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Tips for getting a job abroad

As you might know, searching for a job and gaining employment can be quite a task, especially in this ultra competitive environment and downturned economy we’re under. However, the whole process is magnified when it comes to searching for jobs in a foreign country where the process, the culture, geography and even the market is completely alien.

But if you’re intent on following the career of a TEFL teacher, then there’s no workaround for it; job search in foreign lands is a way of life. And it’s typical to have a number of questions such what do TEFL schools look for? Who is an ideal teacher? How can one stand out from the competition?

How can one become a successful TEFL teacher abroad?

Well for you hopeful TEFL teachers out there, here are few easy tips that could help find a good job and set you up on your teaching career abroad.

Start Off Early

TEFL schools get a lot of applications and you are likely to scout around quite a bit too. So rather than sitting around after you get your certifications waiting for a phone call to come through, start applying while you’re studying itself. Communicate directly with the academy directors, call them up and enquire about the openings, introduce yourself and request for an interview. Make sure your application stands out and you come across eager for the job opening.

Your resume makes the first impression

Your resume is like a shiny calling card and people are going to make their choice within the first 20 seconds on whether to shortlist you or not. So make your resume stand out.

Make your TEFL certifications the highlight of your resume. You’re applying for a teaching position, so your experience with marketing is not of much value. Also, if you have TEFL certification from an in-class room course, rather than an online course, highlight that. A lot of employers hold onsite certifications in a higher regard.

Choose a professional headshot for your photo since most foreign schools require a profile in the biodata. Also don’t forget to add in your Skype/Gtalk IDs seeing foreign academies prefer to conduct online interviews before taking the selection process forward.

Start walking and knocking on doors

If you’re already in the country where you wish to teach at, then don’t waste your time browsing around or other job portals but start knocking on doors. In most countries, personal enquires can take you farther than a hundred mails. If you can’t schedule an interview, just walk into an academy or school with your resume and ask around. Numerous TEFL teachers have been hired on the spot this way.

Make yourself presentable

To be a professional, you’ve got to look and act like one. Throw out your skimpy jeans and sandals and start dressing to impress your recruiters whether it’s the sunny coast in Spain or hustle bustle of Prague. You’ll be teaching corporate employees and entrepreneurs if you choose to specialize in business English. So it’s about time you look like one yourself; appearances do make a statement.

Charisma sets you on a path to success

Your personality can always compensate for a lack of experience or a dearth of skill. Use charisma to your advantage when your resume comes across a bit thin. Teaching is more of an engaging, motivational activity and personality counts far more than academic credentials. So let your energetic, jovial side run free and show your potential employers that you have the ability to inspire people to learn.

If you have any questions or You would like to share your opinion you are welcome to do it right here. Experience Spain and welcome to TEFL Madrid Academy.

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