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Tips to Graduate In Your TEFL Course abroad

Finishing your TEFL course is no easy task, what with the intensity and vast curriculum you’d need to cover. To make matters worse, most of the advice people share involves choosing the course or planning for life after you graduate, but very little touches on getting through the intensive classes and passing your exams. So in this article, we shall take at a few tips that can help you graduate your TEFL course with flying colors.

Do Not Underestimate

TEFL is not a easy course by any stretch of imagination and you won’t be able to sail through it without hardwork. Start preparing from the first day and schedule your day like it were college. Take notes and familiarize yourself with the subjects. Keep in mind that the course is not just for the book smarts and you’d need to focus a lot on imbibing the practical knowledge and skills from your teachers.

Make it your life

Most TEFL courses run for 2-3 months at the most, so dedicate yourself completely to it. It requires a lot of home work, preparation, assessment and practical training. So take it seriously, especially if you have other duties like a job; know when to stretch yourself and understand your limits.

Your teachers are your best friends

Try and learn as much as possible from your trainers because they’ve been all over the world and have in depth experience in the field. This means they can offer amazing insights and even help in networking. However, don’t waste their time or yours by unnecessarily going behind them; There are vast resources available online and in your academy.

Assignments and class work

Do not neglect your assignments or tests. They are crucial in your final grade and will be important as you start your career. Prepare yourself before the classes and be ready to be swamped with work on a daily basis.


Your classmates are not competition. They can help you improve, bounce off ideas, get constructive criticism, improve your skills, cope up where you lag behind, etc. Your teachers will expect you to become independent as the course goes on and your class mates are the ones who can help you from falling behind. Peer evaluation is one of the biggest assets of a TEFL teacher.

Involve yourself in practical training

TEFL career involves standing in a classroom and teaching foreign students. You can’t learn this skill with just books. You need to practice in a real life environment as much as possible. Shed your inhibitions and build your confidence to face any situation you might encounter. This is where your trainer and fellow classmates come in handy.

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