Teaching English in Spain

Teaching in Spain is one of the most unique, rewarding experiences any expat can go through in their lifetime.

Teaching English in Spain

Spain is a country unlike any other. It is a place where world’s major religions meet and create a melting pot of cultures and events. There are literally thousands of venues one can partake in from trips to museums, castle and medieval city tours, sporting events, outdoor events, and nightlife to frequent social gatherings and festivities that are pretty common all around the country. In fact, Spaniards are one of the most social, hospitable people you will ever meet. They embrace visitors who are willing to learn and experience their culture with open arms and it is not uncommon to meet expats who frequently choose their life partners from these warm and generous people. Spain is also centrally located and well connected to the rest of the world, making it extremely easy to venture out and explore.

TEFL Spain

Ready to start hunting for that perfect role teaching English overseas?

TEFL Madrid Academy understands very well that one of the biggest concerns that students have when moving abroad is to secure a job for themselves. Jobs in Spain are not plentiful.  Although Spain is one of Europe’s fastest growing economies, the unemployment rate is one of the highest in Europe (one in five people is not employed).  This is most evident among the younger demographic and untrained/unskilled workers who do not have any work experience.  This is exactly the problem we at TEFL MADRID are looking to address.  The tourism branch of the economy is one of the most developed, and millions of tourists visit Spain every year.  The most commonly spoken language around the world is English and most tourists who visit Spain can speak English, not Spanish.  On the other hand, most Spaniards speak very little (if any English) and it’s easy to see how this one skill can make an individual more marketable in this branch of the economy. We own a network of academies in the capital of Spain, we can help you because once we were in your shoes Academias TOEFL Madrid working tefl teachers spaintefl teachers spain

Visa and Work Permits

We help those aspiring to complete a TEFL course in Spain to obtain visas and work permits. In Madrid, non-EU citizens have the option to work legally by applying for a student visa. To know more about options, contact us. For qualified workforce from EU, obtaining work in Spain is pretty easy as they can freely work, live, and move around the country.  However, if you’re an expat from a non-EU member country, you will need to obtain a residence visa as well as a Spanish work permit.  Additionally, you will also need to obtain an NIE number from the police station as well as register with the national tax office (our TEFL MADRID academy helps you in the process to obtain all of these, minimizing the headache).

Why Spain?

Teaching English in Spain is a profession that has been in increasing demand the last few years.  For this reason alone, teachers from native English-speaking countries (such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) are in high demand.   Once certified, there are quite a few teaching job opportunities in Spain for these individuals (and other parts of the world for that matter).  Teachers often choose to move on and experience other parts of the world such as Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Greece and Czech Republic (to name a few). This creates a constant vacuum of teachers necessary to fill the positions throughout the country.

Successful Future

tefl jobs in spain We at TEFL MADRID want you to advance yourself and progress every step of the way.  We strive to build strong relationships and networks with our teachers and students.  Our success is ultimately measured by your success in life.  We are standing by to provide assistance in this new and exciting journey! We are happy to act as a reference for you after the course ends and during your job search. Our trainers work closely with you and understand your strengths and will provide relevant feedback to prospective employers.