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TEFL Courses in Madrid and Spain,accredited TEFL course abroad

We are the leading TEFL Course in Spain. Learn more about internationally accredited TEFL certification courses in Madrid, how to teach English in Spain and around the World. Enroll our course, get TEFL certified and become an ESL teacher in Spain NOW.

Welcome to TEFL Madrid Academy

A globally recognized certification from our TEFL school in Spain can be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding overseas experience by providing you with the ability to work in Spain and thousands of schools, businesses, and language academies around the world.   Get ready and prepare yourself with our TEFL course in Madrid!

Become a TEFL teacher abroad and travel the world, immersing yourself into a new culture! TEFL in Spain offers you the perfect blend of teaching and tourism, language and learning, career and culture.

By studying a TEFL course in Spain, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel abroad and become a teacher anywhere you desire to go. But unlike a tourist who just waltzes in and out, you get to immerse yourself into this rich and colourful community which is bound to be drastically different from the monotony you are likely confined to at the moment. But this is not just another 9-5 job though.

By becoming a TEFL Teacher in Spain, you'll be helping thousands of students better their skills and improve their lives in our English academies like curso TOEFL Madrid. A TEFL abroad program has responsibilities that can make or break a student's life, but the sheer joy of the profession arises when a student completes his course, lands a job and gives a thank you note for all the help you've extended.

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Enjoy life!

Our TEFL course abroad...

120-hour long TEFL Certification course

Out of which 6 hours are dedicated to practical application. TEFL Madrid Academy’s course provides a fantastic opportunity to earn your TEFL certification in a great foreign country. and keep up to date on Madrid’s local job market.

TEFL accredited center

TEFL Madrid Academy is a well equipped training center that is committed to the highest professional standards. We don’t simply offer an internationally recognized TEFL certification to our students but we also prepare them for a fulfilling career teaching English.

TEFL Madrid Facilities

TEFL Madrid Academy is strategically located in the heart of Madrid, Spain, with easy access to the major attractions such as the Prado Museum, Retiro Park, the Royal Palace and the city's shopping and business areas. Well communicated and surrounded by the main businesses and large corporations, once you graduate you will be ready to teach. We welcome you to have a virtual tour of our facilities. Following the course, all graduates of our TEFL course will continue to have our full support and access to the facilities and teacher tools at the school.

Guaranteed job interviews in Madrid

We collaborate with an English teacher recruitment agency. This agency works to find all types of teaching positions. Our TEFL Madrid Academy is committed to offering you the complete "after TEFL" support. Armed with a TEFL Certification, you can hunt around Spain jobs with lucrative career opportunities and compensation. We help you find the best TEFL jobs in Spain to fit your needs and we also own a network of academies in this city, take a look! curso TOEFL

Who is TEFL Madrid?

TEFL Madrid is one of finest and highly acclaimed TEFL institutes in the country, with over 2000 students having passed through our corridors and placed in well respected jobs. Managed by former TEFL teachers, based out of Florida and Madrid, with branches all over the country, TEFL Madrid Academy offers lifetime support to all its students and ensures they land a job in a prestigious institute as they finish up their course.

We've got some of the most qualified trainers in the field imparting their vast empirical knowledge and modern teaching methodologies to help you become a rounded TEFL teacher capable of working under any circumstance or system. Our TEFL course in Madrid is also recognized worldwide due to its professional accreditation and high caliber curriculum, ascertained by the British council.

Why choose our TEFL courses?

Our TEFL Abroad program is run by former TEFL teachers who are truly passionate about their work. The institute has grown leaps and bounds in just a few years to become one of the best TEFL institutes in the country. There are number of TEFL institutes in the country. But what sets us apart from our competitors is dedication to our students' all round requirements, which is not just restricted to the course and certificates. When you take TEFL Courses in Spain in a globally recognized school like TEFL Madrid Academy, you position yourself for global success.

Trained Staff

TEFL Madrid Academy offers a great TEFL course with instructors who are all highly qualified and experienced. We also offer pre-enrollment counseling to our potential students.

Teaching jobs in Madrid

The TEFL Madrid Academy’s course will prepare you to teach a variety of classes and students. We also offer job search guidance and believe in personalized customer service for all of our students, as well as our graduates. When you teach English in Spain, you help mold individuals to become better professionals or business owners within the country and abroad.

