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Have you always wanted to live and work in Europe? If yes, the road to realising your dreams is here! Do a TEFL course and start teaching English abroad.

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Who We Are

TEFL Madrid Academy is a world class institute run by americans, based out of USA and Spain. It was founded in 2010 by a bunch of former TEFL teachers who having settled in Madrid, were dismayed by the economic recession that was affecting the community and the short supply of qualified teachers who could teach English professionally.

As a team of qualified TEFL teachers and TEFL trainers, they had been teaching in Madrid longer than a decade, and setting up the company was the natural step to take. Now, TEFL Madrid has grown into one of the largest and most diverse teacher recruitment agencies in Spain.

The company´s philosophy has been the same since the first day: A company that lives by the principles of doing the right thing and leads our students with integrity at all times. Our TEFL academy provides a number of benefits for teachers pursuing a career in international education. It believes that student success is a direct result of quality instruction from the best instructors, and strives to match each teacher to the appropriate international teaching job for their situation

We are proud of our achievements in such a competitive field. Our content is unique. It meets and exceeds the rigorous standards set by the most prestigious accrediting bodies in the field of TEFL and TESOL, and will qualify you to teach in thousands of schools and language institutes around the world. Designed by leading scholars and experts, our TEFL Madrid Academy’s certification courses will provide the comprehensive skill sets required to succeed as a professional English teacher and incorporate a 20 hour practicum to provide all students with hands-on experience in a live teaching environment. TEFL Madrid was founded with the aim of becoming a one stop solution for everything TEFL. We were intent on not becoming another factory farm of TEFL graduates who give out a certificate and say goodbye. We take the careers of our students very seriously and ensure they secure a job as they finish their course. Ingles Madrid also offers lifetime support and has a separate guidance team to help you find your perfect job.

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