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America isn’t safe anymore! come to Spain and take a TEFL course

A war is coming! What can you do?

Remember world war 1? It took just a small assassination of a prince from an insignificant country to change history. Now we got massive egos of so called strong men such as Donald Trump, Vladamir Putin, Kim Jong In, Chinese Communist party et al indulging in a show of masculinity.

Then there’s the never ending saga of Islamic State and it’s rabid militants on their perpetual quest of killing infidels, beheading modernity and destroying everything that stands in contrast to their warped ideology.

Let’s not forget, The Don has been on a rampage with everybody, starting a trade war with the Chinese, bombing Russians and their allies in Syria, threatening to nuke Iran and alienating all our allies by tearing up treaties with Canada and mexico, withdrawing out of NATO, spitting at our traditional Asian allies and much more, all to satisfy his core supporters and the deep state, military industrial complex that’s backing him.

Let’s get something clear.


For Donald and his family and his buddies, that is. Who cares if innocent people die and half the population is starving, it gives them more chance to accumulate all the wealth in the world and stay in power.

Unfortunately, you as a citizen of America can do very little about it. Like you ever had choice. Sure you didn’t vote for this demagogue and you protest against him every chance you get. But it’s not of much use because he’s a dictatorial buffoon who cares nought for you or your well being. Just like how he stole the elections with the help of Russians despite losing the popular vote by more than 4 million votes, he’s going to trample on the citizens if this country.

Don’t believe me? This is a man on a war path against every liberal institution in the country. A man who has mocked the disabled, exudes misogyny and has a history of berating and sexually assaulting women, has made it an agenda to racially target Latinos, blacks and Asians with explicit support from the KKK, not even sparing our ex President barack obama, and constantly derides the very basic fabric of democracy and freedom. So if you think he has your well being at his heart with every action he takes, you’ve got a another thing coming.

And when the war comes, and mind you it will, you’ll be in the line of fire. Not just you, but your family and your children. But there is a way to protect yourself and YOUR LOVED ONES.


Spain is one of the most developed, liberal and free countries and is a vital part of the European Union. With free healthcare, top notch education, an unrivaled party atmosphere, scenic beauty with beaches and coasts regarded as truly spectacular and quality of life that’s unparalleled, it’s one of the best places to live in this world.

Here’s the thing though. Spain is undergoing a massive unemployment crisis brought on by recession due to unchecked wall street bankers and the Spanish people are desperate to develop their skills. One of the most sought after skill in a country where Spanish is the native language is English fluency.

This is vital for every job seeker and even students applying for college. Yet few foreign teachers are plying their trade, making the career of a TEFL teacher, the most sought after and highly lucrative profession.

When you enroll into a TEFL institute in Spain, you automatically qualify for student visa which lets you stay in the country and teach part time for 6 months. Once you get your TEFL certificate, you can apply for a work visa and permanently reside in the country.

So by becoming a TEFL teacher, not will you be helping yourself stay safe from violence and destruction to your life/property but you’ll be doing a world of good to the Spanish community who are in desperate need of education to better their lives.

Ask yourself, what would you rather prefer? Sitting like ducks and waiting for a bumbling idiot to start a world war with a target painted on your back or lie down on the sunny coasts of the Madrid beaches while helping a community turn their lives around?

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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