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How to Choose your TEFL Asian Destination

If you’ve always harboured a desire to move to Asia, or couldn’t get a ticket to Madrid for your TEFL job, well it could actually turn out to be a masterstroke of luck. Asia is one of the fastest growing regions and TEFL teachers are in huge demand out here since nobody actually speaks English fluently. It’s also got a very unique culture where you can relish new experiences, learn a language and customs that are completely alien, and more importantly earn quite a lucrative salary in comparison to other regions. However, Asia is not a single country but a huge expanse of continent made up of a number of countries with diverse cultures and customs. So deciding your destination requires a lot of thought and a deeper introspection into your motivation and personality.

Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand – Culture and Surroundings

If you’re the type who doesn’t care that much about money, or at least earning lesser than you could, just so you could live in a mesmerizing locale with unique culture and customs, south east Asia is where you should be headed to. In this off beat journey, you can lead a life of a local and have an adventure every day jumping from islands of Indonesia to riding through Thailand.

South Korea, Taiwan – Money

If your aim is to earn big bucks, and that too right off the bat, then south korea or Taiwan should be destination. While they don’t discriminate against fresh graduates, the work culture is hard. But you’ll be adequately compensated and will even be offered great benefits such as travel, accommodation, training et all. This is the best place for those without much experience in the field.

Japan – Modern cities, Professional culture

If you want to live in a highly developed, 21st century metropolis with a distinct culture and all the comforts of the west, then look no further than Japan. An economic behemoth and a technological marvel, this metropolis is open 24/7 with world class nightlife, unbeatable entertainment zones, delicious restaurants and top shopping outlets from across the globe.. You’ve got to see Tokyo at night atleast once in your life.

China, Vietnam – Little bit of everything

If you can’t make up your mind, then just hop on a plane to Beijing or Vietnam. Here you’ll be paid decently while having the opportunity to explore a culture stretching over millenniums. You’d be living in a modern day city yet have access to somewhat untouched old world environment. This would be a great mixture of east and west, and could be the perfect starting point for your Asian adventure.

Regardless of which country you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll always be welcomed at Asia and people would just adore you knowing that you’re there to help develop their skills. So don’t hesitate, just pick up your bags choose your destination.

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Exam Madrid Team
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