Pros about TEFL accreditation in TEFL Madrid

tefl accreditation

Pros about TEFL accreditation in TEFL Madrid

So you have decided that you want to complete your TEFL course in order to travel the world? However, your research into courses has become a little confusing as some courses are accredited and others are not. You might be asking the question will an accredited certificate really get me a better course and better jobs? Is it worth the extra money? And what does an ‘accredited’ TEFL course really mean? Well don’t worry I am here to help answer these questions.

Firstly, the word ‘accredited’ is very important in the world of TEFL especially to your employer and if you want to travel and teach all over the world. So what does it mean? A TEFL training centre which are accredited have gone through rigorous checks from an outside educational agency. This means that the course which you receive will not only give you a better understanding of how to teach, your mentors are also highly trained and regularly assessed to ensure the course you receive is delivered to an internationally recognised standard. An accredited TEFL certification will allow you to use your certification worldwide and will be instantly recognisable. It will also give you an advantage over your competitors when looking for a job as you have an accredited certificate.

So when you think about whether you should be paying the extra money for an accredited TEFL course. Think about the quality of the course you will be receiving and the opportunities which will be afforded to you.

Now that you know why getting an accredited TEFL certification is important, im sure you are wondering how do you ensure the academy you choose is accredited? You may be thinking ‘well, I will just ask the academy’ and yes, you could simply ask the academy, however, (sadly) there are a lot of academies who will lie about this as they know it is what people want. Therefore to ensure that your TEFL academy has accreditation it is important to do some research. Here is what we recommend.

  1. Ask the academy whether they are accredited. If they tell you that they are, ask for proof such as a copy of their certification and the company who accredits them. If they are unable to send the documents to you then chances are they are not accredited.

  1. If they do send you a certificate, check the date on it as an accredited academy has to update this every year. This process proves that the academy are still upholding the standards required by the accrediting body. If the date is up to date this is a good sign, however, I would also complete the next step as well.

  1. So, if you know your academy has a certificate and the date is valid, you could also contact the accrediting body to authenticate the certificate. There are a lot of people who are good with photoshop and to ensure that the certificate you have received is authentic, it is a good idea to go to the source.

  1. Finally, if you want to make sure that the accrediting body which the academy is with are reputable, I would research other academies which are under their accreditation.

So before you sign up to any TEFL programme make sure you do your research, Are they accredited? and check that the accrediting body is reputable. Once you have done this, choose the course that best suits you and let your TEFL journey begin. 



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