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Who takes a TEFL Course?

TEFL is a certificate that makes you eligible to teach English anywhere abroad. If you are thinking to adopt this profession then you might be interested in questions like, who take a TEFL course? What qualifications are required to enroll in a TEFL course and how to survive your TEFL course abroad. Keep on reading to find the answers.

If you are interested in teaching English abroad then you must’ve heard about the legendary ‘TEFL Certificate’ which makes you perfectly eligible for any teaching English abroad job position. Now the next question arises that who can take a TEFL course? If this question is on your mind now, then you’ve landed in the perfect article. Keep on reading to find answers.

Generally speaking, anyone can take this course no matter he/she is a native or non-native speaker or have any relevant experience or degree. The lower age limit to enroll in a TEFL course is 18 years while there isn’t any upper age limit to this. Based on our experience in the TEFL Madrid academy, we’ve seen people from all walks of life with various backgrounds getting enrolled here in Madrid. However, their goals are more or less similar. Some want to pursue an adventurous job abroad, some also take the course for job rotation while the rest want to satisfy their wanderlust by traveling abroad and making some money as well.

No matter what your reasons are to begin a TEFL adventure abroad, let us clarify that it could be one of the best decisions you can ever make in your life. Because you’ll be living the life of your dreams at a place you wanted to visit for so long and will also be getting international work experience while enjoying all the nicer things in life.

What Qualification Do You need to Take A TEFL Course?

The simplest answer to this question is NONE! Yes, you heard it right. In order to get enrolled in a TEFL course abroad, you don’t need to have a degree at hand. A very few schools will ask for a high school certificate while most others will welcome you without having a college graduation degree. However, you need to be 18 years or older for taking an in-person TEFL course, but this requirement is also not necessary if you are doing it online.

So, you can get enrolled for a TEFL certificate without having a degree but keep in mind there are some countries that need a degree for applying for a work visa. Chine is an example where you cannot get a work visa without a degree. So, make sure to conduct your initial research about the country you want to live in and work after getting your TEFL certificate.

Although there are no strict qualification requirements to take a TEFL course but keep in mind that you cannot stand to carry out a TEFL teacher job if you don’t have a genuine interest in this profession. Some people may have a misconception that they can easily teach English abroad by not putting their maximum efforts into it. But in reality, TEFL is a career that requires your enthusiasm and passion. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue it for longer.

Therefore, your determination and true passion are what make you the best and eligible candidate for a TEFL course abroad. Once you decide to take the course, it will take lots of motivation and hard work to become a great TEFL teacher. That’s why most of the TEFL schools try to access your interest in the teaching and learning process because that interest will be helpful to conduct successful classes.

Why Take a TEFL Course?

There are plenty of reasons that make TEFL popular among adventure lovers. Have you ever desired to travel the planet, to explore different cultures, people, foods and lifestyles? Do you want to immerse yourself into a process that will continuously make you a better person, a culturally conscious human being with a greater understanding of the outer world? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then TEFL is for you! Because once you get enrolled in a TEFL course, you’ll realize what amazing thing you’ve done with your life.

The benefits of pursuing TEFL are many. For example, when you start to live in a foreign country alone, it helps you to find more about yourself and the people around you. In addition to developing great professional skills, this living and working abroad experience will make you a better and more informed person with a greater understanding of how things work in the outside world.

Once you complete a TEFL course from our TEFL Madrid Academy, you’ll become eligible to teach English anywhere abroad. The type of education and skills that you acquire with us will add on to your existing knowledge and nobody can take that away from you. Rather you will be using it to benefit other people and will be helping them to follow their dreams just as you did. And soon enough, you’ll land the place of your dreams as a TEFL teacher abroad, will see new things every day by enjoying all the nicer things that life will offer!

Some Great Tips for Successfully Completing Your TEFL Course Abroad

Passing a TEFL course abroad is never difficult since the classes will take place in a friendly environment. You’ll also be having like-minded people as your classmates and learning will take place in a fun and interesting way. But before you finally get enroll and pack your bags to land here, read some of our great tips and tricks that will help you to complete your TEFL course abroad. By following these important pieces of advice, you’ll be able to do the ‘TEFL things’ differently that will not only increase your productivity during the class hours, but you’ll also be able to make your TEFL abroad experience a truly memorable one!

Identify Your Goal

Not every TEFL student has the same goal to attend the class every day. Although, everyone will be there to learn English but what they are going to do after learning English is the real question. For example, some will want to use this certificate for developing a permanent career in the TEFL industry. Some will be taking the course just to give it a try, to live in a foreign country for a year or two and then getting back to their normal life. There will also be some students who want to teach it for specific purpose i.e. business English or teaching general English online. The goals of students can be endless. So, you need to decide what’s yours and then stick with it for becoming successful. Also, if you want to teach English in a specific country or at a specific school, don’t just randomly enroll into a course, rather try to match the timings with the time of job opening so you can easily apply without wasting any time.

Keep Your Eyes on the Reward

During your time in a foreign country, learning English and doing all the things on your own, there will also come times when you’ll get homesick. Under such situations, you’ll want to leave everything behind and go back home. Under such sensitive situations, the only thing that can keep you motivated is the final reward that you’ll be getting after this much trouble. Think of the time when you’ll be having your newly earned TEFL certificate in hands and will be free to travel to the city of your dreams – A life many people desire to live but very few are lucky enough to get there!

Study Properly

Once getting enrolled in a TEFL course in a foreign country, there will be plenty of activities to do there. After all, you never want to miss the chance to explore your host country and see what amazing culture, nightlife, and cuisines it has to offer. But also, don’t forget to set aside some time to study as well. After all, that will be your ultimate reason for staying there so never put it as your second priority.

Try to make a timetable and mention the topics which you’ll be studying daily. Also, try not to get distracted and spend just a few hours revising the course material and daily lessons. As an English learner, there will be a number of topics for you to cover. And you can do it effectively by working on them on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you try to avoid the daily obligations to study and try to submit the all assignments at the end after completing them in a rush, your chances to learn effectively will reduce. Additionally, you will not be able to grab on all the important pieces of knowledge which are necessary for becoming an effective ESL teacher abroad.

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