Working in Spain

A native English speaker with a TEFL certification for teaching English can find opportunities anywhere in the world. At TEFL Madrid Academy, we are committed to providing our graduates with the best support possible. Unlike other Academies which make false promises about a complete "After TEFL support" We are fully committed to help you since we are the only TEFL accredited academy in Spain which owns English language schools.  So, we won't just help you to find a job, we will be able to provide you with a job. TEFL training course at our centre in Madrid.

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We Provide Full Support

We work with our students before, during, and after the course, to help them secure that first great job, as well as providing them with lifelong TEFL careers support.

Land a high paying job in the bustling metropolis of Madrid and change the winds of your career! Are you a student or a recent a graduate, wondering what kind of jobs you'll be secure and whether it's possible to live a debt free life?

Or are you stuck in a cubicle with its office politics and career stagnation fearing the dreaded pink slip? Or maybe you just aren't being paid enough, have one too many loans or just wish to find a job that you enjoy and not sleepwalk through on a daily basis? Whatever your motivation are, your answer for a lucrative job that satiates your desire for activity and a secure future lies in the doorstep of TEFL MADRID ACADEMY.

TEFL Madrid Academy understands very well that one of the biggest concerns that students have when moving abroad is to secure a job for themselves.

No worries! Our academy provides full support before, during, and after the course is completed. Unlike most TEFL academies, we don’t lose interest in our students after the course ends. We are happy to offer our students lifelong job guidance and support.

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Visa and Work Permits

We help those aspiring to complete a TEFL course in Spain to obtain visas and work permits. In Madrid, non-EU citizens have the option to work legally by applying for a student visa. To know more about options, contact us.

CV/Resume/Recruitment services

TEFL Madrid makes available to you, our database of over 25,000 language institutes around the world where your skills are in high demand. We keep high alert on prospective jobs and post you a daily feed on what might suit you. Apart from that, TEFL Madrid also gets our top notch resume team to prepare and polish your CV in a way that attracts most employers. Finally our interview and job workshops focus on training you to face and ace interviews as well as navigate through your new office.

We even help our students write their CV/Resume. With experience in the Spanish job market, we are able to help tailor your CV to suit the industry's standards as well as prepare you for the interview process.

Lifetime job support

We keep in touch with our students who have graduated from TEFL Madrid Academy. TEFL Madrid specialist guidance team are on standby to help you with anything you want, round the clock 24/7. This process begins even before you join the institute with an experienced guidance counselor sitting with you to help you figure out your TEFL ambitions and disseminate all information pertaining to the course. This is extended all the way through to the end of the course and beyond. Our LIFETIME support is supposed to be taken literally. TEFL Madrid shall help you with your job, career and life as a TEFL teacher for as long as you want. There's just no expiry on our support team. We can put new students in contact with graduates for advice, support or any information you require. Our career counseling team has built a great relationship with language Academies, schools and recruitment centers in spain. This means you will be given the first choice preference whenever a job vacancy crops up. We've also got a database of over 25,000 language schools around the world which are in desperate need of certified teachers, which would be made available to you. In these schools we have direct contact with the employers and are regularly in touch with them, e.g.: TOEFL Academy and English Academy.

TEFL Madrid is internationally accredited by Accreditat ® and it is part of a globalized network.

Job Interviews

We help our students prepare for interviews. During the course, we have a workshop especially dedicated to prepare students for the interview process. During this workshop, students discuss various questions that are likely to be asked during an interview. We also go over interview do’s and don’ts, to educate our students. Furthermore we inform our students as to what they should bring, what questions to ask prospective employers and what the different job positions entail.

100℅ Job placement

TEFL Madrid also assures you of a job as soon as you finish your TEFL course. We have numerous contacts at various top level teacher recruitment firms and language schools in Spain. This allows us to use our leverage to secure you a job at either an academy, business enterprise, school or language institute depending on your taste. In addition to that, if your skills are good enough, we recruit you ourselves and give you the opportunity to become a part of the TEFL Madrid family.

We are happy to act as a reference for you after the course ends and during your job search. Our trainers work closely with you and understand your strengths and will provide relevant feedback to prospective employers.