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What’s It Really Like Teaching English in Spain? Why Spain? Whatever the driving factor is, there is always one thing in common all TEFL teachers abroad have – they all have that wild, untamed spirit inside that yearns for adventure.

Life as a TEFL teacher in Spain – How is it like?

Life as a TEFL Teacher in Spain

Opportunities for teaching English in Spain are plentiful.  However, just because you speak English and you possess a passport from an English-speaking country does not make you qualified as an English teacher.  Your first step is to obtain a TEFL certificate and become a TEFL teacher.  While attending this course, you will be exposed to different levels of students:  some of whom speak intermediate/advanced level of English, and some who do not speak any English at all; some that are very young, and some that are advanced in age.  The demographics of your classes will vary greatly depending on where your employment takes you.  But rest assured, you will be provided all the different tools and techniques that will enable you to transfer your knowledge and ultimately become successful at your profession!  And believe me, there is no greater satisfaction than when you can witness a positive impact YOU had on someone’s life! When you transfer your knowledge on others and enable them to become successful, cannot be measured!  In fact, some TEFL teachers can get a “high” and in many cases opt to teach for many years to come. 

Ready to become a certified TEFL Teacher in Spain?

TEFL teachers come from all walks of life.  Most TEFL teachers abroad are young professionals in college who are taking a gap year and want to embrace an adventure before they complete their last year in school, grab the life by the horns, and transition into professional business sector.  Some are just “in-between” careers, and are teaching English because it affords them the opportunity to travel and be financially compensated until they can figure out what is the next milestone in their life.  Other TEFL Teachers are retirees who have already spent their fair share of time in their profession and want to travel the world and experience it to the fullest the last few years before they settle!

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Why Spain?

Whatever the driving factor is, there is always one thing in common all TEFL teachers abroad have – they all have that wild, untamed spirit inside that yearns for adventure; spirit of an explorer; spirit of a conqueror!  If you like experiencing different cultures, enjoy fine foods and wines, enjoy learning new languages, and making friends and networking all over the world, then this career just may be a perfect fit for you!  And Spain is the best place in the world to experience a wide variety of venues while not having to travel very large distances.  We have Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Tomatina in Valencia, Feria and Semana Santa in Andalucia, Las Fallas in Valencia, and many more!  Spain is definitely one country that never disappoints!  There are always new and interesting things to do for both single and family oriented people.  Whatever your interests may be, you will be able to find like individuals and explore your passion together.  And if you’re one of those that likes to travel long distances, no problem!  You will find cheap flights and train rides to anywhere in the world you heart desires to go!  

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Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps.  The sleeper must awaken!  Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.  Never confuse not dying with living. Go out and have an adventure.” – Frank Herbert with unknown travelers.  


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Our Philosophy

We at TEFL MADRID want you to advance yourself and progress every step of the way.  We strive to build strong relationships and networks with our teachers and students.  Our success is ultimately measured by your success in life.  We are standing by to provide assistance in this new and exciting journey!

We help those aspiring to complete a TEFL course in Spain to obtain visas and work permits. In Madrid, non-EU citizens have the option to work legally by applying for a student visa.