Get on your way with a TEFL certification

We at the TEFL Madrid Academy are committed to guiding our prospective students through every step of preparing to work abroad.

Enjoy living in Spain

When compared to the other European countries, the number of English speakers in Spain is quite low. Spaniards want to improve their English in order to get into universities and find better jobs. There is a high demand for English teachers and at TEFL Madrid Academy we help fill these positions by collaborating with local job agencies to place our graduates in the best fitting tefl jobs abroad.

Why Should I take a TEFL course in Spain?

TEFL Madrid is not just giving you the chance to move to a new country but offering you an invitation to discover the beauty and mesmerizing sights of EUROPE with its rich history and diverse, distinct culture. Moving to Spain doesn't mean you'd be restricted to confines of local boundaries. With the European Union and it's beautiful principle of open borders, you'd have unmitigated freedom to travel across all the 50 countries within the EU and learn about some of most diverse cultures and visit famous monuments. A TEFL Program in Spain opens doors to a once in a lifetime tourism and employment opportunity accessible only to those who dare take action.

Why TEFL in Madrid?

Come to the thriving capital of Madrid and be a TEFL teacher by day, party animal by night. The city of Madrid is renowned for its bustling nightlife and it's rightly called as the most lively city in the continent. Whether it's the clubs, pubs, restaurants or sporting event, Madrid has something for everybody and you'd be hard-pressed to stay still for even a single day; there's just something to do all the time. The weather's pleasant all year round as well making it one of the most preferred tourist destinations by a mile.

Legal paperwork-TEFL Abroad

There're a lot of formalities and legal paperwork needed to be taken care of when moving to Spain or taking a TEFL course abroad. You've also got get the NIE permit and if you wish reside here for more than 3 months, you can't do it under a tourist visa. Even if you do get a student visa, you can only work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Our TEFL abroad program experts take care of all these issues and the extensive paperwork as well, letting you concentrate on your objective of becoming a Tefl teacher abroad.

TEFL course in Spain

A typical four-week onsite course features a combination of academic instruction, role playing and hands-on teaching with students.

We are a company that lives by the principles of doing the right thing and leading our students with integrity at all times. It's that simple!

TEFL Madrid believes that information and knowledge can only go so far after which your natural instincts kick in. This is why we try to hone in this natural instruct by refining your practical application skills where you do work in a real world setting with real non-native speakers as a part of your training process.

Our four-week intensive course will provide you with the tools and guidance to become a qualified TEFL teacher and find great jobs.

Our aim is to create a cycle of experimentation in your learning process which is able to filter and asses results, feedback and data which can be used to improve and refine yourself the next time your step into the classroom. This is not just restricted to our TEFL training but throughout our TEFL academy as well. Every time you study something theoretically, you can be sure that a practical session to try it out is just around the corner.

• Highly qualified teachers in controlled, real world setting and practical approach to teaching

• International TEFL certificate and Visa program to help you work as TEFL teacher in spain

• Lifetime support and guidance from expert counselors and educators

• 100℅ job guarantee with paid internship during your course

• Spanish classes and cultural activities to help you get on with the community

• Premium resume services, interview workshops, pre and post course counseling and more

• Accommodation, transportation, lifestyle arrangements

It's that simple!

TEFL Madrid has 2 TEFL courses on offer, both of which expend the same set curriculum and teaching. The difference between the courses is the eligibility criteria; you have to be an European citizen to pursue the first course while anybody can pursue the second course. The second course comes bundled with a visa program:

TEFL Course for Europeans

This course can only be pursued by those who hold a valid EU passport. Without the passport, you will not be allowed to work in spain for more than 3 months. For that you need a visa, and have to follow the second course.

• 120 hours of TEFL course under the British council curriculum

• International TEFL certificate

• Practical and on field training

EFL course and visa program for Non Europeans If you would like to stay in spain for more than 3 months and want to become a professional TEFL Teacher in Madrid, this course is for you. It comes bundled with a visa program that secures you with a job as soon as your course is finished.

• 120 hours of TEFL course under the British council curriculum

• International TEFL certificate

• Visa program

• 1 year of Spanish classes

• Premium resume services, interview workshops, pre and post course counseling and more

• Accommodation, transportation, lifestyle arrangements

It's that simple!

