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TEFL Madrid Academy Reviews


Jaime – England

I loved my time at TEFL Madrid academy, not only do they make their lessons interactive and engaging, but I also I got hands on teaching experience.

Maggie – Toronto

TEFL Madrid made the transition from Canada to Spain very easy. They create a friendly environment with all their students, which means that their alumni are always around the office wanting to chat. They aided me with my visa and accommodation, which meant all I had to worry about was booking my flight.

Shaili – India

I was worried that I would be unable to take the course as I am not a native speaker. However, TEFL Madrid Academy were there every step of the way to reassure me with all of my concerns. I really enjoyed my time at the academy and felt as though the trainers really cared about each and every students success. I know if I have any concerns that I can head back to TEFL Madrid and they will continue to be there to support me.

Carlos – Burgos

Being a Spanish Native I was concerned that my English was not good enough to complete my TEFL course. The staff at TEFL Madrid gave me a new lease of confidence in my English ability. I cannot thank them enough for all their support on and off the course.

Karen – Scotland

I wanted to experience a different culture to the one I had grown up with and TEFL Madrid gave me this opportunity. They not only offer a TEFL qualification, but also provide all their students with a cultural immersion. They provide a traditional Spanish lunch to welcome their students, which relieves the first day nerves. They were always able to provide me with information on great restaurants, bars and clubs, which meant I was never short of things to do here in Spain.

Susie – Australia

Moving across the world was a scary situation but the staff at TEFL Madrid made the process simple. They offer support from the word go and continue to offer this for the rest of your life. You don’t only gain a TEFL qualification with this course, you also gain a family. I would highly recommend TEFL Madrid Academy!

David -UK

All the staff were helpful from the very start. I remember how welcome i was made to feel right from the start. It wasn’t just the teachers that were interested in how I was doing on the course but the rest of the staff too. I couldn’t believe it when they brought out a huge paella at the end of the course to congratulate us on our graduation. Thank you. I will stay in touch and come along to your future workshops.

Maddy – Canada

Being 40 i wasn’t sure what to expect from such a course. I have to say the level of professionalism within this company is enough to recommend it to anyone. They are accommodating to younger students and mature ones such as me! We felt like one big family and i couldn’t have been happier. I will stay in touch with them as they always have so many workshops and job offers.

Laura – Germany

Initially I was a little worried starting the course as my level of English wasn’t as good as the others on the course. The teachers really put me at ease and helped me to understand all the complexities in English grammar and teaching. I remember how they even stayed behind with me after class to go over things that i didn’t fully understand. I feel more confident to teach and very pleased I chose this course.

Jamie – UK

Couldn’t recommend this course more. I was even given a job at the end of the course! Thanks you! Staff are really friendly and very helpful. I have felt supported the entire way through this course and feel more confident than ever to keep teaching TEFL.

Chillen – Turkey

Loved the course! Especially the support from the the teaching mentors. Being able to teach real lessons was the best part of the course as it gave me lots of experience. Thank you guys! Really appreciate all your help.

Kelly – USA

Thank you so much TEFL Madrid! Not only did I get my certification but they also sorted out my accommodation and visa! I had so much fun in class playing those grammar games. I didn’t realise i could have so much fun learning grammar…and play Twister.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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