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TEFL abroad and your career

Land a high paying job in the bustling metropolis of Madrid and change the winds of your career! 

Land a high paying job in the bustling metropolis of Madrid and change the winds of your career!

Are you a student or a recent a graduate, wondering what kind of jobs you’ll be secure and whether it’s possible to live a debt free life?

Or are you stuck in a cubicle with its office politics and career stagnation fearing the dreaded pink slip?

Or maybe you just aren’t being paid enough, have one too many loans or just wish to find a job that you enjoy and not sleepwalk through on a daily basis?

Whatever your motivation are, your answer for a lucrative job that satiates your desire for activity and a secure future lies in the doorstep of TEFL MADRID ACADEMY.

By training to become a successful TEFL teacher with TEFL Madrid Academy, you’ll have one of the most thousand enviable skills in the job market today. What’s more, TEFL Madrid’s certificate is accredited by independent world TESOL bodies which means you can work as a TEFL teacher anywhere in the world.


• The main regions where the demand for TEFL jobs are high and TEFL Madrid have partnered are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville

• You can expect to teach in language schools and Academies, businesses and companies, young children and youth, private classes

• The busiest periods are usually the Academic months which start in September and end in June.

• If you so wish, you can take Summer jobs as well which could include conducting intensive courses, exam preparations, workshops, camps, etc.

• Our TEFL course is internationally accredited by top TEFL/TESOL agencies like IATQUO, SIT, etc.

• A normal working week is from Monday to Thursday, with 25-35 hours of work. You can expect to earn around 1500-2000€ depending on the work.

• You can also give private classes for extra income where you can expect to earn 25-30€ per hour.

Exam Madrid Team
Exam Madrid Team
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