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Best Season to Come to Spain, Work and Travel

Spain is a country that has some great working opportunities as well as amazing places to visit. If you are planning a visit to Spain, you might be thinking about which season is best to come to Spain. TEFL Madrid Academy has done the hard work for you and in this post, we provided information about all the seasons in Spain, what places to visit in those times and what amazing festivals awaits for you in different months.

The reason that you’re reading this post is most probably your dream to pursue a career as an English teacher in Spain. If that is the case, then it’s better to do your homework before deciding upon a final place to settle down for a year or longer. Here, another question arises that what could be the best season to visit Spain for work? 

Obviously, if your ultimate reason to travel to Spain is to utilize some working opportunities here, then it would be beneficial to know when the language schools in Spain are hiring and what is the possible hiring season in the TEFL industry?

Luckily, if Spain is Your ultimate dream destination to teach English then finding a job in any season wouldn’t be problematic at all. This is because Spain is a country with the highest demand for TEFL teachers. The basic reason is that there are lots of private ESL schools because of the general interest of Spanish people for learning English. They just consider it a plus point to learn English as a second language since it not only improves their communication skills but also helps them to find better employment opportunities. So, the quest for peak hiring season in Spain turns out that there a plenty of teaching jobs available throughout the years. 

But if you want to be more specific, then it’s useful to know that the school year in Spain starts from October to June. So, you can start applying from January to March. Also, some of the schools tend to hire new teachers in January. However, that doesn’t mean that positions are not available in other months of the year. Since Spain has many private ESL schools, so, the demand for ESL teachers remain consistent throughout the year. You can even apply in April to May if you want to spend the summer in this beautiful country.  

This means that the peak hiring season in Spain includes all the twelve months of a year. Now it’s up to you which season you want to experience in the land of adventurers and lovers. Honestly speaking, with its magical cities, endless festivals, spellbinding mountains, and lively nightlife, Spain is a place worth watching throughout the 365 days a year!

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that you can even spend years exploring this vibrant place and still can’t get enough of it. You’ll agree with it once you get a chance to come here for having a working abroad experience. No matter what city you decide to live in, you’ll never be able to stop yourself from loving the music flowing out of streets, lively people and the best local food and drinks. From a seasonal perspective, Spain is great to visit in every season, but it depends on your preferences as well. That’s why we have created a list of all the perks you can enjoy while staying during various seasons and what type of festivals are going on during those times. 

So, let’s dive in deeper to explore the seasonal beauty of the land of lovers!

Summer in Spain (June – August)

Undoubtedly, summer is the most favorite season to visit Spain. So, if you decide to travel to Spain for work, beware that the places will be jampacked with tourists. The bustling streets and happy people all around will give you all the right vibes you longed for!

Spain is also known as the land of the sun and you’ll be amazed by the variety of outdoor activities each place has to offer. From the gastronomical delights to the golden beaches of San Sebastian, everything will worth all your time and effort. 

The weather is extremely hot in Spain during the summer season. Especially the Inland cities such as Seville, Cordoba, Malaga, and southern Spain have unbearably hot weather. But at the same time, the weather in San Sebastian and northern Spain is relatively pleasant. Moreover, the wind of Barcelona from June to August remains humid and sticky.


During the summer season, the places on the Atlantic coast are worth visiting. Needless to mention San Sabastian, Galicia, and Santiago de Compostela. Also, you can have a truly memorable experience by spending your day on the picture-perfect beaches. Windsurfing, kiteboarding or simply lying under the bright sun will be everything you can ever ask for. Two of the cities which are good to visit during summer are Barcelona and Valencia where you will see a glimpse of crazy Spanish nightlife.  Also, don’t forget to attend the San Fermín Festival as well as the famous bullfight that takes place during July. 

Autumn in Spain (September – November)

At this time, it is ideal to visit Spain if you can’t stand the summer heat. During September, the heat already starts to taper off and you can get a chance to enjoy the amazing scenery in the pleasant weather. For having a closer view of fall colors, consider visiting Faedo de Ciñera where you’ll also get a chance to see about 500-year-old trees standing with all their magnificence. A trip in autumn is also budget-friendly since the restaurants and hotels start to give massive discounts due to fewer tourists.

The central as well as northern Spain has relatively warmer weather during autumn. However, in northern Spain, you expect cooler temperatures with showers at the end of October.


The best place to visit from September to November is the south of Spain. Because after these months, the beach resorts start to close down for winters. If you like to enjoy the beach beauty in isolation, this time is for you because the summer tourist crowd starts to reduce. Additionally, if you want to visit the historical gateways, Andalusia is the place for you.

Gastronomically, you can enjoy the best wine harvest of the year during September. So, if you are a great wine lover, never miss the chance to travel to Spain during autumn. One of the must-visit festivals to attend is the Chestnut Festival which is celebrated at the end of October.

Winter in Spain (December – February)

Winter is undoubtedly considered as the ski season in Spain. There will not be many tourists since the weather conditions get extremely harsh. Northern Spain has lost of snowfall and the Pyrenees range is specially covered with snow. Comparatively, central Spain has warmer weather as compared to other parts of the country. The snowfall conditions sometimes get out of hand so make sure to check the weather updates before planning a trip.

Spain is great to visit if you want to experience skiing at some of the most adventurous ski resorts. For that, you can head to Formigal and Sierra Nevada to enjoy skiing at some awesome slopes. Some other places to visit in winter include Vitoria, Burgos, and Leon. But if you are not a cold lover, consider planning trips to warmer cities of Costa del Sol and Almeria. 

Spring in Spain (March-May)

There’s is a saying that everything sounds greats when its Spring. This is specifically true in the case of Spain. You’ll be amazed to see that a country can look this much beautiful during the spring season. From the magnificent beach views to the almond blossoms, you’ll fall head over heels for the unmatched beauty Spain has to offer in Spring. 

Another great advantage to visit Spain in spring is that it is less touristy, and you can enjoy your time to the fullest before the summer crowd rolls in. During your visit, you can perform a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding or cycling since the weather outside is not harsh enough. The overall weather remains pleasant during these months, but you can also expect rain showers to make your days even beautiful here. 


Spring is the best time to visit Granada and the surrounding mountainous area since the weather will be getting warmer but still pleasant. To have some cultural experience, consider visiting the Inland cities such as Madrid, Cordoba or Seville. Also, Alhambra palace is worth visiting during spring because it is less crowdy during these days. Additionally, don’t forget to attend the Las Fallas which takes place on the coast of Valencia in March. This stunning festival has lots of street parties and parades to make your day! 

Spain is Waiting for you – Earn Your TEFL Certificate Now!

As we have done the hard work for you and provided a detailed overview of the best seasons to visit Spain to study and work and what to expect during those times. Now it’s your time to pack your bags to earn your accredited TEFL Certificate from TEFL Madrid Academy and start living your dream here. After all, Spain is the place where dreams come true!

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