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What is like to live in Madrid?

tefl in spainTEFL Activities in Madrid!

TEFL Madrid academy provides one of its kind service to the students enrolled in our TEFL course. TEFL activities in Madrid is a 1 month tour in which we will arrange visits to the famous historical places, restaurant, parks and more. With this service, you will get a chance to explore the historic soul, rich culture and social life of Spain along with education. There will be trips and activities after the class hours on a daily basis. Main activities include; Yellows (Field Trips), Blues (Museums), Greens (Parks and gardens), Reds (Nightlife) and Purples (restaurants).

What could be more exciting than getting a TEFL certificate abroad and living in a city full of colors and joy, fairytale esthetics, brightest sunsets and romantic evenings. Madrid – a place you can fall in love with even at first glance. Madrid is one of the famous destinations for expats to live and work abroad. It has also a vast and well-established ESL industry offering remarkable career opportunities and resources for both students and professional. TEFL Madrid Academy is also one of the leading TEFL school where we provide high-quality mentorship and modern facilities to help you become a TEFL expert


Why Should I take after school activities with TEFL MADRID ?

In addition to excellent and top-notch education, we have something more to offer. Since you are in Madrid, it would be unfair not to explore the city’s culture and heritage, stunning architecture, vivacious nightlife, lively parks and gardens, and traditional cuisines. And you can actually discover all these fun activities by enrolling in our TEFL course. TEFL Activities in Madrid is one of its kind service exclusively offered by our school where you can explore this wonderful city and its surroundings during your enrollment period in the school.
Our basic aim is to provide education and tourism all in one place so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a separate travel and tourism agency. Visiting every place at your own is also not a good idea because it’s not easy to manage everything by yourself at a place you were never before. Another advantage which you will get with this service is that there will be no clash between class timings and other activities and we have planned your stay in the best way possible so that our student may not miss any part of their course material as well as the joy of living in Madrid. TEFL Activities in Madrid is a 1 month adventure during which we will take our students to all the famous parks, restaurants, museums, historical places, and cafes to let them experience how it feels to live in such a magnificent city. We have scheduled this tour in a way that there will be a visit to one of the tourist attraction each day after the class hours. The activities are color-coded and you can select any or all of them depending upon your choice that whether you want to visit the museums and parks only or also want to explore the exciting nightlife and restaurants. But in our honest advice, you should select the complete package of 1 month as it would be unfair to miss all the adventures this trip has to offer. And the best part is, you can save 50 € by selecting our complete package which cost only 300 €! TEFL IN MADRID

Surf Experience

tefl in spainSURF Trips We choose the best destinations where you can free your mind, practicing extreme sports in paradisiacal places where contact with nature is the basis for living the experience to the fullest. We are committed to the environment and we love transmitting the values and passion of these sports to raise awareness and help personal development.

How do we do it?

In each of our experiences you will always have the presence of one of our members of the team to make sure everything goes very well! You will only have to take care of living and enjoying the experience to the fullest, which is the essence of our adventure trips! We organize and customize our experiences to the 100%, so that from the beginning of the trip you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the experience as much as you can. We will take care of the rest!
What the Surf Trip includes to Lanzarote (Canary Islands): • Full board: Self-service of nutritious breakfasts with oatmeal whole grain cereals, fruit, fresh juices, ham and cheese. Food on the beach: sandwich with piece of fruit, soda, juices and nuts Homemade dinner in the accommodation (vegan option available) • Surf lessons of 5h, three days with qualified teachers, all equipment and insurance • Surf equipment, for all levels available throughout the stay • Sunset Yoga classes to improve elasticity and balance 1h / day • Pilates to activate the body and start the day with energy 1h / day • Surf Balance Training System to practice balance, movements and position on the board in the surf. • Video and professional photos (go pro and professional cameras) • BBQ party at our surf house with music, cocktails, videos and travel photos.
We will take you to the three most famous historical sites to discover the historic soul of Spain. This city was declared as a world heritage by UNESCO in 1986 due to the presence of vast cultural heritage and monuments. It is also known as The City of Three Cultures because of the influence of Christian, Jewish and Muslim occupants and the architecture here also reflects these multiple civilizations from the past. There are palaces, churches, synagogues, and mosques which offers a fascinating look back in the time. This old town is a heaven for those who are interested in the ancient history and civilization of Spain. SEGOVIA Segovia is another historical pearl located in the center of Spain featuring rich history and culture. There are numerous churches, Roman aqueduct, an incredible cathedral and an impressive castle collectively making it another UNESCO’s world heritage site. There are many fairytales and myths surrounding the city. The famous ancient castle Alcazar de Segovia is specifically the greatest tourist attraction due to its magnificent appearance. This majestic castle also inspired Walt Disney to create similar castles in its animated classics including Caldarella and Snow White. All these wondrous monuments and palaces of Segovia are worth visiting during your stay in Spain. ESCORIAL Escorial is a remarkable architectural masterpiece created during the 15th century. This historical monastery is located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a town present in the northwest of Madrid. This historical building is the burial place of many important kings of Spain and even plays an important role in Spanish royal life. The construction of this magnificent monastery was started in 1563 by King Phillip II, who wanted to create a funerary monument for his father Charles V. But the kind also wanted to create a quite complex structure including a monastery and a palace and by the end of its construction, it not only included these but also a church and a library. This Royal site presents a refreshing mix of history and architect and one of the most visited landmarks in Spain.

