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Our Accommodation Services

Different Types of Accommodation Options

Ready to teach English in Spain? At TEFL Madrid, we do more than just provide you with a visa; we ensure you’re not left wandering the streets in search of a place to stay. We’re committed to taking care of your accommodation needs, helping you find a decent and comfortable place that feels like home. After an enriching day of teaching and learning, we want you to return to a space where you can relax and recharge in peace. With a variety of accommodation options available, you can choose what best fits your taste and needs. Moving to a foreign country is an exhilarating adventure, and securing a comfortable place to stay is crucial. To make sure all our trainees have suitable housing, we’ll guide you through the different accommodation options in Madrid. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Premium Features

Our goal is to offer you comfortable, affordable accommodation in Madrid, conveniently located close to the school. Our optional accommodation-finding service is designed to make your search hassle-free and efficient, ensuring you find the perfect place to stay without any stress.

Once you’re accepted onto the course, please complete the accommodation application form. We’ll ensure you receive all the details about your housing before the course begins. Additionally, we offer an airport pick-up service to provide you with a seamless arrival experience, taking you directly to your new doorstep.

Living independently in Madrid, renting a room could cost you approximately 350-450€ per month, significantly lower—about 1/3rd—compared to other European cities. Opting for a shared room or staying in hostels could further reduce your expenses.

For food, setting aside around 150€ monthly is reasonable if you limit dining out. Your overall cost of living will largely depend on your lifestyle choices. However, it’s worth noting that Madrid ranks as one of the most affordable European cities to reside in. Cinema tickets are priced at about €7,50, and nightclubs typically charge an entrance fee of €10, which includes drinks and food. A beer in Madrid might cost you €1,20, and enjoying a “menu del día” at a restaurant is usually priced between €8 and €12.

Madrid offers a diverse array of accommodation options for TEFL students, catering to different needs and budgets. Dorm apartments provide a cost-effective choice, often located on or near educational campuses, facilitating easy access to classes and fostering a sense of community among students. Rental apartments offer more privacy and the flexibility to choose your location, ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in specific neighborhoods. Hotels can be a convenient albeit pricier option, offering short-term, hassle-free accommodation with services and amenities. Airbnb rentals vary widely, ranging from shared rooms to entire apartments, combining the comfort of home with the opportunity to live like a local. Lastly, sharing apartments with TEFL classmates is not only budget-friendly but also enhances the learning experience by providing a supportive, collaborative environment. Each option has its unique advantages, allowing TEFL students in Madrid to find the perfect match for their stay.


Accommodation Options in Madrid: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Stay

Choosing Your Ideal Madrid Accommodation

Discover your ideal stay in Madrid with our comprehensive guide, offering insights on navigating accommodation options from cozy apartments to shared living spaces for the perfect TEFL experience.

Finding Your New Home Made Simple

Looking to teach English in Spain? We make landing in Madrid a breeze by securing your accommodation before you even set foot in the city. Whether you dream of a cozy studio or crave the vibrant life in a shared apartment, TEFL Madrid Academy has you covered. Share your budget and preferences with us, and we'll ensure you have the ideal place waiting for you when your TEFL course begins. The best part? You'll be greeted and guided directly to your new home, making your transition to teaching English in Spain as seamless as possible.

DIY Discovery

Prefer to pave your own path? Consider booking a hostel for the initial week. This period offers you the golden opportunity to explore Madrid's housing market firsthand. Utilize platforms like Idealista to uncover hidden gems. This approach lets you 'try before you buy,' ensuring the reality matches your expectations and you find a space that truly feels like home. Ideal for those who revel in comparison and informed decision-making, this option encourages you to explore and discover the perfect spot to kickstart your TEFL journey in Spain.

Short-Term Solutions

Airbnb stands out as a flexible choice for those seeking short-term accommodations during their TEFL course in Madrid. With options as affordable as €15 a night, immerse yourself in local life and take your time finding your favorite Madrid neighborhood. This option is perfect for those eager to connect with locals, seeking both comfort and privacy during their TEFL experience.

