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Top 5 winter destinations in Europe if you are a TEFL student

Top 5 winter destinations in Europe

I know that when it comes to winter get aways every person wants something different. Whether it is to experience Christmas traditions in another country or to escape the winter weather we have our top 5 places to visit in Europe this winter.

1) The winter sun

If you are like me and love the warmth and often need to escape the cold dark winter days then Gran Canaria and Tenerife south are ideal for you. Nestled off the coast of North Africa the Canary islands are renound for their year long warm weather. Although the seasons do cause the temperatures to drop, in the south of these two islands you can expect mid 20c or 80f in the middle of November and well into the winter months. This means this is the ideal location to escape the cold and soak up some of that vitamin D.

2) The Christmas one

If it is Christmas culture that you want to experience then why not head to the Netherlands with their pre Christmas traditions such as Sinerklaas, where they leave shoes by the fireplace and they are rewarded with presents. This festivity begins around the middle of November and ends with a final celebration on the 5th of December.The Netherlands also has some amazing Christmas markets, which you can visit and even see Charles Dickens characters come to life as you pick up some Christmas gifts. With cold weather and the sights and smells of a traditional Dutch Christmas, why not wrap up warm and take a look.

3) The sporty one

If you enjoy snow and things such as skiing and snowboarding why not hit the Pyrenees mountains. Although the Pyrenees are a sight to behold at all times of the year, if you are in search of an adrenaline rush then this is the place to go. With a range of great skiing locations the pyrenees is bound to offer a great slope for all abilities. With snow almost guaranteed from November you are certain to have the opportunity to ski all winter long.

4) The Aurora Borealis

If you are like me and have the northern lights on your bucket list, then you should check out Abisko in Sweden. This is almost as far north as you can get in Europe and is known as Lapland for lovers of serious winter. The weather gets extremely cold up here and for several weeks in December and January the sun does not rise. This makes it the perfect locations to see the Aurora Borealis. This isn´t the only thing to do here however, why not try cross country skiing or husky mushing. This is your fairytale winter destination.

5) The Culture one

If you love experiencing the culture in a city, but also want a magical time then Salzburg is the ideal location. With almost guaranteed cold weather and snow. You can walk through the old town of Salzburg and visit the cathedrals which become even more magical in the snow. Why not check out the Festung Hohensalzburg, A stronghold built when conflict was predicted with Pope Gregor VI. This is an area of Austria which was never captured by enemy troops and has always had a colourful past. Now consisting of three museums, torture chamber and courtyards this is bound to be a fantastic place for those who love culture.

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Exam Madrid Team
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