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This is how you find a job teaching English Abroad. TEFL in Spain.

The day has passed since you completed your TEFL Certification Course, and you’re excited to get yourself out there, and continue living that expat life.

Now, you’re sitting there without a job or anything to do for the first time since you became an expat. What happens now? Well, there are certain things that you can do to help move things along. The important thing behind all this is that you’re looking for a job. How did you do it under normal circumstances? While there are a few notable avenues that seem a little varied from the regular job-hunting experience, you’re looking for a job. There are many avenues at your disposal, and if you utilize them effectively, you’ll land yourself a job in no time. So, let’s jump right into it. Let’s teach English abroad.

Do an online search for English Teaching Jobs

We all knew that this would be the first option. The world, pre and post-Covid, is very much online, so it’s quite natural to say that when we start looking for a job as an English teacher abroad, we crack open our laptops and take to the forums, chat groups on social media, and search engines.

Since most of us have a social media account like Facebook, and Instagram, it can be pretty natural to assume that you’ll do a search for a group of people who have done, or are still doing, the English teaching job. The logical thing to do is to find one, request access to the group, and when you’re accepted, introduce yourself. Once you do, let people know what your qualifications are, and see if there’s a place available where you can be of help. If you’re lucky, you’ll find something immediately. If not, you’ll have to keep searching.

There are also other outlets when you’re looking for a job. Websites like,, or (if you’re in Spain) usually post new job openings on a daily basis. With each job opening, you’ll typically get a direct link to the online application form, and you’ll be able to upload all the necessary documents, as well.

Another possibility would be to look them up on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. A disadvantage with platforms like is that you may have to start an account with them in order to apply for job postings on their website. It can be time-consuming when you’re on the hunt for a new job. With search engines, you might be lucky enough to find a link to a company website where you can apply directly with them. This is a good thing, because while third-party websites have an extensive listing of job offerings, applying through a company website might result in a quicker response from the company itself.

Mix and mingle with other people Teaching English Abroad

Once you finish your TEFL Certification Course, you’ll have a little time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city you happen to be visiting (depending on where you do your course, that is). If you’re in Madrid, for example, you’ll likely come across a teacher (or ten). When that happens, chat him or her up. Have a drink or two, and let these people know what you’re trying to do. Those people may have a connection to an immediate job opening, and you’ll be able to work much faster than you think.

Another possibility to work with is the language exchange. There are social events happening in many cities all over the world. Locals get the opportunity to meet English teachers, or English-speaking people, and play games, have dinner, or spend time in a bar. For locals, it’s their chance to speak English in a dynamic setting. For teachers, whether aspiring or gainfully employed, it’s their opportunity to build a network of professionals and students. It can lead to potential job interviews, offers, or even private students. When people see you at your most natural, they’ll see a friendly and confident face who can more than help them out.

As many Native English speakers have found work as English teachers abroad, when you meet them, be friendly and courteous. Engage them in conversation and ask them what they’re doing. You’ll grow to expect them to answer that they are English teachers either in a public school or a private academy. Have them see you as approachable and conscientious, and they’ll be more than happy to send a good word for you.

Print your resume and visit English Schools

Older teachers have more practice doing this. Printing copies of your resume and physically going to schools is another way of demonstrating your determination to find a job. This is where you gain direct contact with potential employers. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to meet people who are looking for qualified teachers like yourself. This is your foot in the door. It’s not exactly the common method in today’s world, but employers like it when people take the initiative and go out looking for opportunities. Give it a try. Take out a little bit of pocket change, go to a printer, and give your resume to various English schools in the city you’re currently in. See what kind of responses you get back as you give them from one receptionist to the next. They’ll know who you are, and depending on their situation, they may ask you to return to the academy for an interview, or possibly get you started as soon as possible. I know that the latter is a bit of a stretch, but it’s happened. If you’re an English Teacher in Spain, sometimes asking for work is all it takes. Needless to say, you certainly have to put the effort forward if you want to keep the job. Someone may give you a job from simply meeting you, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to keep it without a good work ethic, and certain qualities backing you up.

Do your TEFL Certification Course with a school who will help you find a job

One of the best things that would-be English teachers like to hear is that the market for English teachers will always be high. This is especially true in regions like Europe and Asia. They’re always going to be starved for qualified teachers to conduct classes. When you complete your TEFL Certification Course with a reputed academy, what many of them will do is help you with residency and finding work. Because they have the connections that you need, it could very well happen as you’re preparing your TEFL Certification. Now, I’m not saying you should absolutely count on it while you’re studying, but good schools will have connections to other English academies in the country you want to work in, and why not? Some academies also help with the residency process, and having a job is important to fulfilling the residency requirements if you want to remain in certain countries for an extended period of time. What you do in this situation is pay close attention to what your TEFL instructor does, and make sure that you’re able to do it. If you demonstrate good talent, a willingness to learn, a positive attitude, and your teaching practice and other assignments reflect that, why wouldn’t a TEFL Academy put your name and face out there?

I think you see the point behind each of these methods. Of course, doing one of them could certainly make you successful. However, utilizing all of these methods simultaneously will certainly result in more responses, and invitations to more interviews will be proffered. You want to have as many methods at your disposal as possible. There could be a respectable academy that doesn’t respond quickly to e-mails, but always has someone at the reception desk, waiting to receive anyone who walks through the door. Someone could leave the academy, and their colleague might be at a language exchange that night. The academy you wanted to work for might, within a moment’s notice, post something on In some, if not all of the cases, do you not think it would be a good idea to keep these methods in mind when you’re looking for a job? The bottom line behind each and all of the methods ultimately leads to more opportunities to present yourself to potential employers. The more you present yourself to employers, the closer you’ll get to landing the job that you’ve been looking for. It also leads you to a little more time in the country you seek to stay in. What does that mean for you? More tapas in Spain. More matcha and samurai culture in Japan. More beaches and green curry in Thailand. More surfing in Indonesia. More opportunities to learn languages, and more of an opportunity to see parts of yourself that you never even knew where there. So, what are you waiting for? Go on to that chat forum, print up your resume, strike up a conversation, and show the world that you’re ready to teach English abroad and come to Spain!

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Exam Madrid Team
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