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TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain later (Visa) 🇪🇸

Online TEFL Course & Future Spain Visa Guide | Start Your Journey

The TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain later program is designed for those looking to start their teaching journey from abroad. Initially offered online, it allows participants to complete TEFL certification at their own pace. Upon completion, non-European citizens are provided with the unique opportunity to move to Spain, supported by a visa, to immerse themselves in Spanish life and culture. This flexible approach combines the convenience of online learning with the exciting prospect of living and teaching in Spain.

For Non-EU passport holders.

Elevate Your TEFL Journey with the Best in Spain

Choose TEMadrid for an unmatched TEFL experience that sets you above the rest. With superior services at competitive prices, our comprehensive program outshines the competition, offering everything from accredited courses and Spanish immersion to extensive career support. Invest in your future with the leading TEFL provider in Spain, where excellence meets value. Join us and transform your teaching aspirations into reality with TEMadrid.


TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain later (Visa) 🇪🇸


Embark on an exciting teaching adventure with our TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain Later program, tailored specifically for non-EU passport holders. This innovative program offers the flexibility of completing your TEFL certification online, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Perfect for those eager to start their teaching career but not yet ready to relocate, our course provides comprehensive online training with the future promise of immersing yourself in the vibrant life and culture of Spain. Upon certification, you’ll gain the unique opportunity to move to Spain with our support in obtaining a visa, seamlessly bridging the gap between online education and the enriching experience of living and teaching abroad. Join us and transform your aspirations into reality, combining the best of online learning with the allure of Spanish adventures.


Hello there, I’m Mike Harrison, Senior TEFL Instructor at TEFL Madrid. It’s my pleasure to walk you through what you can expect when you embark on this transformative journey with us. Our program is thoughtfully designed to provide you with a robust foundation in TEFL, all while immersing you in the rich culture of Spain.

Comprehensive TEFL Certification

Your adventure kicks off with our hybrid TEFL course, a blend of online preparation followed by an intensive four-week on-site experience right here in Madrid. This course is crafted to equip you with the essential skills needed to teach English effectively around the globe. You’re looking at a rigorous, yet incredibly rewarding schedule, filled with nightly homework and real student teaching practices. Rest assured, our commitment to your success is unwavering, with continuous support and feedback aimed at refining your teaching prowess.

Spanish Language Mastery

After you’ve earned your TEFL certification, you’ll dive into the Spanish language and culture with four weeks of immersive classes. This initial phase is crucial for boosting your Spanish skills, laying a solid foundation for your time in Spain. And it doesn’t stop there—the learning continues with evening Spanish classes, complementing your teaching assignments and further enhancing your linguistic capabilities.

Advanced TEFL and Cultural Immersion

With your Spanish on the upswing, you’ll move on to the Advanced TEFL Certificate course, offered online for maximum flexibility with your teaching commitments. This segment dives deeper into the nuances of English teaching methodologies, covering everything from online instruction to business English and teaching young learners.

Ongoing Support and Professional Development

Beyond the coursework, expect a year brimming with growth and learning opportunities. Our program includes ongoing professional development to ensure you stay ahead in TEFL teaching practices. From legal paperwork to settling into Madrid life, our dedicated team is here to support you at every turn. You’ll gain access to our extensive job directory, enjoy guaranteed job interviews, and receive personalized assistance with everything from accommodation to banking.

Engage and Connect

But it’s not all work; your TEFL journey with us is also about making connections and soaking up Madrid’s vibrant culture. From the welcome lunch on your first day to the graduation party at the end of your course, you’ll find numerous opportunities to connect with fellow trainees and instructors.

At TEFL Madrid, we’re not just offering a course; we’re inviting you to join a community that’s deeply committed to excellence and innovation in TEFL education. Prepare yourself for a year filled with challenges, achievements, and significant personal growth here at TEFL Madrid.

  1. You’re seeking to immerse yourself in Spanish culture while obtaining a globally recognized TEFL certification.

  2. You aim to teach English in Spain or anywhere around the world, leveraging comprehensive TEFL training.

  3. You’re interested in enhancing your Spanish language skills alongside your teaching qualifications.

  4. You require a structured program that includes a year-long Spanish visa, facilitating an extended stay in Spain.

  5. You’re looking for a program that combines practical teaching experience with in-depth cultural immersion.

  6. You want guaranteed job interviews within Spain’s competitive English teaching market.

  7. You value continuous support and professional development opportunities in your teaching career.

  8. You’re eager to join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about teaching and cultural exchange.

  9. You’re a non-EU resident needing a visa to live and work in Spain, seeking a comprehensive educational package.

  10. You desire a blend of academic and practical teaching experience, aiming for excellence in TEFL education.

Exclusive Paid Teaching Opportunities in Madrid

TEFL Madrid stands out as the only TEFL provider in Spain that assures legal, paid teaching placements as part of the visa package. This means you have the unparalleled opportunity to work as many hours as you wish, in the setting that suits you best, be it in schools, language institutes, or private tutoring. Our program is designed with your career flexibility in mind, allowing you to tailor your teaching journey to your personal and professional goals.

