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Why Trump is so crazy and you should take a TEFL course?

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news lately, North Korea has been testing it’s nuclear missiles and have sent out videos threatening annihilation of the United States of America. Now while some may say that this is all empty talk, like a million threats over the years, this crazed communist country has never been closer to creating a potent missile to strike USA before. And the threats back then were more indirect pleas for aid and assistance to feed a starving population.

That is not the case now with the self proclaimed Demigod, Donald Trump at the helm. Not only has this demagogue been unable to diplomatically settle this issue and contain the Korean threat but the maniac actively challenged them to carry out the threat. Recent reports suggest that if it weren’t for sabotage by american spies last week, north Korea’s nuclear missile would certainly been successful. Sure the american defence system may stop them before they reach our shores but the full blooded american this chalartan President is, he’s certain to use his nuclear codes as retaliation.

Now as much as I hate to admit it, Hiroshima part 2 is more than just mere possibility. To make matters worse, that will not be just the end of it. See both China and Russia support the North Koreans and Chinese even have a treaty that forces them to come to North Korea’s defence. So any action by the trigger happy Donald will lead to a full scale war among all the nations.

So when you’re attacked or drafted forcefully to fight a war you’re staunchly against, he’s sitting in a luxurious nuclear bunker. Who said the world was fair?

But here’s the thing. There is a chance to escape all this. THERE IS HOPE!

There are still places in the world which are safe and will always provide you with protection and more importantly, LIBERTY.

Countries like SPAIN. 

While countries like Germany, UK, France, etc are close allies of Donald Trump, Spain is a soft ally which follows it’s own independent agenda. Relatively much safer than other European countries and with no penetration of guns or street crime like the US, Spain is one of the safest countries on earth.

Spain is also neutral in diplomatic terms with other countries and doesn’t indulge in unnecessary warfare. And here’s the thing, Spain will never involve itself in nuclear warfare because it is against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

All good things don’t come easily though. Because of a high quality of life, safety and amazing community, immigration to Spain is made very difficult especially if you’re an american.

Finding employment is super difficult, and you can’t work a job with a tourist visa. Unfortunately, your dreams of moving to the comforts of Spain and away from dangers to you and your family might just be a pipe dream.


Like everything in the world, there are shortcuts to everything. Similarly, immigration to Spain is made easy if you hold a student visa and are involved in a profession.

The answer to this is TEFL.

Yes, by enrolling into a TEFL institute in Spain and becoming a trainer who teaches English as a foreign language, you can move to Spain and live a comfortable life without any cause for worry.

When you enroll into a TEFL academy in Spain, you immediately qualify for a student visa which allows you to reside in the country as well as work in part time jobs. And after you get your certifications at end of your 4-6 week course, you can search for jobs in local academies and stay for another 7 months. During this time,  you can apply for work visa and prepare yourself to move into the sand and night parties of the Spanish capital.

To put in layman terms, a TEFL certificate is your one way ticket to Spain and a life of freedom.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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