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TEFL in a real class is 1000 times better than any TEFL course online

Why should you Study TEFL in a campus?

With the burgeoning of technology and rapid rise of online educational programs, many students hoping to obtain their TEFL certifications are caught in a dilemma.

Should they pursue their course online, or take the effort to attend classes in an real classroom environmental setting?

This is a very valid concern seeing online courses come with a range of unmatched benefits. For starters, online courses are much cheaper and can save you a significant amount of time, allowing you to study at your own pace while being able to obtain recognized and reputed TEFL certificates.

However, I’m going to make the case for In Campus courses here and explain why opting for classroom education may prove to be difference between mediocre and excellent TEFL teacher.

Online courses offer little practical training

Even if you’re from a teaching field and are a native speaker, online courses barely scratch the surface when it comes to imparting practical lessons on TEFL training. So while you may excel on the theory and grammatical aspects of the course, you’ll invariably lack sufficient on field experience, a facet keenly looked upon by prospective employers.

Improves Your confidence

When you’re standing in front of a classroom of students/adults, you need to exude confidence and be able to succinctly explain the various aspects of the teaching material, while ensuring students, though of different level and skills, are able to grasp it.  This kind of confidence and clarity in teaching can only be honed through real life training and guided observations which sadly cannot be acquired through online courses.

Develop your Teaching Technique

No two teachers have the same technique or skills, especially when standing in front of a class. That is why it’s important to develop your own personal teaching technique that plays to your strengths and comes freely to you. By learning with fellow students, you can learn to manage a classroom, be authoritative and build a good interpersonal relationship with others.

Observation and Feedback

You can never improve yourself if you don’t know your weaknesses and mistakes. Practicing in front of computer screen is hardly going to help in this regard. Observation and constructive criticism are key parts of every classroom and this will massively help you understand what works, what needs to be worked, etc

Support and assistance

TEFL teachers are in great demand yet to navigate the field would be a bit difficult from the outside. However, by building a good rapport and becoming a part of a large network in an institute, you set yourself up for greater successes. You don’t need to wander around blindly in the job market, search Google for grammatical queries or worry about being stranded in a new country.

Better Job opportunities

Pursuing your course in an onsite campus, whether in Spain or another country, gives you a great opportunity to explore the local job market, network with potential employers and colleagues as well accustom yourself to the country’s culture and be part of a larger community.

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Exam Madrid Team
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