Tailored Support and Market Insight

Our commitment to your success goes beyond TEFL training. We offer personalized support and insights into the teaching market, advising you on the best opportunities to match your teaching style and preferences. Securing a work placement has never been simpler, thanks to our dedicated support team that connects you with a network of over 300 agencies and academies. This ensures you can create an ideal teaching schedule. Our reputation for producing high-caliber English teachers places you at the forefront of job opportunities.

Unmatched Placement Network and Ongoing Assistance

Joining our program means you’re not just getting a job; you’re building a career. All of our qualified teachers have successfully found paid teaching positions in Madrid, thanks to our extensive network. Whether you’re passionate about teaching children, adults, in corporate settings, or general English, we have the connections to secure your ideal placement.

We manage all the paperwork for your teaching placements and maintain constant communication throughout your program. Plus, we offer daily job alerts tailored to your preferences, ensuring you’re always informed of the best opportunities in the market.

At TEFL Madrid, we’re not just offering a course; we’re offering a gateway to a fulfilling teaching career in Spain, backed by a team dedicated to your growth and success.

Visa Renewal for TEFL Students

At TEFL Madrid, we understand the importance of a seamless educational journey in Spain, which often includes extending your stay to fully embrace and complete your TEFL and language learning experience. That’s why we offer a comprehensive visa renewal service tailored specifically for our TEFL students.

For a fee of €950, we facilitate the renewal of your student visa and academic registration for an entire academic year. This service ensures that you can continue your teaching journey, improve your Spanish skills, and immerse yourself further into the Spanish culture without any legal hassles or interruptions.

What’s Included in the Visa Renewal Service:

  • Complete Handling of Paperwork: We take care of all necessary documentation and submissions required for renewing your student visa, making the process smooth and stress-free.
  • Guidance Through the Renewal Process: Our experienced team provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring you understand each part of the renewal procedure and meet all deadlines.
  • Continued Academic Enrollment: The fee includes the cost of enrollment in our accredited program for the next academic year, maintaining your eligibility for the student visa.
  • Ongoing Support: Our support doesn’t end with the paperwork. We’re here to answer any questions and assist with any challenges you might face during the renewal process.

Choosing TEFL Madrid not only means receiving top-notch TEFL education but also enjoying continued support throughout your teaching and learning journey in Spain. Our visa renewal service is designed to provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what’s important: becoming an outstanding English teacher and enriching your life with an unforgettable Spanish experience.

The total cost of our TEFL program is €3,300, structured in a more accessible payment plan designed for your convenience:

  • Initial Deposit: €800 (To reserve your spot in the program)
  • Prior to Visa Application: €1,100 (Ensuring your visa processing starts smoothly)
  • Four Weeks Before Start Date: €1,400 (Finalizing your enrollment and preparing for your TEFL journey)

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Embarking on Your TEFL Adventure

Curious about the journey ahead with TEFL Madrid? Here’s the roadmap:

  1. Initiate the Dialogue: Reach out with an email, and we’ll equip you with all the necessary details about our TEFL program, ready to clear any doubts.
  2. Step Forward with the Application: Upon receiving our application form, complete and return it. A Google Meet / Facetime conversation will follow, allowing us to explore any remaining inquiries and confirm our program matches your goals.

    Apply Now

  3. Seal Your Enrollment: After our interview, a confirmation email will be sent your way. To secure your enrollment, a deposit of €800 is required. In any case, where the fit isn’t right, we’ll communicate transparently about the reasons.
  4. Prepare for the Big Reveal: Announcing your upcoming adventure to friends and family is a milestone. Advice from us: be ready for a mix of excitement and emotional support!
  5. Gear Up for Spain: It’s time to pack your bags and set your sights on Spain, with comprehensive backing from the TEFL Madrid team.

Choosing TEFL Madrid means more than just enrolling in a course. It means joining a vibrant community passionate about educational excellence and cultural discovery. Get set for an enriching journey that promises professional growth and personal enrichment amidst the beautiful backdrop of Spain.

What Services Are We Providing?

At TEFL Madrid (TEMadrid), we’ve meticulously crafted a TEFL certification program that stands unparalleled in Spain, merging decades of educational excellence with comprehensive support and real-world application. Here’s how we’ve integrated the essence of both provided texts to offer a holistic and enhanced TEFL course experience

Premier TEFL Certification Experience

  • Accredited 120-Hour TEFL Course: Internationally recognized certificate from TEMadrid.
  • Dynamic 4-Week Course Structure: Intensive learning with practical teaching experience.
  • Extensive Teaching Practices: Over 20 real classroom sessions with "Exam Madrid" for hands-on experience.
  • Comprehensive Pre-Course Preparation: Grammar foundation materials provided before the course begins.
  • All-Inclusive Course Materials: Access to all necessary teaching resources for the duration of the course.
  • Welcome and Graduation Celebrations: Special events to mark the beginning and completion of your TEFL journey.

