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Advantages of Living Abroad for A Year

Lots of people travel to other countries every year. They do so not only to satisfy their wanderlust but travel abroad also comes with a number of great benefits as well. It not only helps them to become professionally stable, but they also return back home with improved personality skills. TEFL Madrid Academy has created this post to tell some really amazing benefits of living abroad for a year. Read on to find out!

Every year, lots of people pack their bags to travel and live abroad. Reasons can be many, ranging from gaining international work experience or studying new subjects in the exact suitable environment. But, traveling abroad is a type of experience that comes with several other advantages and perks. Especially, traveling abroad becomes truly exciting and meaningful when people decide to stay in a foreign country rather than just being a tourist.

That is why traveling abroad is very popular around the globe. According to a study done by the UN, about 3% of the world population is living in a country that is not their birthplace. Living abroad can be because of one’s personal choice, work commitments, study, or a craving for adventure. In fact, most of the travelers do it to satisfy their wanderlust and to enjoy life in completely different horizons.

If you are someone thinking to relocate this year, then you might be overwhelmed with the thoughts of upcoming challenges and what you might face. That’s why we have made this post to let you know what amazing choice you have made. In this article, we are going to tell you the most exciting as well as the unexpected benefits of living abroad for a year. And in the end, you’ll be convinced by the fact that all your efforts to make a move are truly worth it!

Research-Proven Benefits of Living Abroad

There is no doubt in the fact that living abroad brings lots of monetary benefits with it. Examples include higher pay-rates, better work-life balance, and better job opportunities after coming back to the home town. But have you ever wondered whether money is the only reason people get into all this trouble? The answer is obviously no! As humans, we are always looking for self-realization and things that actually make us happy. This goal can be achieved when you put yourself out of traditional settings and environment and start to live at a place you never visited before.

According to research done by Rice University, living abroad helps in self-realization and finding clarity in life. Many of us are doing our casual jobs which never made us excited. On the contrary, people who decide to break the status quo and start to live abroad can find their purpose in life. Not only this, but traveling can also lead them to decide what kind of work they actually like to do and how to make a living out of it.

For example, in most of the western countries, people work their ass off to earn big, not because it’s what they really want but because society wants them to do it. This increased social pressure leads them to spend their whole life doing things that were never important to them. On the other hand, if you relocate and transplant yourself into a European country like Spain, you’ll get to know that there’s something more important than staying ahead of the crowd and that important thing is your own self-satisfaction. Because we Spanish people don’t give a damn about competition rather our focus is on doing the things that are actually important to us. For you, it can be taking a TEFL course abroad and becoming a TEFL teacher in Madrid… who knows!

Experiencing New Cultures

This is another great nonmonetary benefit of living abroad for a year.  When you start to live in a country entirely different from your hometown, you get to learn about the fascinating culture of your host country. This way, you not only start to respect the cultural diversity that exists in the world but also your whole perspective about life starts to change towards betterment.

For example, if you decide to take a TEFL course here in Madrid, the amazing culture here will never fail to amaze you. From its dramatic history to local cuisines, festivals to nightlife, Spain is a dream destination for international ESL students. Of course, you can know about all these things from TV or the internet, but nothing can beat the charm of you being actually present here to enjoy all the fun.

This cultural exposure will also help you to experience all the great possibilities of co-existence. You’ll become a better person with improved cultural sensitivity. Also, you can enjoy Spanish art, music, books, and films in a way that can’t be done by living in your home country. And above all, you’ll go back with lots of exciting stories to tell about the people here and what makes them different. This will also have a beneficial impact on your communication skills – a must-have skill for TEFL teachers!

Learning Patience

Living abroad maybe your life’s biggest dream. You can even make it come true by relocating to your dream destination. But there will also come a time when things might seem upside down. After all, living in a foreign country is not always fun and games. So, under such sour situations, you’ll be alone and will learn to handle things on your own. After having such experiences, you’ll know why patience is the key to gaining professional development.

A yearlong trip here in Madrid will also help you to update your skill level. Because when you are away from home all on your own, you experience a constant learning curve whether it be finding a new location or doing grocery shopping. Every bit of your time teaches you new things when you are in a foreign country. And at the end of the day, such lessons start to guide you through many twists and turns that come in your walk of life later on.

Learning a New Language

This is another great advantage that comes with living abroad for a year. If you’ve decided to take a TEFL course in Spain even if you don’t have much grasp on the local language, do give it a chance. Because your one year stay in Madrid will help to learn Spanish in a way that you can never learn from a language course in your home country. As your daily life interactions with people here are going to help you learn Spanish better. And after a year, you’ll be amazed by your improved language skills.

Additionally, you’ll also learn to communicate better, which is a core skill for successful ESL teachers. There will also come a time when you will not be able to find proper words to communicate with people. Under such situations, you’ll try to use every means to convey your message. Such type of practice will definitely make you a better TEFL teacher – the one which will actually be able to communicate with students coming from different cultures and speaks different languages.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is a saying that real happiness resides outside your comfort zone. Which is, in fact, true. When you start to live in a foreign country, dealing with all the stuff on your own, you are actually stepping outside of your comfort zone. Which further exposes you to a world you’ve never seen before. Also, this relocating experience leads you to find your true potential and the things you actually like to do. And in the end, you’ll realize that this is the kind of life you craved to live back in the days!

You Grow as a Professional

There is no doubt in the fact that traveling and living abroad helps you to grow as a person and your professional development is also a part of it. Every one of us likes to have some meaningful contacts in our list which can pave our way towards better career opportunities. And you can achieve this goal in an international environment better than in your hometown. You can expand your contacts, whom you can reach out in need. Additionally, you can also get international work experience at your resume while staying abroad which is highly beneficial to get a better job on your way back home.

The Opportunity Awaits You!

So, you’ve made up your mind to get a TEFL certificate abroad and looking for the ideal destination. Consider doing it in Madrid, Spain. Here You will not only find the greatest English language learning opportunities but also the overall setting of Madrid makes it an ideal place for your yearlong stay. All the wonderful sites, amazing historical places, friendly people, delicious local cuisines and nightlife will give you the best living abroad experience ever!

TEFL Madrid is a trusted TEFL academy from where you can start to live your dream abroad. Our TEFL course will give you all the necessary training and hands-on experience for starting a TEFL career. Know more about our accredited TEFL course, visit TEFL Madrid Academy Now.

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