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Best companies to teach English abroad without a College Degree

Now that we’ve established that it’s possible for any hard-working and determined individual to move overseas and find a job teaching English, let’s give the argument a little more substance. Who are the companies that are looking for people with nothing but a TEFL Certification and a dream? What are some of the things that you can do to make this dream become your working schedule? We will look at a few of these companies, and what you can do to start your career anywhere in the world as an English Teacher.

This is a list of the best companies (in our opinion) to work as an English teacher abroad without a College Degree:


This company is immensely popular among teachers who need a little extra money or want to finance their travelling. The best part about this company is that you don’t need any experience to start working. You get a mixture of children and adults, and the majority of the students wanting to talk to you will simply want to build their conversational skills. If you’re from Canada, the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom, Cambly is an interesting option.

PAY – $0.17 USD per minute ($10.20 USD per hour). This is monitored by Cambly, and your earnings are delivered every week via PayPal.

HOURS – You set your own schedule. Work as often as you’d like. Log on if you have a minute or dedicate a pre-determined block of hours every day.

APPLICATION PROCESS – Applying to become a teacher for Cambly is quite simple. The three-step process is as follows:

  1. Verify the speed of your internet connection. Cambly examines your video and audio quality and will advise you if they are acceptable for giving classes.
  2. Record a simple one-to-two-minute introduction video. If you make a mistake, fear not. You can try as many times as you’d like.
  3. Complete your teacher profile. Include your achievements, educational and professional background, and certifications. This is your opportunity to present yourself as you’d like to be presented. After you finish this, submit it to Cambly and wait for it to be approved.


This company is unique in that it is an app-based platform. What that means in practice is that you need an Apple or Android cell phone to be able to work for the company. You can work with individuals or groups if you so wish. PalFish also doesn’t have any cultural preferences with respect to hiring new teachers, so if you speak English at an acceptable level (Advanced or Proficient), you are encouraged to apply. As the demand for teachers in China is remarkably high, you are sure to find students to work with on a regular basis.

REQUIREMENTS – As stated above, you must be able to speak English at an Advanced Level, and have no problem producing language and interacting with people. Another key attribute that PalFish looks for in their teachers apart from qualifications is attitude. Teachers must exhibit a positive, engaging attitude to all their students. Also, the Chinese Government has mandated that all teachers must have in their possession a valid teaching certification (TEFL/TESOL/TESL/CELTA) or teaching license to work on the Palfish platform. This is an integral part of your teaching profile.

HOURS – You set your own schedule. Work whenever you want. There are no minimum hours.

APPLICATION PROCESS – Here is the step-by-step process for aspiring teachers wishing to work for PalFish:

  1. Download the PalFish app.
  2. Choose an avatar, which must be a photo of yourself.
  3. Write a self-introduction (100 words minimum).
  4. Record a self-introduction video. The video must be 30 seconds minimum.
  5. Go to “My Wallet” and fill in your payment information. Then wait today for your account to be verified.


If you’re a Native English speaker with a Canadian, American, British, or Australian accent, SkimaTalk is looking for you. SkimaTalk is unique in that a Teaching Certificate isn’t required for teachers to be able to work. If your first language isn’t English, one thing you should expect is a waiting period to check your use of the language and understanding.

REQUIREMENTS: You must be able to speak English at a native level. Teaching experience and training is not required, but nice to have if you wish to work.

PAY: You set your pay. The company takes 20% of what you make, and you receive 80% (minus the PayPal fee, which is how you get paid). You are paid monthly.

HOURS: Choose your hours. Work as much as you’d like.

APPLICATION PROCESS: There are four steps to becoming a teacher with SkimaTalk:

  1. Sign up to create an account.
  2. Fill out your teacher profile and make a thirty-second video introduction.
  3. Complete simple tests and then wait for your account to be approved by SkimaTalk.


At any given time, there are thousands of adult students taking classes, learning more than just English. The distinguishing factor of Lingoda is that you can learn English, French, Spanish and German in groups or private classes.

REQUIREMENTS: In order to work at Lingoda, you must have a English Teaching Certification (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA), and English must be your first language.

PAY: Pay ranges from 7€ to 11€ per hour ($7.85 – $12.34USD per hour)

HOURS: You choose your own schedule.

APPLICATION PROCESS: If you want to work for Lingoda, there are two simple ways to make it so:

  1. Fill out their online job application form on the Lingoda website.
  2. Send a one-minute video introduction to, highlighting your academic credentials and related work experience.


Open English is company that focuses giving online classes to students located in Latin America. Countries like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina are where most of your students will come from. You’ll have individuals and small groups, and they run all hours of the day.

REQUIREMENTS: Qualified English Professionals with a TEFL Certification, and a minimum of one year experience in a teaching environment. If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, you will be given preference.

PAY: Up to $15USD per hour.

HOURS: Teachers must provide a minimum of ten hours of work per hour, and you may be scheduled 26 – 36 hours per week, depending on where you’re located.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Open English’s application process is a little different than most other online platforms. You provide your qualifications and experience while learning about the classroom itself. When you finish your application, you may have to wait until the company advises you of an available position. When that happens, you may do another interview or video introduction. When you are hired, you will go through the on-boarding process where you will complete a job orientation before being added to their schedule. So, here is the application process in a nutshell:

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. Do an interview and/or submit a video introduction.
  3. If hired, complete the job orientation.
  4. When you’re assigned a schedule, get to work!


