TEFL accreditation in Madrid

TEFL Accreditation in Spain

Our TEFL Certificate

TEFL Madrid is fully accredited by a world class organization known as Accreditat. All the courses we offer, from the in-house 4 week TEFL program and premium visa specialization course to online TEFL classes and practical training, are thoroughly vetted and accredited by an independent organization known as ACCREDITAT. To earn your TEFL certificate, enrol in our Academy’s internationally accredited TEFL training course at our center in Madrid.

tefl accreditation spain


What is Accreditat?

Accreditat is an renowned accreditation agency based out of UK. They analyze and certify an institute after a series of rigorous assesments, in accordance with international quality standards. Their accreditation depends on 4 core aspects of a TEFL institute’s educational program:

Ethical working and operation of the institute and it’s management

Top notch course quality, meeting the high standards of international academies

World class coaching facilities

Specialized teachers, curriculum and high calibre assesments

What does an Accreditat certification mean to you?

When you opt to study at an institute with solid accreditation like TEFL Madrid, you can be assured of educational excellence and world class facilities, scrutinised and validated every year.

Once you have completed your course successfully, you will receive your TEFL Madrid Academy Certificate.
In addition, after completion, you can also apply for an additional ACCREDITAT Certified Certificate in pdf format from our accreditation body.

This will confirm that you did in fact complete your course successfully with TEFL Madrid Academy.

This is a huge benefit for you. This will confirm in any future employer’s mind your excellent achievement, and the high quality of TEFL Madrid Academy, our accredited course and our expert tutors.

Is your TEFL course Globally recognized?

YES! It has been designed in order to use it any where in the world. More importantly, the TEFL certificate you’d receive at the end of your course would be held at a higher pedigree across the world. It meets the rigorous standards set by the most prestigious accrediting bodies.

For more information about the stringent accreditation Standards we have met, please take time to view the accreditation Standards at Our TEFL Standards.
We are proud that our 120 hour TEFL Certificate Course has been accredited by ACCREDITAT.

This means all our students can be confident they are receiving the best TEFL education available, scrutinised and validated by ACCREDITAT.

Can I obtain additional Accreditat certificates?

YES! You can also obtain an additional, independent Accreditat certificate upon the completion of your course, which would only add prestige to your resume and make you far more appealing to prospective employers.

In addition, ACCREDITAT will be delighted to give you access to free TEFL developmental materials from time to time to help you towards your goals, once you have obtained your ACCREDITAT Certified Certificate in pdf format.

tefl accreditation spain