TEFL in Spain




Enrollment onto the TEFL Madrid course is subject to the following terms and conditions.


By proceeding with the payment you agree to the terms and conditions described below:



____Payment installments____

The total Visa course price is 3400€ without the activity pack and 3700€ with the activity pack included. The fees can be paid in 2 or 3 installments: 

-1st installment of 800€ must be paid to our partner school upon acceptance on the course. This payment is required to secure the spot on the course 

-The remaining amount of 2800€ will be paid to TEFL Madrid Academy and can be paid in full or in two installments of 1400€ each. 

-The partial payment of 1400€ is required to begin the legal process and issue an official acceptance letter to support your Visa Application for Spain. This payment is due asap or at least 2 months before your appointment at the consulate to ensure the letter will arrive on time

-The remaining amount must be settled upon Visa approval and before your departure to Spain with no exclusions



1.   Payment methods


1.1  TEFL Madrid Academy offers two payment methods which are:


1.2  PayPal (Additional fee of 45€ per payment of 1400€ will be added to your invoice for)


1.3  Direct Bank Transfer (Free of charge)


1.4  Your invoice will be updated with the payment information indifferently of which method you choose but with bank transfer, it is not automatic so it may take a bit longer to update.


1.5   All the payments are calculated in Euros. If you choose bank transfer as your payment method your bank will calculate the exchange rate for you.


Why do we charge you for choosing the PayPal payment method? Because the cost of the payments that go through PayPal is extremely high and we offer you an alternative that is free of charge. If you still choose to pay with PayPal you should assume the expenses. To avoid extra charges please choose direct bank transfer as the payment method. 



2.0  Deposits


2.1    All deposits are non- Refundable unless a student’s visa is denied due to issues with the school's accreditation. If this is the case a full refund will be made within 5 working days of the school receiving a certified letter of rejection from the consulate. 



3.0  Payment 


3.1  The final payment of course fees is due 7 days before the starting day of the course. Any failure to do so may result in refusal to attend the course until the payment is made. This may result in students having to join a later course, and incurring transfer fees. 


 3.2  If payment of fees are late, seven days before the course start date, you will be placed on a waiting list and your space may be given to someone else. The deposit will not be refunded. 


4.0  Cancellation, transfers and withdrawal 


4.1  If a student is unable to start their original course, they can transfer onto a course which begins at a later date. A student can transfer courses a maximum of two times. 


4.2  For the Visa Course, the refunds are only acceptable if the Visa is denied by the consulate with the corresponding statement as proof to it. 


4.3  TEFL Madrid Academy reserves the right to verify the Visa approval/denial status with the consulate to avoid any fraud. 


4.4  The cancelation fee of 300€ will be charged as the administration cost with no exceptions



4.5  If a student wishes to transfer courses a transfer fee may be applicable.


4.6  No fee applied - 15 or more days notice is given of course transfer 


4.7 100€ transfer fee applied- less than 14 days notice is given of course transfer


4.8   If a student is unable to complete due to illness or unforeseen circumstances they will be able to transfer to a course starting at a later date provided that they inform the DOS within three days of first absence. No fee will be applied. 


4.9  If  a student is unable to complete the course due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, however does not inform the DOS within three days of the first absence, a fee will be applied to transfer course. 


5.0  If notice is not given within three days of the first absence a fee of 250€ will be applied to transfer course to one starting at a later date. 


5.1  If a student wishes to cancel, withdraw or transfer enrollment with TEFL Madrid for any reason, the student must inform TEFL Madrid in writing. This may be in the form of an email, fax or certified letter. A notice of receipt will act as the acceptance date and will outline future procedures such as; refunds, new course start date,            and any fees applicable. 


5.2   If TEFL Madrid makes changes to a course, students will be offered the chance to transfer to a later course date without charge. 


5.3   If TEFL Madrid makes changes to a course resulting in students being unable to attend the course, students will be entitled to a full refund. 


5.4   If a student withdraws from the course less that four weeks before the course start date, due to circumstances which prevent them from attending a later course, The student will receive a refund of  50% of the fees paid to date. 


5 .5  If a student decided to withdraw from the course within two weeks of their start date at TEFL Madrid, they can transfer to a course starting at a later date, however they will not be entitled to a refund. 


5.6  If a refund request is approved by the DOS then the refund will be made within 5 working days of the approval.


5.7  Acceptance Letter 


5.8  No acceptance letters will be issued without the payment of 1400€ 


5.9  The acceptance letter will be sent in digital and hard formats by electronic mail and ordinary postal services


6.0  The ordinary postal services may take up to 30 workdays (average 15)to arrive at the destination depending on the location and local postal services performance. 


6.1  Alternative shipment methods are available, including the express delivery with the additional charge


6.2  Please note, that letters of the students that make their payments between Sunday and Thursday (CET time) are usually posted on Friday of the same week, except for the payments that were made late on Thursday and didn't clear on time. The letters of the students that make their payments late on Thursday or after will be mailed on Friday of the following week. The Letters are posted every working Friday before 2 pm CET time and we usually need at least 24 hours to issue the letter.


6.3  It is your responsibility to make sure you submit your payment on time to receive your letter before the appointment at the consulate