Food, Drink and Nightlife in Spain

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Food, Drink and Nightlife in Spain

Best of Madrid! Great things to do in Madrid. TEFL life.

Food, Drink and Nightlife in Madrid



Within Madrid there are hundreds of restaurants ranging from traditional to quirky and fun. So we have put together a quick guide to help you with cool places to eat within Madrid.


Cheap eats –

  • El pez gordo

  • Fratelli d`italia

  • Mercado Anton Martin

  • El lancon

  • Taquería mi Ciudad ( calle de Hileras )

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Traditional eats-

  • Taberna los huevos de lucio

  • Menso del champiñón

  • Restaurante Botin

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Fun, dates or group eats –

  • Pum Pum Cafe

  • Ojala

  • Goiko Grill

  • El jardin secreto

  • Mercado de san ildefonso

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Madrid is a city where it is socially acceptable to have a drink in your lunch break and it is extremely common to head out after work with your colleagues for a drink. So here are a list of some of our favourite bars.


Cheap drinks –

  • Museo de Jamon

  • El Tigre

  • Filete Ruso

  • Maloney’s Madrid

  • 100 Montaditos

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Traditional drinks –

  • La venencia

  • La Ardosa


Fun / dates/ group drinks –

  • Circo de bella artes

  • Dubliners

  • Chapandaz

  • Ojala

  • The Passenger


Nightlife –

If you think that Madrid is busy during the day, think again! The city comes alive at night. Unlike most cities , Madrid comes alive between the hours of 12 and 6.30 am which coincides with the metro opening in the morning. Here are some of our recommended nightclubs;


  • Joy Esclava

  • Teatro Kapital

  • Gabana club

  • Goya Social club

  • Space Monkey

  • Green club cafe

  • El sol

  • Ochomedia  

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