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Madrid Lifestyle -TEFL Visa to study and work

We help you get your student visa, then we also help in making the smooth transition you’ve dreamt of, we don’t just stop there, we go ahead and give you a job!

If you have any online TEFL course that does not meet the requirements –not the worry, we have several other options for you. Write to us and we will guide you through.

The Spanish lifestyle program from us includes your student visa, which allows you the opportunity of getting up to twenty hours of work every week from us, by doing this work, you earn around 16 to 20 euros every hour.

What this means is that while you study, you will also be earning money, so you can support yourself during your study. So as you take your course and excel at learning the Spanish language, you are also making money.

Are you surprised and wondering why we are doing this?

We believe that after a year of learning and teaching for us, you have contributed your quota and you become one with us, sharing in our purpose and desire. We believe in developing lasting relationships out of every encounter we have, and this is borne out of our real desire to help in a timely manner, whenever there is need or request for our help.

And if you decide to become an immigrant or expatriate, like many of our team members, you may just make the decision to stay back and teach English in Spain for a long time. And if you want to do so, all you need do is say a word, and you will be introduced to our world of extra amazing offers (typically, our one year program) which is meant for immigrants and people who want to stay in Spain for some time. This is a reward for coming and deciding to stay, which is meant to further strengthen our ties and bond with you –that’s what friends are for.

13 of our program details you may need to begin with

1.    There are Eight months of serious Spanish classes. These classes held at the designated center. Every morning, there will be a Spanish teacher or tutor who will be available for at least 3 hours, the tutor will attempt to cover about three Spanish levels, this is up to A2 from absolute beginners. The level you find yourself is completely up to you because you’d choose the level which best suits you since you choose according to what’s of the best benefit to you.

However, as a total beginner, you would benefit from the A1 & A2 levels, but the A2 students will not usually find it reasonable to attend the beginner level class. What this means is that you will attend at least one to a maximum of three Spanish classes on a daily basis. And the class size is quite small for effective learning to take place.

2.    We also help with accommodation issues.

3.    We assist you in buying your Spanish phone.

4.    We assist also in opening your bank account here in Madrid.

5.    We help in arranging an appointment to receive your NIE number (this is the Spanish official ID). With this ID number, you are able to rent an apartment, sign a contract, and so much more.

6.    We assist you in getting your Information maps, packs, etc.

7.    Give you support in obtaining the documents which qualify you for the Spanish social security number.

8.    If you wish to work for us or to work for other schools or establishments, you may request for tips in a special resume session, with this, you get tips and insights into how to craft a winning resume.

9.    Guide to contractual, market or job condition terms. This comprises of contract terms, payment rates, job interviews and a lot more.

10.    Tips and guides for interviews in several other schools, which helps to complete your program (a regular full-time program which covers around 20 and 25 lesson hours per week).

11.    We will also assist you with the contact information needed to send your resume or CV to several hundreds of the language schools of your choice.

12.    You will also meet with several of the ex-graduates who have passed through our school. This enables you to make friends, possibly meet one or two people from your country, network and have an unfair advantage over others.

13.    During the Madrid lifestyle program, you are coming into a real family-like relationship with us. A relationship where we look out for you because we see ourselves as one. This relationship will last as long as possible, depending on how long you want to stay. You may even go on to become one of the longest-serving tutors in our establishment, by staying with us for more than 20 years.

More information about getting a job with us

Upon your arrival to the beautiful Spanish capital –Madrid, the lifestyle program begins in earnest. In the first week, you are likely to start receiving job offers (we’re that serious). This means you are possibly going to start earning a salary in your first week of arrival (even in the first or second night). That’s how cool we are, with us, you can start earning money right away.

So unlike what you obtain or are told elsewhere, you do not have to wait for a month or two (like you are required to by the others) before you are farmed out, after your savings are almost exhausted, putting you under undue pressure.

This is an important factor which will help you in your stay in Spain since you have made a profit within the first 30 to 45 days of your arrival –which is priceless. That income can help you a lot in your personal upkeep, as against other programs where you don’t get any income.

With us, this is so simple and easy, because we eliminate the fear of seeking for a job, thereby saving you from every form of stress and the worry which could trouble you, and of course, ensure that you have a wonderful time in Spain while enjoying your Spanish classes with the guarantee of getting a job from the minute you arrive. By using the priceless and invaluable tools we have made available to you during the TEFL lifestyle course, we are proving to you how much we trust you to succeed.

After completing the MADRID LIFESTYLE TEFL program, you will begin your next set of classes (the Spanish classes). Taking classes at one of our Spanish School. Together with the medium-sized study groups of around 15 students, this will help you to quickly develop your understanding of the language, because you’re living in a country that is completely immersed in her culture and being surrounded by its amazing language, the fastest way for you to become fluent is to learn and practice the language in such a society. Imagine how you would feel once you become fluent in Spanish and can speak comfortably in any Spanish speaking country –Amazing.

As for the proximity of our school to the city and fun spots, you do not have to worry at all. Since the school is in the city, you do not have any challenge enjoying the beauty and pleasures of the city. Also, because of the location of our school in the city, you can easily go to your place of work and return without any challenge or issue.

What is included in our program?

8 weeks of serious Spanish lessons (of about 20 lessons per week) and cultural activities, workshops, and seminars to make the learning very effective.

About 7 months of taking Spanish lessons in the evenings at our study center.

7 months of continuous professional and self-development.

We will arrange an appointment for you to obtain your NIE number (this is the identification number which enables you to live here, everyone must have it), and of course, we will provide you with every necessary document needed for this to be smooth.

You get your one year visa, which includes complete support with all the documentation and guidance needed throughout the process and period.

Our international employment service (a premium service) which ensures you get paid, legal and official work placements are made available to you.

Help and support for life, from the first contact and every time you want to keep in touch with us. We have students coming back to us after many years, for advice and professional counseling.

We help you in creating your Spanish bank account.

We assist in securing your accommodation. Our students don’t have any issue involving accommodation issues.

When can I begin my lessons?

There is no time we are not admitting students, you can enroll at any time, even now. We are constantly admitting students into our program.

What is the next step?

To get started, kindly send us a mail using the contact form on this website or the emails made available to you. You may include your CV, explaining your desire to come over to teach English in Spain, a copy of your TEFL credentials and every document necessary for us to process your information.

You may also place a call across to us for a real-time conversation with us.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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