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Is Barcelona the next Brexit? How does it affect TEFL students?

Here’s what happened in the last few months: the Catalan leaders were conducting a independence referendum, which was treason as per the Spanish constitution, just to further their political ambitions. What happened next though was a cruel and sadistic method of imposing authority by the central government.

Hundreds of policemen in riot gear attacked and violently struck down innocent people standing peacefully in line to cast their vote. Regardless of legality of the referendum, beating women, seniors and kids to stop a political circus is madness!  This has lead to a widespread disgust and anger among the local populace, many of whom didn’t support independence in the first place. So now the whole region is stuck between a rock and hard place with independence not looking likely nor a congenial relationship with rest of country.

Turns out Barcelona has taken a leaf out brexit’s book and left itself with no choice or place to turn. This unfortunately is not a history lesson but something we all look at  outside our windows. Everybody in the city is directly affected by cacophony of civil war that is brewing. This means TEFL students and those who had wanted to become TEFL trainers, are stuck in the middle, unable to pursue their course and unable to just drop it down and leave.

But when your physical health comes into question and there’s a possibility you could be harmed, the choice is quite simple. Drop your bags and run! Your TEFL institute in Barcelona might just not be recognized after the independence call either, which could leave you in the lurch.  But don’t worry, you’re not out of options. There’s still a way you can get your TEFL certificate without having to put your life on the line. TEFL Madrid is a way to get the avant grade, internationally renowned TEFL certificate in Madrid, which in many ways is actually better than the ones offered in Barcelona. Madrid also has some of the biggest companies in the world and language schools, all of whom would be delighted to have you as an intern before giving you a full-time job contract. Madrid at the moment is just far safer and offers you more options than Barcelona could even attempt in the near future.

TEFL Madrid offers you a globally recognized certification from their TEFL school. This is essentially your ticket to an amazing and jaw dropping overseas experience by providing you with the ability to work in Spain and thousands of schools, businesses, and language academies around the world.

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Exam Madrid Team
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