Shared Apartments

Today’s roommates, tomorrow’s friends!

Accommodation can be arranged in a shared apartment. These apartments are shared with fellow expats, local residents, and/or students from international schools.

What better way to explore a new country than with fellow travellers and friends. You can move into a new home with other TEFL students and share your experience together. You’ll not be alone in a foreign country but will be amongst friends who are going through the same experience and are part of the bigger TEFL family.

You will have your own bedroom, a shared bathroom and kitchen, and access to laundry facilities. The apartments are comfortable and simply furnished and kitchens are equipped with basic cooking utensils.

All apartments within the city centre are accessible by metro to our school, grocery and convenience stores, as well as restaurants.

A nice room in a nice area of Madrid is about €400 per month. More information on the living costs in Madrid can be found on our blog!

It’s the perfect opportunity to make friends in Madrid and enjoy the freedom of living your Spanish adventure!

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