Student Visa and Accommodation Support

  • 1 Year - Student Visa Assistance: Guidance on obtaining and renewing a Spanish student visa for legal residence.
  • Accommodation and Integration Services: Help organizing your stay in Madrid, from accommodation to banking and phone services.
  • Banking Services: Assistance with setting up a local bank account for financial convenience.
  • SIM Card Setup: Help in acquiring a Spanish SIM card for immediate connectivity.
  • Orientation Sessions: Introductory meetings to familiarize you with living and studying in Spain.
  • Legal Documentation: Support with navigating Spanish legal requirements and paperwork.
  • Relocation Advice: Tips and information to ease your transition into Spanish life.
  • 24/7 Support Line: Access to a dedicated helpline for any immediate needs or concerns.

Spanish Language Immersion

  • Intensive Spanish Language Course: 4 weeks of immersive Spanish classes complemented by cultural activities.
  • Ongoing Spanish Education: 9 months of evening classes for continued language learning and cultural immersion.
  • Customized Learning Materials: Access to tailored resources for learning Spanish at all levels.
  • Interactive Language Games: Participate in fun, educational games to practice Spanish in a dynamic setting.
  • Language Immersion Events: Attend local events and gatherings to practice Spanish in real-life scenarios.
  • Ongoing Evening Classes: Continued language learning with seven months of evening classes.
  • Cultural Workshops: Engage in activities designed to deepen your understanding of Spanish traditions.
  • Language Exchange Programs: Partner with local Spanish speakers to enhance conversational skills.

Lifetime Student Benefits

  • Lifetime Support: From visa assistance, banking setup, and SIM card provision to ongoing educational support and resources, our lifetime support and guidance from experienced TEFL teachers in Madrid underline our commitment to your success.
  • Community and Networking: Engage in our vibrant TEFL community with welcome lunches, farewell parties, and lifetime access to TEMadrid’s facilities and events, fostering a sense of belonging and professional networking.

Comprehensive Career Support

  • Direct Employment Opportunities: Secure teaching positions directly with our partner institutions, including Exam Madrid Academy and The American School, bolstered by our guaranteed job interviews in Madrid and other Spanish locales.
  • Global Job Directory Access: Gain exclusive access to our extensive job directory, featuring over 100,000 opportunities worldwide, ensuring you're well-placed to find your ideal teaching role.

Specialized TEFL Workshops And Cultural Exchange Program

  • Focused Workshops: Engage in specialized workshops for areas like Business English and Online Teaching.
  • Cultural Exchange: Participate in cultural exchange with local communities for immersive experiences.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: Learn the latest in teaching methodologies and classroom tech.
  • Mentorship: Benefit from one-on-one guidance with experienced TEFL professionals.
  • Integration Activities: Join cultural workshops and activities to deepen your understanding of Spanish culture.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with local educators and build a supportive professional network.
  • Additional Certifications: Earn certifications in specialized TEFL areas to enhance your teaching portfolio.
  • Field Trips: Explore Spanish culture through field trips and guided tours.

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Google Reviews From Our Graduates

Discover the Impact: Join Our Graduates in Success on Google Reviews

"The TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain later program was a game-changer for me. As someone with a busy schedule, the flexibility of completing the TEFL certification online at my own pace was perfect. The course was comprehensive, covering all the essential teaching methods and practices. But what truly sets this program apart is the future visa guide and support to move to Spain. It opened up a new world of opportunities for me, allowing me to dream big about living and teaching in Spain. The transition from online learning to preparing for life abroad has been seamless, thanks to the incredible support from the program's team."
Patrick (Ireland)
"Embarking on the TEFL Course Online with the prospect of moving to Spain later was an exciting journey. The online course was thorough and engaging, providing me with a solid foundation in TEFL. What I appreciated most was the clear pathway the program offered for moving to Spain. The visa support and guidance on transitioning to Spanish life were invaluable. It's more than just a course; it's a bridge to a new life in Spain. I'm now looking forward to the next chapter of teaching in Spain, confident and well-prepared thanks to this fantastic program."
Anna Davies (United Kingdom)
"Choosing the TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain later program was one of the best decisions I've made. The online TEFL course was not only convenient but also incredibly informative, equipping me with the skills needed to teach English effectively. The added bonus of visa assistance to relocate to Spain is what sets this program apart. The team has been incredibly supportive, providing clear information and guidance on the visa process and what to expect when moving to Spain. This program has made the dream of teaching and living in Spain a tangible reality, and I couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead."
Ian Thomson (Canada)

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TEFL Course Online + Go to Spain later (Visa) 🇪🇸

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