Read the FAQ Find Jobs

FAQ’s TEFL Course in Spain

For those who have always had a vocation for teaching languages, and have always dreamt of living in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries in Europe, TEFL Madrid Academy offers a one in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill these aspirations. Being one of the most reputed English academies in the capital, TEFL Madrid possesses one of the best English teaching programs for those who desire to work as an English teacher abroad: i.e., the TEFL course, also known as the Teaching Language as a Foreign Language program.


FAQ 1: What exactly is the TEFL accreditation?

The TEFL certification is a widely recognized accreditation that certifies the capacity of a teacher to teach English in non-English-speaking countries, such as Spain, France, China, South Korea... This certificate is a requirement for any teaching centre interested in hiring qualified English language teachers, in order to comply with quality standards set by the British Council. These standards are the following; students must be given at least a 100 hours of teaching, 6 hours of practice teaching - under a qualified trainer’s supervision -; and the centre must be accredited to be able to provide training by teachers with a Master’s degree in TEFL or TESOL. All of the above requirements are met by TEFL Madrid, so if you decide to take your TEFL course in Spain, our Academy is the one for you.

FAQ 2: Why choose TEFL Madrid?

TEFL Madrid is one of the most renowned English academies in the country; it possesses great training experience, having trained over 2000 students since opening. Our teaching staff is highly trained; both in practical and theoretical content, and have great pedagogical skills, as well as skills related to new technologies. The quality of training in TEFL Madrid is guaranteed and approved by the British Council; also, the Academy works in alliance with other renowned TEFL Schools in Spain and English academies, such as the TOEFL Academy in Madrid and the American High Stand Academy.

One of the main advantages of studying at TEFL Madrid is that we are committed to aiding our students even after the course has finalized. The Academy makes necessary resources available to our students in order to make finding work as an English teacher easier; in fact, the academy collaborates with different employment  agencies, as well as a network of academies all over the city where teachers can not only practice the abilities learnt at TEFL, but may also find job opportunities.

FAQ 3: Why work in Spain?

Undertaking a TEFL program in Spain can turn out to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Spain is one of the European countries with the warmest climate, although it does vary substantially from the southern to the northern part of the country. For this reason, the landscape varies greatly: from humid green woodlands and abrupt mountainous areas in the north, to dry desert areas near the sea in the south. Spain has a rich and varied cultural heritage, bequeathed by the successive waves of different peoples: Visigoths, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians - who at times, cohabitated and interchanged knowledge and skills, thus enriching the cultural heritage and traditions of the country.-

Choosing TEFL in Spain is a great idea for other reasons as well. Due to the fact that Spain is one of the European countries’ with an open borders policy within the European Union, and is in easy travelling distance to over 50 countries, this country is the ideal choice. Within a couple of hours you could be in Rome, London, Paris, Berlin… you name it. Undertaking a TEFL course abroad is definitely an experience that anyone with a zest for travelling and adventures should live.

FAQ 4: What does the TEFL course in TEFL Madrid include?

The TEFL course offered by TEFL Madrid consists of two possible variants, depending on the specific needs of the student. For those who belong to the European Union, the Academy provides a EU Citizen Course, a 4 week training course which includes premium employment services - guaranteed interviews at the best agencies in order to be able to find a TEFL job in Madrid, help with creating a CV, work advice - and legal aid for any type of bureaucratic affair. In addition to this, while undertaking the course; students will have access to unlimited WIFI at the Academy, text material and software, during as well as after the course. On the other hand, non-European students are offered the Visa Course which, in addition to all the above stated for the EU Citizen Course, provides students with 1 complete year of Spanish language classes, programs for cultural immersion for a year, and logistic support - airport transfers, acquirement of a mobile phone, aid to opening a bank account - as well as finding a place to stay in Madrid.

FAQ 5: What are the prices for each TEFL course modality?

The price for the EU Citizen Course is 1.300€; the price for the Visa Course is 3.100€. Both are closed prices, and they include all the services mentioned above, without exception. For booking a Visa Course, the student must make a 1.200€ deposit; for the EU Citizen Course, the deposit will amount to 500€.

FAQ 6: I’m not a certified professor; can I still teach English?

