical abroad, or are interested in trying a new career. The ages of the students on the course always varies.

While you can obtain your TEFL certificate online, the validity of these certificates can come into question. The number of jobs available to you may be restricted, and you may be turned away because of lack of practical experience, or any number of reasons. The biggest reason employers prefer teachers trained in a physical school rather than online is because they tend to be more intense and give you practical EXPERIENCE teaching classes before you are even finished the program.

Most people who come over to partake in a TEFL program don’t actually speak Spanish! Madrid is filled with expats from all over the world, and although the country as a whole needs to improve their english level, locals in Madrid are friendly and try their best to understand and be understood.

If you are fluent in English, then you are more than welcome to apply to the program! During our application process we hold interviews to discuss any questions you may have about the program as well as to answer any questions we may have about you! For non native speakers, the interview also gives us a way to evaluate your English level and decide if you are ready for the program!

With our TEFL course we try to make the classes as practical as possible to give you the best understanding as to how to plan and execute your own classes. We also include a minimum of 6 teaching hours during which you will have your own class to teach. This will give you the experience that employers look for as well as serve as a great way to boost your confidence in your abilities before you even leave the program! These classes are monitored by our trainers so that we can work together to harness your strengths and work on areas in need of improvement.

If you are NOT a member of the EU you will need a visa. Luckily we have our TEFL Course and Spanish Classes program made just for you. This allows you to come over to Spain and legally work. If you have any questions about this process or the program, head over to the Prices and Dates page (http://tefl-madrid.com/best-tefl-courses-prices-and-dates-spain) or conatct us at info@tefl-madrid.com

As soon as you can! The visa process can take some time, so it is important to get the ball rolling as soon as you are ready to commit.

Yes, our course is accredited by an independent body that monitors our program and keeps it in line with industry standards. This ensures that our course is of high quality and will fully prepare you for your TEFL career.

Most TEFL courses tend to be very intense and ours is no different. What is different is that our course is 5 weeks. This allows us to go more in depth in some important areas, as well as include more practical experience. We also allow ourselves more time so that we can immerse our students into the culture. We will take you to the museums, local hotspots, hiking in the hills, dancing classes, and much more! During most 4 week courses, you spend so much time in class, you don’t have any time to experience the city until after the course is over and this is not what we want! We want to show you the best side of the city so that when you leave our program you are fully prepared to teach and live in this amazing city.

Although this is common practice in some countries (UAE, Korea, etc) schools in Spain do NOT pay for airfare. You will also need your flight bought BEFORE you apply for your student visa.

This is up to you! With our TEFL Course and Spanish Classes program we include airport pickup. Some students who have never been to the city before or do not enjoy the stresses of public transport may prefer this option. Other students enjoy the adventure of finding their own way. When you have your flight details sorted let us know when you will be landing and we will coordinate from there!

Of course! We are committed to making sure your transition overseas goes as smoothly as possible and that includes what happens after the course is over. We send your CVs out to hundreds of agencies and give you the tools to search through the various outlets available. We also explain the different jobs and schools in detail so you can find the jobs that are best suited to you and build your perfect schedule. Included in our program is an Interview Workshop that helps you learn what employers in Spain are looking for and how to present your best self.

The salary of a teacher in Spain can vary quite a bit but generally you can expect to make between €1000 to €2000 per month (Average of €13/hour). This number changes depending on your hourly rate of the job you accept and the number of hours you work. It also changes based on how much effort you put into your career here. Some people wish to work as much as possible, while others prefer to take a more laid back approach. More information on living costs can be found on our blog.

This depends on the country you choose, the cost of living, how you budget and the type of lifestyle you want to live. In Spain living expenses are lower here and jobs are plentiful, so you can easily work enough to save money and live comfortably.

Yes! Most employers here do NOT provide any benefits for english teachers and you will need your insurance set up and a medical certificate from your doctor before you apply for your student visa. More information on insurance options and the visa process can be found on our blog.

Teaching jobs in Spain are plentiful and can be found throughout the year although there are busier hiring times during the year that coincide with the school semesters. The biggest hiring times fall between August - October and December - January. There are also hundreds of summer camps that are hiring between April and June.

Absolutely! Teaching English can be a very rewarding career that can bring you across the world and back again. With so many countries in need of teachers and with our TEFL course you can go anywhere in the world to teach.