Blues (Museums)

museums in madrid tefl madrid Madrid is a city full of amazing galleries and museums that you don’t want to miss and during our TEFL activities in Madrid, we’ll take you to two such museums, Museum Reina Sofía, and Museum El Prado, where you can see the greatest pieces of art in the Spanish capital.
A must-visit museum for art lovers and can be considered as a modern counterpart of El Prado. It was first a hospital but then beautifully transformed and remodeled into a museum during the 19th century. Reina Sofía has a vast collection of contemporary modern artwork. It can be divided into two sections. Two floors are a treasure house of permanent collections including pop, minimal and abstract art moments while the other two are used to display temporary expositions. The must-visit and real gem of the museum is Pablo Picasso’s Guernica in which he displayed the dreadful horrors of civil war. The art of many other influential artists including Dali, Juan Gris and Miró, is also being displayed.
Prado is one of the top cultural sites in Madrid with the greatest collection of religious and classic art from all around Europe. This gigantic, neo-classical building has a vast collection of about 86,00 paintings including Velazquez’s Las Meninas, Bosch’s The Garden of Delight and The Black Paintings of Goya. Some other eminent artists whose diverse assortment of work is being displayed in the art premier galleries includes Murillo, El Greco, and Zurbarán. These sophisticated paintings act as a window to step back in time and find the artistic soul of Spain. The museum also has 700 artistic sculptures in addition to paintings. This sheer scale collection of incredible artwork makes it a daunting task to visit the whole museum. Therefore, it’s better to have some highlights in mind before your trip to El Prado about which sections you prefer to visit.

Greens (Parks and gardens)

park in tefl madrid academy We will also show you the green side of Madrid during our trip to famous nature attractions and parks. Although greenery is not what comes to mind while thinking of Madrid as it is a big bustling city but it still has some of the tranquil green places where you can find some relief from the hassle of city life.
El Parque del Buen Retiro is one of the most famous and amazing parks in Madrid where culture and leisure can be enjoyed at the same time. This grand and Royal park was once limited for the Royals only but now open for tourists and locals. The park has incredible natural beauty and luscious green canopies. There is also a manmade lake in the center where you enjoy a ride on rowboats over the peaceful waters. Some must visit places includes Casita del Pescador, a tiny bright-colored house situated near one of the entrance. Palacio de Cristal is another iconic architecture made of glass and surrounded by a lake which is home to ducks, frogs, and terrapins. You can enter the building and see the sunshine streaming in through the glass structure of the building. There are also divine rose and peacock gardens to visit while strolling through the park.
As the name suggests, you can take a tour to Europe by actually not leaving Spain. This park is located in the Torrejón de Ardoz suburb and has colossal replicas of monuments from all around Europe. You can enter a Brandenburg gate, pose in front of the London bridge, toss coins into the Fountain of Trevi, and propose your love in front of Eiffel Tower by staying in Spain! There are many other fun activities for people from all age groups such as sound and light show, cybernetic fountain, artificial lake for boating and an enclosed place specially decorated for children know as Fun at the Farm.
Casa de Campo is one of the biggest parks in Madrid and a famous tourist attraction. The park was once used as a hunting estate by Philip II but later transformed into a country house for visitors. Casa de Camp has so much to offer that even a whole day would not be enough see everything. There is an amusement park for activities like pony rides, roller coaster, and a carousal. The Zoo Aquarium de Madrid is also located inside the park and home to more than 3,000 animals as well as dolphin tank and aquarium. You can also paddle the boats in a large lack located in the park and can also enjoy an exciting ride in Teleférico (an Arial cable car) stretched between Pintor de Rosales and Casa De Campo. living in madrid - TEFL Madrid Academy

