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Wake up to the sunshine in the MALAGA Beach, Walk through the COLOSSEUM at ROME in the morning, eat some authentic BELGIAN waffles at BRUSSELS before losing yourself in the eyes of MONA LISA at LOUVRE in afternoon. Once you take some selfies atop the EIFFEL TOWER, catch a train to BERLIN and drink beer like the Germans do. Then head on over to ENGLAND to watch some exciting football matches and come back to IBIZA to dance the night away like there’s no tomorrow.

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When you join TEFL Madrid and move to spain, you’ll not just be moving to a new country and have the opportunity to immerse yourself into a new culture but you’d be passing through the gateway to the whole European continent.

Why Spain?

Moving to spain doesn’t mean you’d be restricted to confines of local boundaries. With the European Union and it’s beautiful principle of open borders, you’d have unmitigated freedom to travel across all the 50 countries within the EU and learn about some of most diverse cultures and visit famous monuments.

TEFL Madrid is not just giving you the chance to move to a new country but offering you an invitation to discover the beauty and mesmerizing sights of EUROPE with its rich history and diverse, distinct culture.


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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust.


After living in Spain for some time now, one of the most common questions I get asked is to describe the Spanish culture in two-three sentences.  Where does one even begin with this impossible task?   Spain has been a melting pot of different cultures for thousands of years.  In early history it was influenced by seafaring inhabitants from Greece and Phoenicia, aboriginal Iberian tribes, Romans, Celts, and Moors to name a few.  The cultural heritage of this beautiful country is enormous.  It is evident in the history, architecture, language, art… literally every aspect of society.  One cannot simply summarize such volume of information in a few paragraphs, let alone sentences.

Better way to answer this question is to compare the way people live in Spain versus the USA for example.  In general, Spaniards are known as religious, family oriented people.  They are very social and place high regards on interpersonal relationships.  This is not to be taken out of context or confused with just relationship between a man and a woman; it goes much deeper than that.  They are some of the most loyal friends, and the fiercest enemies you want to have.  The Spanish blood, as they say, is boiling with passion!  People in Spain definitely have the mindset of having a job in order to live, to earn means to enjoy their life, to pursue their true passion and purpose in this world.  One definitely enjoys life better if he/she has people in his/her life to share the happiness and hard times with.  A lot of emphasis is placed on building and nourishing these relationships.  It starts within the family, and it is evident between friends during social gatherings and festivals that are very common all over the country.  In contrast, society in USA is perceived as having a mindset of living to work (rather than working to live).  

Another difference between the cultures is the idea of Siesta.  The whole concept of most businesses shutting down from 12 – 4 p.m. for people to enjoy a meal with their families and friends and take a nap afterwards is just unimaginable to Americans.  Yet in Spain, it was mandated by law until a few years back.  Siestas are common in Mediterranean part of Europe where weather is warmer, and human body can become a little lethargic after a meal during the midday heat.  As mentioned earlier, Spaniards never miss an opportunity to socialize and reaffirm relationships with their loved ones.  


Spain: Climate

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Spain is influenced by three climatic systems.  Most of the peninsula is dominated by Mediterranean climate.  For the most part, you will experience hot/dry summers and mild/rainy winters.  The areas affected by mediterranean climate generally experience following average temperature ranges throughout the year:

Winter 3 – 12 ℃   (37 – 54 ℉)

Spring 8 – 20 ℃   (47 – 68 ℉)

Summer 20 – 36 ℃   (68 – 97 ℉)

Fall 10 – 20 ℃   (50 – 68 ℉)


The northern part of the peninsula (Basque country, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia) is influenced by Oceanic climate.  Characterized by cool summers and mild winters with cloudy weather and frequent rainfall, this part of the country is also known as the Green Spain.  It features some of the most spectacular mountain scenery with rich flora and fauna.  The average temperatures for this part of the country range from:

Winter 5 – 13 ℃   (41 – 55 ℉)

Spring 7 – 18 ℃   (45 – 65 ℉)

Summer 16 – 26 ℃   (61 – 79 ℉)

Fall 12 – 20 ℃   (54 – 68 ℉)

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Finally, the very south of the peninsula is influenced by Arid/Semiarid climate.  It is characterized by higher temperatures than rest of the country, with summers usually accompanied by periodic heat waves, and very little rainfall throughout the year.  The average temperatures for southern Iberian peninsula affected by this type of climate range from:

Winter 5 – 17 ℃   (41 – 63 ℉)

Spring 10 – 28 ℃   (50 – 82 ℉)

Summer 21 – 37 ℃   (70 – 98 ℉)

Fall 14 – 27 ℃   (57 – 81 ℉)


Spain is generally a very safe country.  The rate for serious crime is very low, however, the rate for petty crime (i.e. small theft, pickpocketing) is very high.  Visiting tourists make prime targets for petty criminals as they rarely speak the language, they do not know the culture, and they just look different than local inhabitants.  Some of the most commonly stolen items are cell-phones, small electronics, and other items commonly kept in purses and handbags.  As a precaution, all travelers should carry valuables and travel documents on person to minimize the incident of those items being stolen.  Emergency number in Spain is 112.  

Enchanting Spain

Wherever you choose to pursue your teaching career, we are sure you will find plenty of things to enjoy as each area offers different type of beauty. But what they all have in common is that Spanish inhabitants of those areas are very social and outgoing. People in general spend lots of time being active outdoors either to enjoy the nature or just to socialize and have fun with family and friends. If you don’t have a specific hobby you are interested in, we are sure you will have a few of them shortly after arriving and lots of friends to enjoy them with!


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once a year, we should go some place we’ve never been before.” -Dalai Lama.


The people of Spain are also very friendly and accommodating to foreigners. Quite patriotic about their unique culture, they are nevertheless always curious about new people and extend their warm embrace to foreigners, educating and sharing their knowledge to others. You’ll be at quite a toss to find warmer people across the continent.

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