TEFL Course in Spain

The TEFL Madrid Academy course meets international standards. We provide official TEFL certificates and use a curriculum provided by a leading international academic accrediting body, that can be found on the International Database of Accredited Qualifications.

Our TEFL Course in Spain

When choosing to become a TEFL teacher, you need to trust the TEFL academy that will help you acquire the skills to become successful. Thousands of students trust TEFL Madrid Academy every year. Are you ready for a leap of faith? To earn your TEFL certificate, enrol in our Academy’s internationally accredited TEFL training course at our centre in Madrid.

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TEFL Course Expectations

What to consider when looking at TEFL certificate options?

Always look for courses that are accredited and ensure the course includes practicum hours with a minimum of 120 hours training in total. Our curriculum meets the requirements set by the British Council of 120 hours of coursework. Practical training is one of the cornerstones of our course and we take pride in it. Most other institutes fill in their class hours with just theoretical training which is quite detrimental when your graduate. But TEFL Madrid stresses on a minimum 30 hours on field training in front of non-native speakers, under the guidance of experienced trainers. This helps you develop your all-round skills and tackle your weak points that may crop up during classes.

Are class sizes limited?

TEFL Madrid’s courses are limited to ten students to ensure an intimate learning experience and access to the trainers.

Does the academy offer help moving abroad?

Make sure that when you choose a course abroad, they offer comprehensive help with everything entailed. At TEFL Madrid Academy, we help you through everything from VISA applications and finding accommodation, to setting up bank accounts, mobile phones and finding jobs! Moving to a new country can make it difficult to find a good place to reside in. TEFL Madrid in Spain helps streamline and make this process easy by offering you extremely affordable accommodation in four options.

Does your TEFL course include a practicum/hands-on element?

YES! It has been designed in order to gain the necessary skills to be an effective teacher and it meets the rigorous standards set by the most prestigious accrediting bodies. TEFL Madrid course is approved by the prestigious and world renowned British council. Within our 4 week TEFL course, we’ll uncover the framework of the English language and dissect the teaching methodology. We also make sure 1/3rd of the class time is spent in practical training and on field experiences. Each trainee teaches a minimum of six hours of hand on classes which are observed by our staff. You will also attend classes as a visitor and watch experienced teachers present an English class. We offer free English classes at different schools and academies around Madrid, e.g.: www.toefl-madrid.com and www.ingles-madrid.com.

What about job search guidance?

We will provide you with career advice; tailoring your CV, preparing students for interviews, and helping students apply for jobs. We want to make sure that you find jobs that both meet your needs and are best suited to your personality. Every candidate of ours has gone onto secure a successful TEFL job. This is possible in large part due to our in-depth job training and support, interview workshops, CV polishing, recruitment networking and more. In fact, Ingles Madrid even offers a 100℅ Job assurance to all our students. Apart from that, you can always depend on our specialist guidance counselor all through your life.

Our TEFL Course Components

Our course is comprised of many components that ensure the student’s success as an English teacher.
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