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Cultural guide to Madrid, Spain – TEFL life1

Live and have fun in Madrid, get TEFL certified

Madrid is one of the most beautiful and spectacular European metropolises.  One could literally dedicate a series of encyclopedias about everything this amazing city has to offer.  It has been the seat of the Spanish crown for a few centuries, and it offers a large variety of attractions and events for any curious soul.  It is conveniently located in the heart of the Iberian peninsula, therefore visiting other parts of the country is very simple and hassle free. Below list includes just a few suggestions that are the most popular with first-time visitors.  However, we guarantee you that once you are here, you will discover that this list is just a drop of water in an ocean waiting to be explored.

  • Sports – Although Real Madrid is most commonly associated with football, this brand applies to other sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, track & field, etc.  If you are a sports fan, Madrid will offer you endless entertainment as multiple matches/competitions are scheduled throughout the week.  In fact, you will probably not have enough time to see them all!
  • Flamenco
  • Plaza del Toros, Las Ventas
  • Medieval cities nearby – One cannot even describe with words the beauty of medieval architecture.  If your interests include touring old cities/castles then trip to Sevilla, Toledo, Segovia, Ronda, Cordoba, and Granada is a must!
  • Numerous Art Galleries
  • Countless City Parks
  • Museums
    • Museo del Prado – works by famous artists such as Picasso, Goya, El Greco.
    • Reina Sofia
    • Museo Taurino – learn everything you need about bullfighting
  • Hip hotels and Restaurants
  • Culinary art district – Mercado de San Miguel gourmet marketplace
  • Fashion mecca – Calle de Serano & Las Salesas designer boutiques as well as high-profile fashion shows and movie festivals
  • Theaters and Opera Houses
  • Music concerts
  • Bustling Night Life
Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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