Reds (Nightlife)

Madrid Never Sleeps! It is one of the liveliest city due to its party culture and glamorous nightlife. There is abundance of bars, discos and pubs which warmly welcome the locals and expats while the doors are kept open till the wee morning hours. The nightlife of Madrid will not fail to amaze you and you’ll see that Madrileños are heading to parties when people in other cities head out to their homes at that time. We tasted the joy of Madrid’s nighttime entertainment to its fullest and welcome you come and experience it yourself. The late-night parties and drinks at tranquil terraces will become the memorable part of your trip to Madrid. We are also offering free drinks and discounts at some bars which are included in the price. Party till dawn at dazzling places, enjoy traditional foods and become a part of Madrid’s AMAZING nightlife!

Purples (Restaurants)

Madrid is also known for its amazing foods and traditional cuisines. There is almost an infinite verity of food even at quite affordable prices. Tapas bars are also worth mentioning here as Madrid food section is considered incomplete without them. The Tapas, restaurants and small-town cafés offer many traditional and continental dishes made with love. The delicious tastes and delectable flavors of Spanish cuisines act wonders to tempt your taste buds. We will be providing you recommendations as well as the opportunity to avail discounts at several restaurants and eateries to feast your eyes and stomach with the best dishes Madrid has to offer.

Enchanting Madrid

Madrid,is the largest city and the capital of Spain and it is a place unlike any other. A fascinating mix of ancient history and modernity, and of Mediterranean-African-European cultures and religions, there is never a lack of activities to fascinate the resident or traveler. Spain´s culture is centered around the quality of life, and every corner in the city is complete with museums, historic architecture, sports arenas, outdoor activities, restaurants and of course the ubiquitous nightlife scene. From the traditional flamenco shows to the chic rooftop bars, entertainment is never more than a few minutes away. The people of Madrid are warm and giving to their guests, and are excited to share their culture with people from around the world. Hosting a major European airport hub, Madrid is also remarkably well-connected to the world and a perfect jumping point to explore the surrounding countries, with budget flights to other major European cities often as low as 20 euros.
        • Sports – Although Real Madrid is most commonly associated with football, this brand applies to other sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, track & field, etc. If you are a sports fan, Madrid will offer you endless entertainment as multiple matches/competitions are scheduled throughout the week. In fact, you will probably not have enough time to see them all! Don’t miss an opportunity to watch a REAL MADRID match at the legendary Santiago Bernabeu

Getting around MADRID

Central Madrid can be covered just on foot but seeing Madrid is a big city, your best bet would be to take the Metrobus. A sophisticated public transportation system that gives you 10 one way trips ticket in the subway or bus. The public transportation is clean, safe and reliable but be mindful that they shut after midnight. You will always have the option of taxis throughout the day and night though.


Spain is also one of the safest countries in the European Union. There’s very little gun penetration and street crimes are much lower than other developed countries. Foreigners and tourists are rarely ever cheated out since a lot of Spanish economy is dependent on tourism. At TEFL Madrid, this is one of the issues we are trying to tackle, albeit subtly. We invite you on a new journey to experience Europe and the rest of the world. Become an English teacher and get paid to travel. Enrich yourself while enriching the lives of many others! See the world, form new relationships, open up new horizons, gain new eyes, and ultimately BE the change you want to see in the world today!

TEFL Experience in MADRID

We at TEFL MADRID want you to advance yourself and progress every step of the way. We strive to build strong relationships and networks with our teachers and students. Our success is ultimately measured by your success in life. We are standing by to provide assistance in this new and exciting journey! We help those aspiring to complete a TEFL course in Spain to obtain visas and work permits. In Madrid, non-EU citizens have the option to work legally by applying for a student visa. To know more about options, CONTACT US NOW!