Adventurous Spirits

Couchsurfing offers an unbeatable blend of cultural immersion and budget-friendly accommodation. It's ideal for the bold at heart, ready to embrace the adventure of living with new friends. Dive into the local scene, make lifelong connections, and enjoy the most authentic Madrid experience possible. Embrace this chance for a unique adventure, combining local insights, cost-effective living, and the thrill of discovery.

For the Dedicated Explorers:

Imagine wandering through Madrid's picturesque streets, finding the perfect apartment by chance, and diving straight into local life. While enchanting, this method requires patience, a bit of Spanish, and a love for exploration. It's a thrilling challenge for those dedicated to experiencing Madrid to the fullest, embracing every step of the journey with open arms.

Embrace Your TEFL Adventure in Madrid

TEFL Madrid Academy is here to ensure your accommodation needs are met, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: preparing to teach English in Spain. With options ranging from hassle-free arrangements to adventurous explorations, find the perfect base to start your TEFL career. Join us in Madrid and connect with success in teaching English as a foreign language.

House Hunting Tips in Madrid for TEFL Teachers

When embarking on your TEFL journey in Spain, finding the right accommodation in Madrid is key. Here are essential tips to navigate the housing market:

Avoid Living with the Landlord:

Living with a landlord can come with unexpected restrictions and demands, such as limited kitchen use or no visitors allowed. It’s often better to find independent accommodation to avoid potential discomfort and enjoy your privacy.

Understand What's Included in the Rent:

Clarify what the €300 rent covers. Ask if utilities like gas, Wi-Fi, and cleaning services are included. Inquire about average utility costs from current tenants to avoid surprises.

Adjust Your Expectations:

Living standards in Spain might differ from what you’re accustomed to. While there are luxurious options available, they come at a premium. Balance your needs and wants to find suitable accommodation.

Lease Flexibility:

Contracts can often be negotiated. If you find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation, most landlords are understanding with proper notice.

Proximity to Public Transport:

Consider how close the apartment is to metro and bus stations. A beautiful apartment far from public transport might not be worth the hassle.

Embrace Shared Living:

Prepare for the realities of shared living, which can include messy kitchens and noisy nights. However, this can also lead to new friendships and unforgettable experiences.

Neighbourhoods Matter:

Choose your neighborhood wisely as it affects your cost of living, sleep, and social life. Living slightly outside the city center can save money and offer a quieter environment.

Have Your Deposit Ready:

The rental market in Madrid is competitive. If you find a place you love, be ready to secure it with a deposit immediately.

Room Sizes:

Be prepared for smaller living spaces, some without windows. Consider what compromises you’re willing to make for affordability versus comfort.

Remember, finding the right place can significantly enhance your TEFL experience in Madrid. If you have any questions about your TEFL course or need further advice on accommodation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We hope these tips help you find your perfect Madrid home as you embark on your TEFL journey. Good luck, and welcome to the vibrant TEFL community in Spain!

Hear From Our Graduates

At TEFL Madrid Academy, our graduates’ success stories highlight the transformative impact of our TEFL courses. From launching international teaching careers to experiencing profound personal growth, these testimonials from our alumni offer a glimpse into the life-changing journey that awaits at TEFL Madrid Academy. Here are their stories, shared with pride and gratitude.

"TEFL Madrid Academy was a game-changer for me. Their comprehensive course and guaranteed job at Exam Madrid seamlessly transitioned me into teaching. Now, I'm thriving in a fulfilling teaching role in Madrid, immersed in Spanish culture. TEFL Madrid truly opened doors to a new world of opportunities. Their promise of employment wasn't just talk; it was a reality that significantly enhanced my career and life abroad."
Lauren Wolf, USA
"Transitioning to teaching was a significant career change for me, and TEFL Madrid Academy made this transition seamless and rewarding. The course's depth, combined with the practical teaching experience, was invaluable. Now, I'm teaching English in a reputable school in Madrid, exploring Spain's rich culture and history. My experience at TEFL Madrid has been life-changing."
Alissa Smith, USA
"TEFL Madrid Academy stands out not just for its exceptional TEFL program but for the unforgettable experience of living in Madrid. The academy's focus on practical teaching skills, combined with the cultural immersion of studying in such a lively city, prepared me well for my current teaching role in Asia. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities TEFL Madrid has opened for me."
Chris, UK

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