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Best solution to Brexit

Brexit is going to ruin UK and it’s economy!

Unless you’ve been living in cave, you must know by now that BREXIT has been triggered and will come into force in less than 2 years. If you don’t get all the hullabaloo around this, let’s make it a bit simpler. The United Kingdom will leave the European Union and will cease to be part of the continent’s block by 2019.

So no more easy travel across the continent, no more direct train rides for football matches, no more jobs in foreign countries, and contrary to what many Brexit supporters alluded, there will be significant amount of job losses, rise in unemployment and economic damage.

The absolute carnage to the economy is already evident by the sharp sell off in sterling pound and capital flight of most MNC’s. Infact businesses including the hugely lucrative financial and banking sector are shutting shop and moving ground to European countries like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, etc. Not to mention huge manufacturing facilities and traditional IT sector firms are shifting businesses away from a soon to be single bloc country in favor of a common market, free trade block of 20+ countries.

Contrary to what Brexit campaigners like Nigel farage and Boris Johnson said, or rather lied, to the general populace, brexit is neither good for the economy nor for country. So why the hell did people actually vote for it in referendum? Why are we supporting it and going forward with such a magnificently stupid decision?

Well it’s largely down to ignorance and sheer stubbornness. If you see the data, more than 49% of population is against it, including the whole of Scotland, London, Manchester and metropolitan areas with the demographic of youth and students rallying to stay in EU in huge numbers.

However the bigots and hypochondriacs who are paranoid about a non existent refugee crisis and old people who will never have to experience the fallout of the Britain’s exit are the reason we have landed up in this situation.

Things do look dire, yes, but this is not the end. The Brexit will formally take effect in 2019. That still gives you enough time to start a new life afresh in one of the EU countries. And no country is better poised to accept freedom loving individuals than Spain.

Spain is one of the most advanced and liberal countries with an unparalleled quality of living. Unfortunately Spain was not immune to the economic downturn with unemployment sky rocketing. But the silver lining is spanish people are desperate to upgrade their skills, the primary and most important of which is English fluency.

You can become a TEFL teacher and help the people of Spain learn a important skill that would enable them to move up the professional ladder. Spain though is strict with its immigration protocols, so the only viable path is for you to enroll into a TEFL institute, go there with a student visa which is valid for 6 months and work part time in an academy.

Once that is done, you can just go through a few hoops and get yourself full time job in an academy, get a work visa and move to the country beaches permanently. So what’s your move going to be, Spain or disaster?

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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