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How to ace One to One teaching

TEFL teachers don’t just stand before a classroom of second language learners, or a school of young kids and elucidate the basics of the English language. Sure, group classes are a major part of your TEFL journey; however if you’re looking for something more lucrative or a job profile that doesn’t call for full day attendance, then one to one coaching might just be your calling. In our TEFL school in Spain, we will do the best training you and offering you a good amount of practical hours so you are totally ready and plenty of resources to make the best of each one to one course.

One to one classes in Spain

Teaching English to students in a private, one to one setting might pay far more than a regular academy job since you can set your pay by the hour AND choose when/how much you want to work. Job security is practically nil, so it’s not without its drawback but then again it all depends on your objectives.

Do you feel stifled standing among too many people, or are you tired of the noise and bustle of a large classroom? Or maybe you don’t want to take up TEFL as a full time career but utilize it as a secondary source of income while pursuing another passion?

Private classes tick all the boxes. You can teach either young kids, or adults with acumen for business; you can take classes in a coffee shop or just log onto Skype and conduct it all online; you can pick and choose your working hours or practically work the whole day with overtime and reel in the bucks; the choice is completely yours and this freedom appeals to a lot of TEFL teachers.

But before you embark on private tutoring, here are a few tips to conduct a class that’s both enriching to the student and helps you cover the curriculum smoothly.

Tips to teach a one to one class

Understand the objectives and goals

Every student has a different motivation with regards to their desire for learning English and it’s important you understand it. There’s no point stressing on oratory skills when the student wants to write better essays. Also look at the students personality, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and work around it rather than following a strict one size fits all curriculum.

Keep the student on their toes

Don’t just carry on a diatribe of grammar or speech but keep asking the student questions and make sure they’re comfortable enough to stop you in middle of a lesson. Comprehension is key for learning English and you can structure your lessons around it. This also make the classes more interesting and engages the student throughout.

Use a recorder

Students might feel uncomfortable, and you may too as well, but by recording speeches and conversations of your student, you can help them improve their speaking skills significantly. It also helps pinpoint pronunciation mistakes, correct accents, target unnecessary pauses, improve vocabulary and intonation among others.

Focus on life skills

Often English is taught in a pedantic, text book manner that has little relevance to the real world. Try structuring lessons in a way that helps them while interacting in the real world and would be an asset in a social setting. You can prepare them to interact congenially during a dinner party or ask them to take you around the city guiding you in English, the ideas are unlimited.

If you want to be a fully qualified teacher in 4 weeks through a great location , in an amazing city, with outstanding support… this is the place to do it, Welcom to TEFL MADRID ACADEMY.

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Exam Madrid Team
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