Among the more popular options, Verbling gives teachers the opportunity to give lessons in their own language. Along with English, some of the other languages taught on this platform include French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, and that is only scratching the surface. If you have a computer and decent internet access, you can conduct your classes from anywhere in the world. You will also be doing your classes using Verbling’s integrated video chat.

REQUIREMENTS: You are required to have previous experience teaching your native language to learners. When you’re completing your teacher profile, include this experience along with any proof of your work as a teacher. If you have a TEFL Certification, it will greatly improve your chances of being admitted to the platform, and it will subsequently help you find students. You must be a native speaker of your language in order to be admitted to Verbling.

PAY: You set your own hour tutoring rates individually. Verbling takes 15% of whatever you charge your students, and you receive 85%. PayPal, Transferwise, and Payoneer are among the methods of payment, and it’s typically done on a weekly basis.

HOURS: Verbling has an automatic booking system. You can book any available time slot on a calendar. Students can cancel or reschedule lessons without penalty if done so with more than twelve hours notice.

APPLICATION PROCESS: There are numerous sections to the application form, and they all have to be completed in order to be considered to work for Verbling. Include a photo in your general profile, clearly state the languages that you teach and speak, record a short demo video, write a biography, list your qualifications, upload your government-issued photo identification, complete a speed test confirming ideal internet speeds (this has to be done every time you change locations, by the way), then read and accept the Verbling agreement.


LatinHire recruits teachers of all types, not only people interested in teaching English. If you’re an expert in mathematics, science and economics in addition to English, then LatinHire is interested in acquiring your talents.

PAY: This will depend on the subjects that you will teach, the number of hours you work, and how well you are able to do your job. The number of minutes you work is automatically registered with LatinHire.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Complete and send in your application form. The company will go over your submission and they will contact you if they want you to start the application process. You will be put on a waiting list if your existing skillset is not what the company is looking for.


Much like Verbling, iTalki is a language learning community. Unlike Verbling, iTalki supports more than one video chat application for teachers. So if you prefer using Skype, Facetime or even Google Hangouts, you are able to use them to give your classes. The focus with iTalki is interaction, so being able to hold a good conversation is going to be important if you want to gain and keep students.

REQUIREMENTS: There are two types of teacher employed by iTalki, Type 1 and Type 2:

  1. Type 1 – The teacher has an undergraduate degree from a university.
  2. Type 2 – Has a TEFL Certification, and teaching experience, but may or may not have a bachelor’s degree.

You’ll also need to submit your resume, an introduction video, one or two letters of reference, and must be a native speaker in the language you want to give classes in.

PAY: You set your own prices. When you give a lesson, iTalki takes a commission based on your price.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Expect an application process similar to that of Verbling if you want to work for iTalki. Submit your application, and the company will review it. You’ll be notified within ten days if you’ve been accepted, rejected, or put on a waiting list. Afterwards, you complete the training videos and written exams, do a video call with their teacher services department, and then your application will be approved, and you’ll be able to teach with them.


Tutlo is language learning platform based in Poland. It provides private classes to working professionals, adults and children.

REQUIREMENTS: If you want to work for Tutlo, you will need to be a native English speaker from Canada, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age, have six months of experience teaching English to learners, a TEFL Certification, and a good internet connection. Pretty straightforward.

PAY: The pay is between $5-11 USD and you’re paid monthly via PayPal.

HOURS: Students have the option to choose between 20-minute, 40-minute or 60-minute lessons. They don’t have to be booked in advance. One simply has to request the teacher.

APPLICATION PROCESS: All you need to do is fill out a form, submit your certification documents, make a small introductory video, and submit it to Tutlo. That’s it.


Preply offers language learning courses. English is among those being taught on the platform. Unlike most other companies, you get technical support on-demand, and the platform itself provides you with features that will help guide you through each lesson.

REQUIREMENTS: All you need is a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam.

PAY: When you work with a new student, the company takes 100% of the commission fee for your first lesson. Afterwards, deductions can be anywhere from 18 – 33% depending on how many hours you’ve completed through Preply. The more you do, the less commission you pay. If you give a lot of availability, you are likely to book more lessons, and you will likely have to pay less to the company.

HOURS: You set your own schedule. It could be a few hours per week, or it could be a full-time job. Again, the more you work, the less you pay in commissions.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Preply only asks you to submit an application form, telling them a bit about yourself, submit a profile photo, describe your work experience, record a small video, set your available schedule, and then submit it to the company for verification.

So, for those people who are curious about working as an English teacher, there are more options out there than one previously might have thought. Most students wishing to learn simply want to build their conversational skills. In any case, a common factor between companies is the acquisition of a TEFL Certification from a reputed Teacher-training academy. If you haven’t graduated from university, you now see the possibilities out there for you, as well. Adventure is literally a point and click away. So, what are you waiting for?

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