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Teaching English – The Reality of Finding Paid Jobs in Spain

We’ve definitely seen blog posts or articles like this before. You’re looking for opportunities to Teach English in Spain. You’ve either wrestled with the idea, or perhaps you already made the decision and you don’t know how to go about it.

Many people have seen the picturesque cobble-stoned Medieval Villages, and see the novelty of living in Spain, without understanding what it means in practice. Many people might stop their journey right there, and resume the work-a-day life. The intrepid type will certainly take the leap, and come out, seeking the kind of relaxed lifestyle that Spain is known for. This may work for a couple of people. In fact, one may instantly find their niche and offer a relatively light-hearted conversation class to various students while living in Madrid. Most people may travel, and sporadically make money, while living off of their own savings until those savings run out. Then they snap back to reality and realize that in order to support oneself.

If you are serious about finding a job teaching English abroad, there are a couple of things to understand. The first thing is that students require skills to advance their knowledge and competency with English. A Native English speaker may practice these skills innately, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one can explain grammar to a language learner. How does one do that? A student always counts on their teachers to impart knowledge and experience, and if they don’t see that you are capable of transmitting that knowledge, they will look for another teacher. The second thing is that a TEFL academy (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a private company. Private companies look for employees who have skills and credentials. If you have neither, you won’t be considered. The last thing is to understand is that you’ve made the decision to teach English abroad. This means that you’ll be uprooting to Spain. This means visas (depending on what country you’re coming from), interviews with the Spanish Consulate, criminal background checks. Before you buy that one-way ticket to Madrid, your request must be approved by the Spanish Government.

When people decide that they are going to go on their once-in-a-lifetime Euro Trip, one of the best ways to go about it is to not plan anything at all. Just go with the flow. Such is not the case when considering to permanently move to a foreign country to work. The first step is to understand that there are hurdles in front of you and to have a plan. Without it, you may find yourself in a situation you couldn’t possibly be prepared for. If you have a plan, and that plan is to be a TEFL Teacher in Spain, the natural route may be to acquire a TEFL Certification in Spain.

What you learn in a TEFL Course

When you make that change, and uproot to Spain, you’ll definitely need some help understanding how to effectively do your new job. You may be nervous. After all, it’s more class, more tests to study for, more presentations to do. Remember, if you want to work in a field, it’s only necessary to prepare for that field. So, what do you learn when you’re doing a TEFL in Spain?

The short answer is: A better understanding of your own language.

Think about it. Did anyone teach you the skills you innately know? English is a language you grew up understanding, but did anyone sit you down and show you how (or possibly, why) it works? You’ll review some of the basic grammar that you regularly use and understand that each point, whether it’s a verb form, or a collocation, or conditional phrase, has a definition onto itself. What does the Present Perfect mean? What’s the difference between the Present Simple and the Present Continuous? How does one form the Third Conditional? How does one explain a phrasal verb to a student? This review of language is important because the student you will teach need to understand the definition in order for them to fully assimilate the language. After all, you don’t want students to memorize language, but rather to understand it, and there is a difference between the two. A reputed TEFL Academy in Spain will teach you intricacies of the English language, along with the proven method of teaching the language to learners. So, what do you learn in a four-week TEFL Course?

  1. Modern Teaching Methods – How to elicit information, CCQs (Concept-Checking Questions), tips and tricks to help learners advance in the classroom
  2. Lesson Plans – An important step, especially when dealing with the independent needs of learners. How to incorporate activities, worksheets, games, audio/visual aids to make each class memorable and engaging
  3. Grammar – Breaking down grammar points for Native Speakers helps them understand the technics of teaching language to learners. It’s what the students need to learn in your classroom, and practice in the real world.
  4. Classroom Management – Managing your class can encourage them to continue learning under your direction. It enables students to take you seriously as an educator, and you’ll have ample opportunities to develop this skill.
  5. How to identify the individual needs of your students – Not every student learns the same way. Some are visual learners, some acquired their skills with music, some need to be challenged. This is critical in holding the attention of individual students in your class.
  6. Teaching Tools – Language learning has advanced over the years with updated method books and technology. A student in a TEFL course will also learn how to employ the various tools at their disposal to create an interactive and engaging learning environment for their students.

In any line of work, teachers help students practice the important skills necessary to them succeed in their chosen field. TEFL is not any different. Classes planned carefully, and executed with your own unique style and personality not only help students learn your language, but also are able to relate it to their own language. That’s one way they can develop an understanding of English. You’ll get experience working with students of varying experience and ability with the language, from beginners to those who can communicate with operational proficiency. Another important thing that you’ll see is that you are not alone in your decision to give expat life a try. TEFL Courses in Madrid occur monthly, and there is no shortage of people who share your determination. Finally, what you will gain from a TEFL Course is the confidence to be able to do a job that is in great demand in Spain. So, come prepared. Take notes. Ask questions. Make friends and connections. Gain invaluable knowledge and skill, and pass it on.

Your TEFL Certification and Beyond

The dream is now a reality. You’ve moved to a foreign country and you’ve acquired your TEFL Certification. You are employable in an in-demand field in a country with a relaxed lifestyle, a country in close proximity to innumerable cultural walks and unforgettable experiences. It’s within your reach, but now you have to find a job, yes? That’s where your TEFL Academy comes into play. Any successful graduate of a four-week TEFL Certification will also have the help of the academy who were present in the first step of their journey. They are happy to be of assistance, and will send your resume to various academies throughout Spain who need your help educating locals with the skills you’ve acquired. Of course, the proactive TEFL teacher will seek opportunities through contacts, their school, or job websites like,, or Dave’s ESL Café. To go back to the beginning, you may meet the right person in the right place at the right time. The only difference in this case is that you’ll have the practical experience backing up your natural talent with the English language. The more methods you use in gaining that first job, the quicker you can become an active part in a community that can always use instinct, talent, and insight to help a generation of learners, young and old, achieve their goals.

Where do I get a TEFL Certificate?

TEFL Madrid Academy is a reputed TEFL training and Exam Preparation Facility in Madrid, Spain. In our campus located in the City Centre, you can train for, and complete an internationally-recognized TEFL course under the guidance of experienced and competent trainers. We work hard to provide support to all our graduates after completing their course. We also provide our graduates with the help needed for them to find jobs that match their skillsets and expertise. So, give us a call or send us an e-mail telling us how we can help you take that first step into a new direction.

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