This will depend on each country. Teaching English in Spain does not require the English teacher to have a degree, but it does require him or her to have a TEFL certificate. In any case, even if you have no prior experience in teaching, don’t worry, as this discipline can be learnt by anyone with vocation and a will to learn. And, if you think about it, we have all been ‘teachers’ at some point in our lives: helping a classmate do their homework, teaching your new work colleague how things are done… are all experiences you may have had, and which can help you discover whether you like teaching or not. If you do, do not hesitate to challenge yourself to teach English abroad as it will be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

FAQ 7: Do I need to be a native English speaker to apply to the TEFL course?

The only requirement for someone applying for our TEFL courses is to be fluent in English. In any case, in the same way as we do assessment tests for our TOEFL and TOEIC students, applicants who desire to undertake any of our TEFL courses must do an interview, during which our staff will be able to assess your level of English, and decide if you are ready for the program.

FAQ 8: What happens once I graduate?

As mentioned above, we are committed to setting up as many interviews as possible with agencies from all over Madrid; we work with over 300. Also, we always provide job counselling for teachers who have just finished the course  and who wish to use their TEFL for finding a job in Spain; help with preparing CVs, interview workshops where we teach our students how to show their best qualities and achieve the best possible results in an interview.

Regarding finding a job, TEFL Madrid location is one of the best, as Madrid is one of the cities with the most job opportunities in Spain. There are teaching posts available all year round, although they are slightly higher at the start of terms (summer months and February). The average wage for a teacher in Spain is approximately 1500€, although this will vary depending on the type of centre.

However, your possibilities for teaching are not restricted to Spain. Once you have your TEFL certification, you will be able to travel to any country you like to teach English. As it is the language most spoken in the world, as a native language and also as a second language, you will be able to live almost anywhere in the world.

FAQ 9: What permits do I need to be able to work and live in Spain as non EU citizen?

If you are not a member of the European Union you will need to apply for a visa, which will be issued once you have reserved a place for a TEFL Madrid course or the Spanish Course. The type of visa issued with these courses also qualifies you to work in Spain. Here in TEFL Madrid we are committed to helping you resolve whatever bureaucratic affair that arises, so you have no need to worry in this regard.

FAQ 10: When I arrive to Madrid, where can I stay?

Madrid offers loads of housing options: from 5 star hotels to shared flats. The accommodation organised by TEFL Madrid is varied, and students will be able to choose depending on their personal preferences. The Academy provides up to four types of accommodation: with families - for those students who wish to live the Spanish experience to the full - shared apartments- usually with other students from TEFL Madrid, local residents or fellow expats,- hostels -for students who prefer to live in the centre of Madrid with all the advantages of independence-, and, as a final option, the DIY or Do It Yourself, which basically means that the student sorts out his or her own accommodation. For this purpose, you can use Spotahome, a safe housing search engine with which you will be able to find your perfect accommodation in Madrid. The rates usually range around 400 euros, but they will depend on the area you choose to live in. Nevertheless, we will always help you find a nice place in a good neighborhood, where you will feel safe and relaxed; and most importantly, ready to undertake your TEFL studies.

Normally, the price for renting a room in a shared apartment is between 350 and 450 euros; although if you are willing to share a room, the price could be much cheaper. The costs of living in a hostel could go up to 600 euros if you want to have your own room; 450 euros if you are willing to share a room. Living with a family is by far the cheapest option. With regards to food expenses, the cost would be around 150 euros a month in supermarket buy; however, if you prefer to eat at a restaurant, it is possible to do so for 12 euros or less.

In any of the above cases, the student will benefit from the Airport Transfer Service, both in his/her arrival and his/her departure. The trainee will also enjoy a welcome lunch and a graduation party.

FAQ 11: How do I apply for a TEFL course in TEFL Madrid?

In order to apply for a TEFL course, you must choose your preferred modality on TEFL Programs / Prices and dates; once you make your choice, you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to access all the services you are contracting with your purchase, your reservation price (1.200€ for the Visa Course, and 500€ for the EU Citizen Course), and the key “Pay Now”. Once you press this key, it will direct you to the payment gateway, where you will have to introduce your personal and billing data in order to register your profile in TEFL Madrid. The, you can proceed with the payment; TEFL Madrid accepts Visa, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

TEFL - Teach English as a Foreign Language

For those who desire to teach English language abroad in foreign, non-English-speaking countries. Course material covers foundational topics in depth over a period of 120 hours. For those desiring to teach English in Spain, China, Japan, South Korea, or anywhere else for that matter, this should be the course of choice. TEFL certificate is recognized worldwide.  

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